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Top 10 Customer Success Newsletters

Check these top customer success newsletters to keep your customer success teams stay updated by signing up to this great customer success newsletter.

Sandhya Subramanyan
Apr 28, 2020

Customer Success Newsletters

A collection of some of the best newsletters to stay updated on the latest in the customer success space. All interested teams can sign-up to these and receive updates to their mailbox.

customer success newsletters

#1 SixteenVentures

by Lincoln Murphy

top 10 customer success newsletters

Lincoln Murphy is a leading customer success consultant, keynote speaker, and author. One of the most followed newsletters in the Customer Success space, it does a great job of offering you the latest customer-centric growth tips.


by Diana De Jesus

top customer success newsletters

Keep The Customer is a repository of resources for Customer Success Professionals. Subscribe to this newsletter to learn about retention/expansion/renewals, metrics and more from the top voices in the industry.

#3 Lucky Sevens

by Customer Thermometer

Every month, they scour the world – much like Indiana Jones – for the gems of the customer service world. Expect this newsletter in the 3rd week of every month.


by Rick Adams

Practical CSM is a monthly newsletter which provides an ongoing measurement to how one is doing at every step of the Customer Success journey.

#5 Chief Customer Officer Council

by Curtis Bigham

best customer success newsletters

The ONLY newsletter geared exclusively for the CCO, but would add value for most in this space. Learn the best practices & critical strategies to drive solid business results.

#6 Enlightened Customers

by Chad Horenfeldt

The newsletter ‘Enlightened Customers’ helps Customer Success teams and leaders, especially those looking for assistance with Customer Success strategies, or if they require Customer Success coaching.

#7 OnGoodBits

by Alex Bakula-Davis

A hand curated, free-range, artisanal, and all natural newsletter on top articles covering Customer Success. A weekly curated collection of 4 helpful articles from around the world of Customer Success.

#8 Insight Partners

by Jeff Horing & Jerry Murdock

Sign Up! to the exclusive newsletter of Insight Partners and get expert advice, upcoming events and thought leadership snippets on customer success.

#9 Real Customer Success

by Jim Jones

Catch up on the latest in the customer success space: real insights, tips, current news, trends and practical advice through this newsletter. Subscribe to get the latest delivered to you!

#10 SmartKarrot

by SmartKarrot Team

customer success newsletters

Last, but not the least, our own newsletter is built around adding value to all aspects on Customer Success – including the latest discussions around metrics, churn, predictive Customer Success, etc.

Keep your teams updated through these customer success newsletters. Do keep us posted if we missed on others!

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Originally Published April 28th, 2020, Updated January 6th, 2021

Sandhya Subramanyan

Sandhya has over 17 years of experience across pre-sales, implementation, automation and Customer Success Management. Her vast experience encompasses both managing internal and external stakeholders and expectations. Her strength lies in planning, organizing and problem solving, that makes her highly efficient and effective team member.

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