Role of Customer Education in Customer Success.

Role of Customer Education in Customer Success.

Unlock the key to customer success with Sana Farooq’s expertise. Learn how customer education, collaboration, and effective playbooks play a strategic role in achieving lasting success.


In this insightful Kaffeine & Karrots conversation, Shivani Chaturvedi, Customer Success Manager at SmartKarrot Inc., sits down with Sana Farooq, Senior Director of Customer Success & UC Irvine CX Advisory Board, to delve into the pivotal role of customer education in achieving success. With over 12 years of experience spanning early-stage to high-growth companies, Sana provides a wealth of knowledge on how customer education intertwines with customer success.

Defining Customer Education

Sana begins by emphasizing the importance of defining customer education. While organizations may view it differently, the essence lies in continuous support post-purchase, offering ongoing materials throughout the customer lifecycle to foster growth and value realization. Crucially, Sana advocates for leveraging data to preempt customer challenges, making education a proactive force.

Collaboration Between Customer Success and Education Teams

The conversation then shifts to collaboration between customer success managers (CSMs) and education teams. Sana highlights the symbiotic relationship, where CSMs and support teams serve as valuable resources for education teams. By tapping into their knowledge of customer pain points, frequently asked questions, and product usage, education teams can build a roadmap for long-term training initiatives.

Conversely, CSMs and support teams benefit from the expertise of education teams, gaining insights into customer knowledge that might not flow freely to other departments. Regular communication ensures a seamless exchange of information, facilitating a needs analysis and refining program strategy.

Proactive Customer Education for Accelerated Outcomes

Moving on, the discussion explores how a proactive customer education program contributes to customers achieving outcomes faster, thereby realizing their return on investment (ROI) earlier. Sana emphasizes the critical role of onboarding, particularly the first impression during the onboarding period. By collaborating with implementation leads, education teams can optimize the onboarding journey, ensuring a faster time to launch.

Sana recommends mapping out customer journeys, both internal and external milestones, to align education strategy with customer outcomes. This approach, likened to adding gasoline to a fire, ensures that education resources seamlessly support the entire customer process, leading to lower support costs and increased engagement.

Integration of Customer Education to Address Key Pain Points

One of the key pain points discussed is the challenge of onboarding, especially during times of high turnover or resource constraints. Sana acknowledges the strain on resources and advocates for businesses to assist their customers in onboarding and training their users more efficiently. By offering education resources for smoother onboarding and turnover management, businesses can create a win-win situation for both their teams and customers.

The Role of Playbooks in Customer Education

The conversation then delves into the significance of playbooks in customer education. Sana believes that playbooks are synonymous with customer outcomes and ROI. Targeting education through playbooks becomes crucial in addressing specific challenges at different stages of the customer journey, including onboarding, adoption, support, and expansion.

Designing Effective Playbooks

To design effective playbooks, Sana suggests aligning them with customer problems and desires, considering the challenges of continuous onboarding, turnover, and the need for early ROI. By categorizing playbooks into onboarding, adoption, support, and expansion, businesses can tailor their customer education efforts to specific stages of the customer journey, ensuring a more personalized and impactful approach.


In conclusion, Sana Farooq provides valuable insights into the integral role of customer education in driving customer success. By fostering collaboration between customer success and education teams, proactively addressing customer challenges, and leveraging playbooks tailored to each stage of the customer journey, businesses can elevate their customer education strategies to new heights. The key takeaway is clear: a well-structured customer education program is not just an asset; it’s a strategic imperative for achieving lasting customer success.10

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