How to Implement a Culture of Success Using a Tool?

Customer success is essential to helping your customers fulfill their needs to increase your company’s revenues. Jason Lemkin has become well-known for saying that customer success is where 90% of revenue is, because it’s true. As crucial as customer success is, most SaaS bu

culture of success

Customer success is essential to helping your customers fulfill their needs to increase your company’s revenues. Jason Lemkin has become well-known for saying that customer success is where 90% of revenue is, because it’s true. As crucial as customer success is, most SaaS businesses shockingly pay little attention to it. With the tools available today that are specifically designed to help with implement a culture of success, it can no longer be an excuse to ignore it. 

How do you implement a culture of customer success? We’ll go over what you need to know to help do just that. Whatever tools you use, you need to always be focused on helping your customers achieve greater success, so they will continue seeing a need to use your product. Take the following as recommendations for how you can ingrain the culture of success while using a tool, as well as aligning your strategy for greater success. 

Define a Culture of Success as a Priority 

Everyone in your company should understand that the underlying principle beneath everything is a culture of customer success. All eyes are on customer metrics and goals that will tie into the roles of every team within the company, to ensure customers are satisfied and achieving success. 

Using a CSM tool, you get a complete view of your users. This means you will collect valuable insights into their usage and engagement. The data you glean from various product adoption metrics will help far beyond the customer success team, but the marketing and product teams as well. Even finance and administration groups in your company will get to benefit from the information a CSM tool provides for customer success. 

Understand Your Customers’ Needs 

The key to long-term customer success is to understand the needs of your customers thoroughly. If you don’t, they will seek out someone who does understand them. A useful customer success tool will have the power to provide that understanding to you. It will help you establish solid relationships with customers using your product. 

When you gain insights into what your customers need, it will then be up to the CSM and their team to customize the relationship with users according to their needs. At the end of the day, you want to help your customers be as successful as possible. 

Look at and Use Customer Feedback 

Any good CSM tool will have ways of collecting valuable feedback from users. When you send your customers a survey about their experience, it shows that you care how they are doing. Make sure to respond to their suggestions and even criticism (hopefully, it’s constructive). Then, make the required adjustments, to fill a gap in the process of them achieving customer success. 

You can ask for feedback periodically or regularly. Cast a wide net, so you can gain insights into a number of areas that users touch upon in their use of your product. 

Make sure to listen to all feedback. Surveys are the best way, but you can also look at your social media tools for a wider understanding. Engage with your customers to develop relationships that show them that you care about everything they say. 

Beyond just listening, you need to respond to them as soon as you can. When you do, no matter how rude they may be, you should be polite and diplomatic with your responses. Whenever there is a problem, find a resolution as quickly as you can. This shows your customers that you have listened and taken action based on what feedback they provided you. 

Modifying and updating your product to suit the needs of your customers will help you establish long-term relationships with them. They may even put the word out and attract new customers, with little effort on your part. 

Set Expectations and Stay Committed to Them 

Prove to your customers that you match the expectations you have laid out, based on what your CSM tool can provide in terms of customer success. You want to show them that you prioritize the relationship you have with them and are sticking true to your word. 

This gets rid of uncertainty that may exist, either on your side or theirs. A sense of peace and security will be enjoyed by both of you. 

You can help your customers achieve success with their goals and they can help you reach critical milestones together. This is all possible thanks to setting expectations and sticking to actualizing them. 

Stay Proactive with the Needs of Your Customers 

Your customer needs come first. However, make sure that you are not just focusing on retaining existing customers. Simply going through the motions will cause you to experience higher churn rates, along with greater customer dissatisfaction. 

What is a better strategy is to stay proactive with the needs of your customers? You should be driving value and promoting growth within the current user accounts you have. This tactic will help develop a deeper relationship. You will be rewarded by seeing higher customer retention rates and greater growth. 

With a great CSM tool, you will be able to establish and automate multi-channel touchpoints, which can ensure you are proactively checking in with your customers. You want to avoid leaving any one of them behind, which is why an automated tool is the preferred option. 

Creating a culture of success can be a tremendous boon for your business. With SaaS companies looking at increasing their revenues by $1 billion thanks to focusing on customer success, you can see just how big of a role it now plays. 18

Use the SmartKarrot Customer Success Tool 

When you use SmartKarrot as your CSM tool, you are using the most comprehensive customer success platform available. It strategically combines elements in engagement, onboarding, product adoption, and user experience. If you want to achieve greater customer success, you can use this tool to accomplish just that. Reduce churn and increase your revenues by using a quality customer success tool like SmartKarrot. 

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