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The Customer Success Strategy

Convergence of Customer Success, Product Success and Experience Success Customer Success is a long-term, scientifically engineered, and professionally directed strategy for maximizing customer and company sustainable proven value. Most of the Customer Success strategy initiatives are tasked with churn reduction. But a more meaningful approach would be to gather the right data from various customer touchpoints,…

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Top 20 Customer Success Quotes

Top 20 quotes on product experience, churn management, customer retention, customer experience, customer success management, customer loyalty, customer advocacy, etc. from thought leaders across various industries that impact the customer success efforts. From their years of experience, they share words of wisdom that can help understand and change customer success operations for better efficiency and…

Customer Experience

SmartKarrot Receives 2 Awards From B2B Software Experts

A leading business software review site recently awarded SmartKarrot two major recognitions: the 2019 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards. CompareCamp assessed each aspect of SmartKarrot and concluded that the software offers better insights and the ability to intervene customers through personalized communications to influence their behavior and increase overall customer lifetime value. Our platform offers…