What Is an Intelligent Calendar? How Can It Save Your Time?

What Is an Intelligent Calendar? How Can It Save Your Time?

An intelligent calendar is a must in today’s busy work life. In this blog, we discuss how intelligent calendars can help you save time.

What Is an Intelligent Calendar
What Is an Intelligent Calendar

Imagine: You have created a B2B SaaS product that has a lot of subscribers. If you wish to connect with each of the subscribers on a given day, it would be very taxing to do it manually.  

Also, it is not humanely possible to consider all the appointment dates and remember them. This is where an intelligent calendar can be a handy tool to ensure that you do not miss out on your meetings scheduled on specific days. 

Apart from that, various other benefits of an intelligent calendar can help you save time.  

The forthcoming sections of this write-up will help you understand more about the intelligent calendar and how it saves your time. 

So, let us get started with the definition of an intelligent calendar. 

What is an intelligent calendar? 

An intelligent calendar or a smart calendar is a collation of every schedule or action that uses intelligence or automation to boost productivity and simplify management. An intelligent calendar will assist you to balance and establish boundaries between life and work.

You can also block time for the things/meetings that matter to you and reduce time spent manually on certain tasks. A smart calendar can help you define flexible policies that will automatically schedule and manage your ideal workweek. In addition to activities like scheduling tasks, an intelligent calendar can help you increase efficiency and reduce dependency on humans.

How can an intelligent calendar save your time? 

An intelligent calendar can help you improve productivity and save time. Intelligent calendars have become compulsory for anyone looking to streamline meetings, enhance aggregation of events, and reduce wastage of time. Let us know the multiple ways in which an intelligent calendar can save time.

1. Helps in jotting down important information in calendar notes 

An intelligent calendar helps you jot important information quickly. You can take quick notes of information you consider important. You can shift slots and manage all data together. Calendar notes can help save meeting times, reaching deadlines, and more. You can also free up your calendar time and adapt to the agenda or events.

2. Display events from both your work and personal calendars at the same time 

A smart calendar helps you manage your work and personal events in a simplified manner. You can see all your events in a hassle-free way. Your grocery to-do lists, family time. Business gatherings or external events can find a place in your smart calendar. Whether it is a walk in the park every evening or Zoom catchup- you can see them all and be there for every event.

3. Providing actionable information on calendar events 

Smart notes can help you get information that gives you direction on actions. You can get insights on actions you can perform with the information from calendar events. When you know what actions can get better results, you can improve growth. You can leave no backlogs and free up time for important tasks. Actionable information can be helpful for a lot of reasons. You can go to maps by clicking on a single link or attending a conference call with a single dial-in.

4. Keeps all your meeting invites in a single place 

You don’t have to miss a meeting. You can keep all meeting invites in one place, which simplifies activities. You will not be juggling schedules anymore. You will not be overbooked or blocked unnecessarily. Things get simpler, and you can improve your communication as well. You can get more work done, allocate time correctly for new ones, and estimate time slots for upcoming projects and activities.

5. Relevant insights about the weather, traffic, and drive times from the app 

An intelligent calendar helps you grab relevant insights about traffic, weather, and driving zones from calendar apps. You can know how to plan events keeping these aspects in mind. You can meet people from different time zones without cutting your sleep short. When you know what routes to avoid and what to pick, you can save time in commute and travel. This can free up some time and lead to decluttering of your workdays.

6. Check out LinkedIn or Facebook profiles right from the app 

Enabling you to check out LinkedIn or Facebook profiles is another amazing aspect of a smart calendar. A smart calendar is one that helps you keep track of whom you are talking with by linking your social media profiles. So, for the next meeting, you can know whom you are meeting- their likes, dislikes, interests, and more. This will help you increase the personal connection you have even with clients.

7. Helps you to share real-time calendar updates with other stakeholders effortlessly 

 With a smart calendar, you can share your updates regularly with all stakeholders. You can share real-time information with concerned board members, colleagues, or even family members. This helps everyone stay notified about your meeting plans. You can review activities and tasks to ensure stakeholders effortlessly get all information.

Final Thoughts 

On any given workday, multiple demands fight for your attention. Instead of bringing a sense of order to your life, your calendar becomes a big source of stress. 

An intelligent calendar can work as your personal assistant by considering all your priorities and preferences. You can optimize your time, manage meetings, reschedule conflicting meetings, free up blocks of time while keeping everyone involved in the loop.

By putting an intelligent calendar to work, you can finally have tools like calendar notes to become more intentional about your schedule. 

It also ensures that you have a great workday every single time! Digital calendars are great for their compact usage features, limited space occupancy, and flexibility. These features make intelligent calendars an important time-saving tool.19

Time is the most important asset for any resource. You can improve productivity and maximize time for important tasks. An intelligent calendar belongs to the suite of smart tools that help you automate most tasks, reduce clutter, and free up time for important events.

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