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How to Spot and Respond to Customer Buying Signals

How do you spot and respond to customer buying signals and who is interested in doing business with you? Read on the blog to know 7 such easy tricks of applying to get in the right track.

How to Spot and Respond to Customer Buying Signals
How to Spot and Respond to Customer Buying Signals

You have successfully connected with your prospect and they are all set to get started with your product demo. Voila! Now, it is time to actually get them to buy and seal the deal. So, how do you get to know if they are going to purchase from you or not? That is when the concept of purchase intent comes into play. With that, it becomes easier to spot and respond to customer buying signals. Start paying heed to some of the cues that state affirmative that it is a customer who wishes to purchase from you. If this is what you have been wondering off late, this blog is just the right one for you. Let’s get started with the prominent customer buying signals will most likely portray in your company:

Table of Contents

  1. Nods constantly and look Interested
  2. Inquires about your Offerings and Services
  3. Wishes to explore about your post-sales
  4. Keeps the conversation going
  5. Shares information about their interests
  6. Wants to talk to your Existing Users
  7. Shows a sense of excitement

Nods constantly and look Interested

How do you know if someone is interested in your business? First things first, look for their eyes. Are they making an eye contact? Are they listening to whatever you’re saying? Do you see repeating nods? If you have these notes, you are definitely on the right track. Although this might turn out to be a bit challenging if you are with the prospect on a phone call. But still, you can know it from a voice if the buyer seems interested or disinterested in your business.

Inquires about your Offerings and Services

An interested customer will ask and enquire about your products and offerings. Those who ask about the specifics know what business problems they want solving and are digging into how your offer could solve their challenges. Think of this as a golden opportunity where you can connect with them on an immediate demo call and walk them through your offerings right away. Who knows, you could be a few clicks away from closing on a potential prospect?

Wishes to explore about your post-sales

One more way of tracing an interested prospect is by their questions they ask. If they start to inquire about your onboarding process, customer experience, post-sales, support features and more – this should be enough for you to connect the dots and now where it is going. Simply put, they want to figure out how it is to be treated like a customer if they go ahead with the purchase. And if everything goes well, you pay heed and answer their queries well, there is a good chance that they are your next customers.

Keeps the conversation going

The second a prospect asks about a follow-up meeting to discuss more or any other questions that they need to know about, know that this is definitely moving in the right track and that you are a few steps away from closing a potential customer. Seeing any verbal indication that they wish to connect again with you or anyone from your team shows that it is a good buying signal. Make sure that you are prompt in your response to this and schedule your next meeting at the earliest.

Shares information about their interests

First and foremost, actively listen and pay full attention to the time that you are spending with your customer. When a prospect starts to share any information about their interests, any issues that they are facing currently and how they need help solving these issues, know that this conversation is going in the right track as you had planned earlier. While it is a given that you would be sharing information about your products and offerings anyways, but if you see the questions coming from their end, it is no doubt a good sign for you.

Wants to talk to your Existing Users

If is it worth your time, and if the deal size is large, it won’t really hurt to get your new prospect to speak to any of your existing clients if the need arises. With that, you should be assured that the potential prospect in front of you is interested in moving forward with your proposal. Since your existing clients have gone through the same set of processes, your new prospects would want to hear from them about their post-sales services and how it is impacting the current results.

Shows a sense of excitement

Now, this is a tricky one but certainly not impossible. Those who tell you they like what you are saying is obviously a great buying indicator but the rest may be a bit more subtle. You can still trace out an interested customer who has small inflections in their voice, or perhaps subtle signs of agreement or nod when you mention a specific feature. These signs should be enough for you to know and sense their excitement level whether or not they wish to go ahead with your offer.8

Parting Thoughts

It is never too difficult or too easy either to know a spot a customer who is willing to work with you and take your services. We hope that these tricks that we just discussed will help you in giving enough knowledge about how to trace out potential prospects who could be interested in you. Also, do not get all disheartened when you do not see these signs at all. You will just have to work harder and try again.

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