7 Awesome Ways Augmented Intelligence Is Slowly Transforming Our Lives

7 Awesome Ways Augmented Intelligence Is Slowly Transforming Our Lives

Augmented intelligence as a technology has come a long way in recent times. In this write-up, we discuss the different ways it is slowly transforming our lives.

Augmented Intelligence
Augmented Intelligence

What is that one thing that comes out when you combine data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) with human judgment? The answer is augmented intelligence.

In simple words, augmented intelligence is the ultimate technology through which AI’s analytical power and speed take over most of the data processing.

While using this approach to AI-powered analytics, augmented intelligence acts as a guiding force to humans, which helps them make more informed and smart decisions at the speed of knots.

Seven awesome ways augmented intelligence is slowly transforming our lives

Here are some of the ways augmented intelligence is slowly transforming our lives.

1. Making collecting and analyzing data easier

With so much data available in today’s time, it becomes difficult for organizations to collect, manage, and analyze the data effectively. If you try to do everything manually, it results in exertion and loss of valuable time.

However, now with the help of augmented intelligence, you can collect the information effectively. Not only that, but you can even go a step further and analyze the data in a better way.

One prime example is when a customer calls a call centre executive to resolve their concern, they normally have to go through a pre-recorded message to dial certain numbers.

These numbers reduce the steps that the customer care representative could have spent while speaking with the customer. This is what augmented intelligence does in the best possible manner.

The best part is, it tries to improvise based on the data accumulated. So, the next time a customer faces the same issue, the augmented intelligence tool provides the answer before transferring the call to the human agent. Isn’t that ingenious?

2. Transforming the way we interact

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we see a drastic change in how we interact with each other. Today, tools like chatbots, digital assistants, virtual assistants, and translation have made our lives easier.

Who would have thought that chatbots would be the first point of contact whenever customers reached a site and had any doubts before making their purchases? But, that has become the reality today.

Digital assistants and virtual assistants have become part and parcel of our lives. We no longer can survive without using Alexa or Siri in our lives.

Although they are there to make our lives easier, it shows how far augmented intelligence has created an impact in our lives.

In the same way, translation tools also use augmented intelligence to translate information from one language to another within seconds automatically.

All of these and much more is possible with the help of the new and advanced tools that come in handy in our day-to-day lives.

3. From Smart Home to Smart People -> Transforming the way we experience things

Gone are the days when people used to purchase things to fulfil their needs. Today, it is also about experiencing things. This is where the role of augmented intelligence cannot be undermined.

Think about the way our homes have transformed. Today, we are living in smart homes and dealing with smart technology on each and every level.

With the help of IoT intelligence, people have started to expect a lot more when visualizing or experiencing things. Nowadays, everyone wants a piece of smart technology, where augmented intelligence has played a big role in our lives.

4. Augmented intelligence is changing how we work

Look at our work lives. In the past, we had to remember so many things in our diary. Prioritizing tasks was a big headache in those days. The reason was, you did not have the scope of dealing with lots of tasks in one go.

But, today’s workforce can plan their day and prioritize their tasks thanks to smart calendars, which can be attributed to augmented intelligence.

Even reports, dashboards, emails, and calendars that we are seeing today have automated task list that makes our job that much easier than ever before.

For example, using augmented intelligence, it is possible to get information on various dashboards to help make quick decision making. Emails today can be automated. Even calendars tell you about the birthdays of your colleagues and relatives once you save them in the database. All of this is possible with the help of augmented intelligence.

5. Augmented intelligence influences your purchase decisions and helps you make data-informed decisions

Since there is a lot of data available, as a customer, you have all the possible options to make the right purchase decisions based on testimonials and ratings reflected on the company’s website.

This way, you can make informed purchasing decisions that are data conscious. One way augmented intelligence has made a huge impact in our lives is in helping us pick up the right product at the right time.

This purchasing decision based on past data can come in handy when you make important purchases that can have a critical role in your future success.

6. Predicts more accurate risk and opportunities

Whether you are into customer success, finance, or sales, augmented intelligence can help you predict the risk and opportunities for the future.

It does that with its self-learning attitude. Based on previous events and past data, it can predict more accurate risks and opportunities.

One prime example of that is the customer churn ratio. Based on the customer lifecycle journey, augmented intelligence can inform companies whether a particular segment of customers is more likely to churn in the near future.

This can prove to be a piece of valuable information for customer success managers as they can prepare for ways to deal with the situation beforehand and come with a concrete solution even before the crisis happens.

7. Augmented intelligence tools that are changing our lives

Here are some of our handpicked augmented intelligence tools that are making a huge difference in our lives:

Gmail – Provides swift reply recommendations

You might have already used Gmail. But have you used the “Smart Reply” feature in its Inbox app?

If not, I recommend you to try it right away.

This feature uses augmented intelligence that suggests email replies on the basis of past activity. The good thing is, it allows you to select the option with only a single click.

This particular feature is pretty swift, effortless, and intuitive in use.

Jenna – Useful for candidate screening & scoring

Jenna.ai is a platform that provides human staff with ML-based insights and data.

It interacts textually or vocally by utilizing NLP with potential job candidates. It accumulates relevant information about each one and then predicts if they are a good fit.

Jenna also conducts fully autonomous decisions that enable to filter of irrelevant candidates.

It provides them with the tools to make informed decisions or action that is best for the company. With a simple thumbs up and thumbs down, recruiters can provide Jenna feedback on what to enhance.

These are the two augmented intelligence tools that are making a difference in our life.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You have made it to the bottom of the different ways augmented intelligence is slowly transforming our lives. As an additional incentive, here are some of the things that I would like to reiterate about this cutting-edge technology:

Augmented intelligence is not there to replace humans. Rather it is there to assist them in getting better at specific tasks.

When humans and augmented intelligence platforms work in unison, it results in huge success.

Augmented intelligence is collaborative tech that acknowledges both AI and humans’ advantages and weaknesses and then uses it to our advantage.46

It is the starting point of disruptive innovation!

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