What Is a Digital Adoption Platform? Why It Is Important and Top Features to Look For

What Is a Digital Adoption Platform? Why It Is Important and Top Features to Look For

What is a digital adoption platform and why is it so important? What are some of the top features to look for while picking one? Read on to know more.

What Is a Digital Adoption Platform
What Is a Digital Adoption Platform

If you are looking for some of the simplest ways to start your route towards digital transformation, then you must say hello to DAP, or Digital Adoption Platform. The second you have your hands on the best digital adoption platforms, you are all set to change the dynamics of enterprises altogether.

According to a report by Apty, more than 26% of top-level executives say digital transformation will be the survival factor in the upcoming years. In this blog ahead, we will discuss how leveraging digital adoption platforms will help enhance your adoption rates and pace up the time taken to implement newer technologies. Without any further ado, let us get to that now.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Digital Adoption Platform?
  • Why is a Digital Adoption Platform important?
  • What are the Top Features to look for while choosing a DAP?

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

A Digital Adoption Platform is an extra layer of guidance that sits on top of a web-based application. This aims to render convenience coupled with a learning experience to the customers. In the online market today, you will find a plethora of options that specifically cater to the large enterprises while some of them are on the SaaS products. It all depends on your exact requirements and then you can choose a tool that solves your concerns. Now that we have some basic idea about what is a DAP exactly, let us now know why it is important in the first place.

Why is a Digital Adoption Platform important?

  • Because it leads to an enhanced ROI on tech investments
  • Because it can function with minimized IT support
  • Because it leads to quicker staff training
  • Because it cuts down on the onboarding time and keeps it to a minimum
  • Because it provides On-screen guidance for the customers
  • Because it renders in-depth insights into user behavior
  • Because it leads to enhanced Employee Productivity
  • Because it ensures customers understand software with fewer errors
  • Because it limits training costs by 30%
  • Because it facilitates faster adaptation to new software changes
  • Because it reduces minimize technology-induced stress
  • Because it leads to seamless & smooth digital transformation
  • Because it lets its employees be autonomous and interactive
  • Because it reduces customer support tickets by making programs easier to interact with
  • Because it aids companies to transform their business at multiple levels of the organization

What are the Top Features to look for while choosing a DAP?

  1. Analytical Facets: Sometimes the collection of data is not all that matters. It is the digital tools too that should be able to render actionable insights by getting to know customer behavior better. As per a report by McKinsey, data-driven businesses are as much as 24 times more likely to get a user. This simply means, with analytics, you will be able to identify things as and when a user is stuck, the points where they feel stuck, and the tasks that take up more time to complete and more.
  2. Support Tools: The kind of quality you provide to your users matters significantly. One needs stellar support tools for implementing the functions in the right manner. Once you have a digital adoption platform support tool in place, you will see how it significantly reduces your support costs, enhances your customer experience as well as customer satisfaction score. Not just that, with this, you will get resolutions 24×7 (real time support). Before you make your purchase, make sure that you check for valid user ratings and reviews.
  3. User Experience: You want your users to feel comfortable with on-screen guidance that is easy. DAP helps in providing a hassle-free user experience by making the tasks simpler and less complicated in nature. A perfect user experience is the one that renders in-app learning, details about the task completion, information about a product feature, real-time help and step-by-step guidance too. Further, it will aid in engaging better with your customers, enhancing the feature adoption facets and boosting the overall software adoption too.
  4. User Friendly Quotient: The best part about digital adoption platforms is that they add value to the web-based applications and accomplish the tasks by enhancing the user friendly quotient. Some of the top features such as in-app assistance, hassle-free learnings, free features, optional training – are what one looks for in a product or a service before purchasing them. The higher is the scope of these features, the more is service user friendly. Win – win?
  5. Business Process Compliance: A company’s procedures should be designed to pace up with internal and external courses. Your enterprise’s whole software stack must be Business Process Compliant. A great Digital Adoption Platform is the right solution to this. Deploying DAP here will ensure that various features can be used for the whole of the software stack. With this, you also stand a chance to eliminate the need to get extra software too. Could this ultimately get to be any better?

Parting Thoughts

Technologies like AI, IoT and big data might take a backseat to make your business more productive and bring in profitability. But clubbing in a digital adoption platform will make sure that you never run out of success. In simpler words, the absence will of DAP will introduce no massive transformation on your system. We hope that these pointers would have enlightened you with some ins and outs around the subject.

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