in app engagement

In-App Customer Engagement

How To Improve In-App Engagement With SmartKarrot and Increase App Revenues

Image Credit Getting your app to stand out from the millions of apps that continue to unprecedentedly grow daily is definitely a challenging task. Improving app revenue can seem even more daunting. Meanwhile, most of the app revenue-boosting strategies available entail comprehensive engagement and incentivization features that require you to develop them technically from scratch. Fret…

Actionable Customer Feedback

Top 10 Ways To Get Actionable Feedback From Your Customers

Image Credit Customer feedback is indeed one of the main drivers of business growth. These days, businesses are taking advantage of every chance to talk to the customer via customer feedback survey tools or face-to-face customer feedback. They spend millions of dollars in building channels that provide them actionable feedback. Customers constantly share their spontaneous opinions…