10 Prolific Ways Technology Will Play a Vital Role in Affecting the Future of Customer Service

What are some of the prolific ways in which technology will play a vital role in affecting the future of customer service? Read on this article to know about 10 such ways.

Future of Customer Service
Future of Customer Service

If you are still unsure what is cutting down your profits, you do have a one-stop solution that saves you a deal, which is excellent customer service. Good customer service can take you a long way and is of high pertinence to a company. On top of that, technology is starting to play a great supporting role in giving the customers’ customer service from the future. Yes, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other technologies are paving the way to faster, and better customer service now more than ever. This post will walk you through 10 such prolific ways in which tech is playing a significant role in affecting the future of customer service. Without any further ado, let us get started with the list.

Table of Contents

  1. Chatbots to the rescue
  2. Customer Service decisions that are data driven
  3. Customer Service enabling Artificial Intelligence
  4. Personalization is the key here
  5. Machine Learning is no behind
  6. Say hello to digital voice assistants
  7. Importance of Visual Engagement will rev up
  8. Omni channel support systems will come up
  9. Real Time messaging will outweigh e-mails
  10. Face to Face interactions will increase

Chatbots to the rescue

It is no surprise that the usage of chatbots in customer service is taking a notch up. In the coming future, chatbots will be able to communicate across different channels and morph into intelligent virtual agents (IVA). This enables the customers to interact via multiple devices. In fact, some of the virtual personal assistants such as Alexa, Cortana and Siri have started to gain traction and are being used by millions of customers everyday.

Customer Service decisions that are data driven

It is data that gives you power. Companies are leveraging their customer’s data from their social media handles. That is predictive analysis is coming into the picture. Predictive Customer Analytics is transforming customer service to be proactive and personalized. It helps businesses in making more informed decisions that impact significant growth.

Customer Service enabling Artificial Intelligence

It is no surprise here that artificial intelligence will be on the rule and powering a newer generation of self-service tools that will give your customers a different self-service experience. The experience will give rise to a drastic shift from being static to dynamic. Instead of manually identifying your case drivers, new self-service tools will alert your team of where and when it should be focusing its time.

Personalization is the key here

Let’s face it, customers abhor impersonal customer service. No one really likes to talk to a robot and get answers that do no good. Hyper personalization will definitely be the next level of future customer service. For that to happen, the recommendations should be on point for the customers based on their precious shopping history with you. If a customer comes from a social media post, tailor their experience around that.

Machine Learning is no behind

The advancement of intelligent machines is taking over human functions, and the customer service sector is no way behind. With the right use of technology, the resolution speed of customer service issues will be accelerated. Hence, it is a wise decision for companies to invest in machines and machine learning that will support in treating every customer as an individual.

Say hello to digital voice assistants

As mentioned previously, voice assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, help in setting up the right tone during a customer conversation. When you optimize voice bots, customer service interactions reduce by handling queries effectively. Voice assistants do have the magic to comprehend the whole setting of your customer’s discussion and not just a couple of words.

Importance of Visual Engagement will rev up

As businesses and consumers continue to become more comfortable and capable with video, the importance of visual engagement will increase. This may include video chat options, co-browsing tools where the customer can share their screens and opt for faster solutions.

Omni channel support systems will come up

What your customers need today as well as in the future is omni channel support systems. With this, you can provide service to all of the communication channels you need, provide support in languages other than English and cover almost any time-zone your customers are located in. This drastically reduces the waiting time for your customers as well.

Real Time messaging will outweigh e-mails

There will always be some customers who would wish to get in touch with you via email, but there will always be a greater percentage who will wish to get in touch via real-time assistance. In addition to actually communicating with agents, customers can also see certain support metrics, such as average response times.

Face to Face interactions will increase

You know that your customers want attention. Having an eye to eye contact is significantly important and powerful as well. Face-to-Face interaction is also beneficial for companies since it is a more personal means of communication and will help them build stronger relationships with their customers.14

Parting Thoughts

You are never too late to assist your customers in the best possible fashion with the help of technology. Embracing digital technology such as AL and ML will help you race well and stay in the game for long. Remember that every customer interaction has the power to have a lasting experience of how your company treats its customers. Therefore, give them the best that they deserve.

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