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Best Product Experience Resources for 2022

What are some of the best product experience resources to explore in 2022? Have you gotten the list yet? Hope so!

Best Product Experience Resources
Best Product Experience Resources

If you have been striving to level up your product experience knowledge and are hammed for time, you are on the right page. Staying on top of industry trends, and expanding your horizons on some of the best product experience resources will not be any easier than this. Dive into this all-in-all resource sheet that has everything you need in one sorted space. Scroll on to know about some of the best resources to check out before 2022 turns a new leaf. This is what we will be covering today: 

Table of Contents

  • Product Experience Books 
  • Product Experience Newsletters 
  • Product Experience Podcasts 
  • Product Social Groups 
    1. Slack
    2. LinkedIn
  • Product Experience Conferences & Shows
  • Product Experience Courses

Product Experience Books

Let’s start with some of the staple reads that are a must on every product manager’s bookshelves. Some of the hand-picked ones include: 

  • Melissa Perri’s Escaping the Build Trap: If you are looking for some battle-tested industry advice on building a reliable and effective product organization, this should be your go-to.
  • Jeff Patton’s User Story Mapping: Learn how user story mapping can augment the conversations that you have with your teams about the products they are currently working on with this book.
  • Dan Olsen’s The Lean Product Playbook: Whether or not you are a seasoned enterprise or a budding start-up, this book acts as an ultimate guide for deploying the virtues of Lean Startup methodology.

Product Experience Newsletters

Although this list can be stretched and strengthened by putting up the endless list of newsletters that stand out, we will stick to the ones that have been carved out as an exception. 

  • Product Collective: This weekly newsletter curates a specific list of niches like product strategy, product analytics, product management, and more. You can subscribe to this for free and stay on top of the news. 
  • I Manage Products: This newsletter is dedicated to shedding light on the lessons and principles the founder, Jock Busuttil found in his way. This will also walk you through his real-life experience as a product manager. 
  • The Looking Glass: Subscribe to this daily newsletter to walk neck to neck with some of the best tips and advice from thought leaders in the product experience, startups, and tech world. 

Product Experience Podcasts 

What does a great podcast for product folks entail? The best content comes from the deep-dived conversations from product leaders who narrate their experiences. This includes: 

  • Product by Design: Each episode of this podcast zeroes in on the making of a great product experience, with a dent of focus in the user experience design. 
  • Software Engineering Daily: For the Product Managers with a technical backdrop, this podcast helps its listeners by working more intelligently. They believe with every new episode, the audience will feel a percent better at understanding the software world. 
  • The Growth Show with Matt Bilotti: This podcast can be your one-stop destination for engaging conversations on product management. Tune in to go through the core principles and believes that he thinks are essential for building successful products. 

Product Social Groups 

Yes, you read that right! You can always be part of informative social groups who are like-minded as you. We have segmented these groups from social channels like Slack and LinkedIn. 

1. Slack

  • Product School Slack Community: With a whopping 30,000+ members, this group hosts weekly sessions by stellar thought leaders in the space. If you are an aspiring product manager, this is your go-to. 
  • Product Manager HQ Slack Community: This is one of the leading resources for learning how to excel in product experience as well as product management. You can also peruse their treasure trove of resources, for free. 

2. LinkedIn

  • Creative Product Managers: With a staggering count of 82000+ members, this group calls for offering PMs the best of tips, articles and news. You will find many relevant posts throughout your week. 

Product Experience Conferences and Shows

Conferences play a pivotal part in helping people network and engage with the right community. Here are some of the conferences you can look forward to in 2022: 

  • Women in Product: This aims to build a stronger community for women leaders and builders. With their annual conferences, they strive to empower and educate women product managers to ace their workspaces. 
  • Industry – Product Conference: This conference highlights the latest tools and technology for product managers to truly succeed at what they do. This year, you will find its online version too. 
  • Product Management Festival: This conference has a mission of amplifying the scope of product management globally. Further, they strive to revamp the product managers and prepare them for a new tomorrow. 

Product Experience Courses 

It is a given that the PMs have to ad hoc their learning by collecting knowledge from various modules and courses. Here are a few courses that have managed to sparkle through: 11

  • Product Focus: This course teaches the skills and provides the tools to excel in product management and product marketing. 
  • Brainstation’s Product Management Course: This course gets deep into the core parts of product management, offering students a solid foundation to prepare them to lead
  • Reforge: This course brings in product knowledge from the top leaders in the industry, teaching students the proven strategies used by the fastest-growing products today. 

Parting Thoughts 

Each of these resources will multiply your knowledge and expertise on product experience and management in geometric progression. All you need to do is subscribe and pay heed to what’s new. And the rest will just follow up, seamlessly. Go through the list and you are sorted already.

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