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Recurring Revenue: A Beginners Guide

Today’s businesses follow many types of revenue models. Perhaps the most common, oldest example is a one-off transaction in which a product is exchanged for currency. This takes place when you pop into a store to purchase a bottle of water. Other examples include leasing/renting, contractual, commission-based, and subscription-based (or recurring revenue) model. In this…


Product Success Through Appropriate Customer Touchpoint Management

To achieve product success, you will need to establish, create, and monitor customer touchpoints. The success of your customers becomes your product’s success. By implementing customer touchpoint management, you improve the relationships your company has with its customers, which leads to higher loyalty and advocacy.  Your customers will have a wide range of touchpoints, be…


Why Behavioural Data and Behavioural Analytics Have Become the Secret Ingredient for Product Led Growth!

SaaS businesses, more than any other, is dependent on the customer. On his likes, dislikes, buying prowess, even whims and fancies. When companies discovered this and User Interface (UI) and Customer Experience (CX) overtook other measures of SaaS success, the way business is done shifted from market oriented one to a product led one. This brought its…


Why SaaS Companies Need to Move to Product Led Growth ASAP!

If you’re in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, by now you’d know that SaaS is no longer a business luxury – it is everywhere.  There are many well-funded companies as well as start-ups that are thriving and if 2018 was an amazing year for SaaS, with software companies in the US spending $63.1billion on R&D and accounting for one-fifth of domestic R&D in the US, 2020, despite the pandemic hiccup, has only made businesses rely more on SaaS to…

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