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Top 7 SaaS Subscription Renewal Best Practices

Know the SaaS subscription renewal best practices. Here are effective SaaS retention strategies that make your users renew their subscriptions often.


A valuable list of Top 7 SaaS Subscription Renewal Best Practices for growing your SaaS Business.

7 SaaS Subscription Renewal Best Practices

#1 Enhance Onboarding Experience

SaaS Subscription Renewal Best Practices

Renewal considerations start here. What happens during the onboarding process is critical to your future business relationship. How well the onboarding process is designed and executed makes a big difference, and how much value you are able to demonstrate early on in the process counts heavily towards renewals later.

#2 Ensure Engagement with the Product

SaaS Renewal Best Practices

If the customer/user engagement is low, it means they have stopped using the product and there is a low chance of customer retention. Start by figuring out a way to measure engagement, and then using value-add tactics to engage with them regularly, else it will be difficult to retain them later at the time of account renewal.

#3 Consistent Communication

Building a proactive SaaS renewal strategy by becoming the “trusted advisor” allows you to achieve long-term customer health and high subscription renewals. Learn how to share, at regular intervals, some small nugget of customized insight that will add value to the client, and also use that to try and draw them back to your product.

#4 Try hard to Over-Deliver

Subscription Renewal Best Practices

If you are able to over deliver, which starts by setting appropriate expectations, renewals cease to be a challenge. Try to focus on that more than on the competitive noise. Force your team to launch at least one “Surprise and Delight” feature each quarter that every customer can at least appreciate, even if they don’t use it immediately.

#5 Conduct Regular Dipstick Surveys

Well timed, appropriately designed, online customer surveys are key to understanding where your customers are struggling and how you can improve the customer experience. Use brief customer surveys, to gain insights into where you could improve to empower your customers to work smarter and more effectively with your product.

#6 Excel in Customer Education

Make your customer better at using your product by educating them constantly, and share ways in which other customers are using the tool. Don’t keep claiming that “your product is so easy to use”, if you want to improve SaaS renewals, try to get to a place where at least some of your customers start saying that.

#7 Finally, Track your Renewals

Top SaaS Subscription Renewal Best Practices

The worst thing you can do is call a customer and surprise them with the news that the renewal is coming up next week. Create and execute a 60-90 day plan for renewal of each account, which could include taking a pulse, showcasing value, having a discussion about upcoming features and roadmap, and then closing out on the renewal.

Do read through these Top 7 SaaS Subscription Renewal Best Practices. If we have missed on others, let us know your suggestions in the comments below.

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