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How To Improve In-App Engagement With SmartKarrot and Increase App Revenues

In-app engagement is a set of metrics that define user engagement with an app. Here are the best tips on how to increase in-app engagement for your business.

Anshi Bhadoria
Mar 8, 2019

In-App Customer Engagement

In App Engagement

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Getting your app to stand out from the millions of apps that continue to unprecedentedly grow daily is definitely a challenging task. Improving app revenue can seem even more daunting. Meanwhile, most of the app revenue-boosting strategies available entail comprehensive engagement and incentivization features that require you to develop them technically from scratch.

Fret not, since you can now apply all these app revenue-boosting strategies quickly, easily and without many technicalities with SmartKarrot. It’s the world’s first Engagement Optimization platform that allows you to build, manage and track engagement and incentivization features in a few minutes.

Let us look at how SmartKarrot can help you with your app revenue-boosting strategies.

#1. Automatically Rollout Monetizing Rewards and Incentives

Rewarding users to take desired actions is the quickest way to generate some quick sales from your app. SmartKarrot’s Smart Incentives feature can automatically unveil these incentives after a user’s completion of a certain action or after meeting specific conditions.

You can further customize rules and parameters for these incentives so that you can progressively uncover them. In this way, the more a user interacts with your app, the better chances they get to earn rewards. This motivates them to continue using the app, thus boosting in-app engagement.

#2. Reach And Engage Target Audience With Push Notifications

Push Notifications are small messages, which can be an ad, a reminder or any information that can reach audiences anywhere and anytime when they are using the app. They can routinely establish an unswerving line of communication between you and users. The right timing and the right audience is crucial for push notifications. It is important to take care that notifications don’t become annoying ads that can instead lose you customers.

SmartKarrot has a Smart Notifications feature that lets you create, schedule and send push notifications to the right audience via email, SMS, web push or pop-ups. It helps you create fine segments of your audience and prevents your messages from reaching people who might not be interested or find your messages unhelpful.

#3. Set Up Referral Program

Referral programs are a great way to get more customers by using the network of your existing clients or users. This can be facilitated by rewarding your valued users for recommending your app to their network of friends and family, thereby expanding your market reach, downloads, and future in-app engagement and actions.

Setting up the referral program can be done easily with SmartKarrot.  With its Smart Referral feature, you can quickly design, create, add and implement fully functional referral programs within minutes. You can configure rules, conversion events and automate rewards or payments for successful referrals.

#4. Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience means properly classifying or grouping them in certain categories based on age, gender, location, status, motivation and a combination of these attributes. Segmenting is critical to properly engage your audience. SmartKarrot’s Smart Segmentation features allow you to segment your audience via text-based rule creation that will itemize conditions or demographics. You can add or customize more conditions or attributes as needed to reach out to very specific customer groups.

Segmenting your audience is important so as to ensure that your marketing campaigns or ads will only appear or be sent to specific audiences who are most likely to act on them.

#5. Localization Of App

Localization of app or proximity marketing means adjusting or modifying your app to specific geography to better reach the locals. Considering that proximity marketing is 16 times more effective than Google pay-per-click, it’s an avenue you shouldn’t overlook. Geo-targeting to reach your customers whenever they are near you not only helps in-app engagement but also app retention.

Localizing your apps may mean more focused target marketing. SmartKarrot’s Smart Geofencing feature allows app developers to create and enable location-based triggers. In this way, you can manage your communication and marketing efforts on a target audience segmented geographically. Consequently, you can better customize your messages to cater to your target audience.

#6. Social Engagement With Users

One way to improve app revenue is to socially engage with your users and connect to them on a more personal level.  Social engagement can be a means to collect valuable feedback from users to improve your app.

SmartKarrot can help you create in-app engagement through its Smart Survey functionality.  For example, you can create feedback programs as well as in-app surveys that can then be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach your users. Finally, you can also attach rewards or incentives for users who actively fill out your surveys.

#7. Evaluating Strategy Success

The need to review your app revenue-boosting strategies is critical so that you can optimize and capitalize on areas which are effective. Also, strengthen those areas in which you are not doing well. 

Above all, you must ascertain some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to gauge which strategies are effectively achieving your objectives. SmartKarrot has Analysis features to help you to review and assess the effectiveness of your strategies.

The Smart Engagement Score and Smart Analytics will help you measure how your app is faring against industry standards, provide you reports and insights on performance, and suggest ways on how to enhance your campaign and communication effectiveness. Therefore, all you need is SmartKarrot to design, create, administer, and manage all your app revenue and monetizing strategies in the fastest, easiest and most convenient way possible.

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Originally Published March 8th, 2019, Updated March 31st, 2021

Anshi Bhadoria

Anshi has over 12 years of experience in demand generation, digital marketing, and managing global teams. In her prior role as head of marketing operations for a high growth US healthcare tech organization she transformed marketing from cost to revenue center.

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2 years ago


[…] and it consumes most of the time and resources at an organization’s disposal. Therefore, engagement of existing users takes a backseat leading to high app abandonment and the cycle continues. Forrester’s report […]

2 years ago

Jasmine Hewitt

This is very helpful, you make it sound quite easy!

2 years ago

Tom Beardsley

I'm the developer of a relatively popular free game which uses some of these methods to great success. Push notifications reminding users to pick up where they left off work incredibly well, as does our referral program which gives extra rewards for each referral. I'm always working to increase engagement and these tips are really good ones!

2 years ago

Ian Thorne

App localization is very handy, I’m glad to see it mentioned here. I use the location of my users to deliver customized content and show other users near them. I also really love the idea of sharing surveys to social media and rewarding it. You get the benefits of more user feedback which is more important than many realize. I try very hard to get comments on every aspect of my apps.

2 years ago

Jordan Mason

These are some very impressive features, I could make use of these I think. Incentives for certain actions have always worked really well for me but it has been cumbersome setting them up. Maybe SmartKarrot can make it easier for me. I’d really love to localize my app as well but I just don’t know where to start, I know it would work great though.

2 years ago

Cindy Logan

These are really cool features! I use gamification extensively but a lot of it is manually implemented by me, having it automated would be a big time saver. I think my app could make use of a good referral program, too. We have some very loyal users that would use it I think.

2 years ago

Bob Irwin

Engagement has been a tough challenge for me since the launch of my app. I think I can make use of these tips to fix that. App localization is a good idea and I’m surprised I didn’t think of it myself. I love the idea of automatic rewards and incentives, but I doubt I can do that without SmartKarrot! Thanks for the tips, team.

2 years ago

Clark Bryant

I’ve been rolling out incentives to generate sales for a while but they are a pain for me to set up, having it done automatically would be great! Push notifications are probably the most effective method of bringing people back to your app, you just have to make sure they are received at the right times and they are designed well enough.

2 years ago

Jordan Willis

I have been planning to add revenue streams to my app, my main concern is the potential negative affect on engagement. I’m hoping to make use of these ideas to offset any drops. With proper segmentation of users, I can hopefully build automated push notifications that are more personalized. I know the power of these notifications but I know I’m not maximizing their potential just yet. Thanks for the ideas!

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