How to Write a SaaS Case Study: A Step-by-Step Guide (+ Template)

How to Write a SaaS Case Study: A Step-by-Step Guide (+ Template)

Do you wish to learn how to write a SaaS case study? If yes, check out this blog, wherein we have provided a step-by-step process along with a case study template.

SaaS Case Study
SaaS Case Study

To write a SaaS case study, you must remember certain pointers. You need to engage customers and readers about how the product or company solves business problems and improves growth. A SaaS case study is a narrative or story of how one has successfully delivered and implemented a solution with a client for results.

In simple terms, a SaaS case study has some information about the customer, their problems, and how they found the company, how your solutions impacted the company and reduced the problem, how the company finally found the success they wanted.

Are Case Studies Effective?

Like any other field, the world is divided on the efficacy of case studies. However, case studies are super helpful in encouraging customers to choose your services. Case studies help-

  • Understand what the customer wants
  • Share what the company wants for the customers
  • Display social proof
  • Build faith and trust
  • Be transparent with customers
  • Showcase actual problems and solutions

How to Write a SaaS Case Study

Knowing how to write an effective case study is important as it helps win the B2B marketing game. Here are the five steps to writing a case study.

Choose a customer

The first step of writing a case study is choosing a customer who fits in. you need a customer who is happy with your business and product. You need to pick a case study that will win over prospects.

  • What were the challenges faced by the company?
  • What was the industry- education, technology, oil and gas, health, eCommerce, etc.
  • Who are the users? Are they the same as decision-makers?

Let your marketing and sales teams connect on creating the case study. You need to draw the material and concepts from the insights. This will help you know what customers feel and have an idea of what other customers want. This way, you can create a buyer persona for the long haul.

You must match problems and challenges to the buyer persona and align them with the product offerings. Make the experience as personalized as possible and ensure you can engage the audience and hold their attention. Choose a customer with great results, voice their positive feedback on social media, achieve remarkable output, and more.

Interview the customer

Interviewing the customer is a must. You need to be prepared to interview them and value their time. You must ensure you get all the information you want to carry on with your job efficiently. Ask them what products or services they are using? How many years since you have been working in this company?  What made them choose the company? Which interactions made them stay? Remember aspects missing in your discussion with the sales team, and be sure to fill these gaps.

Write your first draft

Write your first draft keeping your research as a parameter. Structure your case study in a manner that has a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning of the story needs to talk about the customer challenge and why they did business. What made them choose your brand? Talk about how the product worked to address customer problems and how the business can improve that. Talk about specific results achieved.

Some questions you need to ask include-

  • What was the tipping point in your challenge?
  • What helped you make a decision, and what criteria did you use?
  • What was your experience with us?
  • Did you feel our product stood out from the competition?
  • Were you able to measure the value of the product?
  • Would you recommend others to use the product?

The writing also needs to be suitable for all kinds of audiences. You must write in a simple, business style that all readers will understand. Create a narrative arc that works to communicate your message compellingly.

Start the case study, establish the incident, fix an obstacle, and come to a midpoint where everything changes, and then reach a culminating climax.

Edit, fact check, and revise

Once the writing is done, you need to edit and revise it. This will be after taking internal feedback into mind. You can get the case study reviewed by customer success teams and get feedback to revise the content. You can also share the case study draft with the customer to ensure they have any points they want to add. This also helps them know which data points are accurate and which are not. This way, you will not be hampering a relationship. You can get their logos and branding material as well this way.

Publish and Distribute

Once this is over, the last step is to design it in a great way. A good design adds a lot of credibility and appeal to the work. You can then publish the case study and use it to improve your B2B marketing strategy for SaaS companies. B2B companies must involve core marketing aspects like case studies to improve growth.

Template for Case Study

Case Study Title

< a crisp title under 60 characters that mentions that product/service>


Introduce the product (70 words).

  • The problem of the company
  • The details of the company
  • The opportunity for the company

The Story of <Customer>

Give an overview of the customer and explain their background. If you want, you can also mention their accomplishments, and successes.

Mention the opportunities and problems faced by the customer. You need to show the metrics and loss due to the problem.

Here, you can explain the product and how it came to solve the business challenges in simple terms.

<Involve quotes, data figures, and points>

Bottom Line

Case studies need to be an integral aspect of your marketing strategy. This guide will help you ace any B2B SaaS case study and generate winning content. You can improve the business in the long run by sharing customer success stories. You can build better content and create engaging conversations.

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