CSM Tip: How To Re-Engage Unresponsive Customers?

CSM Tip: How To Re-Engage Unresponsive Customers?

Customer suddenly ghosted you? Get strategies to reignite the spark in your relationship here.

Re-Engage Unresponsive Customers
Re-Engage Unresponsive Customers

With the rapid growth of subscription-based business models, many companies have made retaining customers a top priority. And with it, there’s been more focus on relationship building and being customer-centric. So when customers stop responding to their CSMs’—their trusted advisors—emails and calls, it raises some red flags. 

Customers can have numerous reasons for not responding to any communication efforts on your part that can range from product-related issues to situations unrelated to you. Fortunately, when this happens, it doesn’t always mean they’re churning. But that also doesn’t mean they’re going to initiate contact either.

In this post, we’ll cover some strategies you can use to re-engage unresponsive customers.

Send them a valuable letter by post

Your customers most likely receive an influx of emails every day. So, even against your best efforts, they might not see your email—let alone read it. That’s why one way you can start getting your unresponsive customers back on track is by bypassing their flooded inbox and sending a simple old-fashioned letter in the mail.

Send your customers a personal handwritten note. While you can fill them in on everything they’ve missed, keep it short and focus on the highlights. The objective at first is to get back on their radar, not overwhelm them.

Send relevant emails

It’s also possible that they see your emails, but the content isn’t relevant or valuable, so they just don’t feel the need to open it. To avoid this scenario, focus on consistently providing value when interacting with your customers.

While that value may look different for each customer, do your research and find out what content, advice, etc., is essential to them.

Be open

Another method of re-engaging unresponsive customers is to be open and transparent. Whether it was a message they misinterpreted or product expectations that were not being met, whatever it is, let them know that you’re there to help them with and through the situation. The approach you use will depend on your customer, but overall your goal is to let them know you both want the same thing—their success.

Let them set the tone of your relationship. You might even find that your customers only want to be contacted for certain updates, using a specific platform or not at all for a few weeks.

Send them well wishes on special occasions

When you’re trying to build relationships, it can’t hurt to show your customers that you see them as more than just a sale. Instead of just sending an introductory message, go the extra mile and add a personal note to it. Use an automated system to send them well wishes on meaningful days like the holidays or even their birthday if you have access to that data. 

Invite them to an event

While this might not work for all businesses, CSMs, or customers, if you’re able to, invite them to or meet them in person at an industry-related event. With the majority of your communications being digital, interacting with your customer face-to-face would be refreshing and welcoming to helping your relationship start developing again.

Wrapping up

It’s worth mentioning that it’ll take time, effort, and testing for these re-engagement strategies to work. While customer churn is unavoidable in a subscription-based business model, it’s not a guarantee, even if your customers aren’t responding. And, with the right strategies and mindset, re-engaging your customers isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem.

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