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Best Conversation Intelligence Software 2023

Are you interested in learning about the best conversation intelligence software for 2022? If yes, check out this blog today!

Best Conversation Intelligence Software 2023
Best Conversation Intelligence Software 2023

Being in voice operations is not an easy task. You need to increase your call outcomes with lots of volume. However, now with the help of the best conversation intelligence software, it is possible to enhance your call outcomes.

If yes, in this write-up, we have covered the top 10 conversation intelligence software that you need to check out in 2022. 

With any software mentioned in this list, you can run quicker call QA, deliver personalized SDR coaching, and enhance conversation outcomes like improved CSAT, higher NPS, better sales, etc.  

But, before that, let us look at the definition of conversation intelligence. 

What is conversation intelligence? 

The process of finding actionable and valuable business insights from the conversation held between prospective clients and the internal team of a business. The data collected from the conversation forms the basis to understand the customer better – their needs, pain points, and expectations. It also helps to understand the performance of the representatives or agents of the business from the customers’ point of view.

Conversation intelligence makes sure that every conversation with the customers and prospective customers is analyzed to better the business and customer experience. Businesses that do not have the conversation intelligence setup randomly analyze the calls with customers. This means lots of valuable feedbacks does not get analyzed. Conversation intelligence tools help businesses monitor and analyze every call or conversation with the customer leaving behind no room for speculation. Businesses know exactly what their customers want and need to deliver to satisfy their customers’ wants.

Advantages of using conversation intelligence 

Customers are the lifeline for any business organization. A business exists for the sake of customers. If a business does not gain new customers and retain the old ones, there is no other way to sustain itself. So, it is imperative for any business that their customer-facing teams, such as sales, support, and success teams, are efficient in carrying a conversation with the customers.

To increase the efficiency of the team that converses with customers, the business needs to monitor and analyze every call with customers. This will keep them educated and updated about customers’ need and want. But, it is humanly impossible for a few people to analyze hundreds of calls. This is the point where the conversation intelligence tool comes into the picture. Conversation intelligence analyses call with customers and provide valuable insights to help the business understand the representatives’ performance.

The key benefits that the sales team gains from the use of conversation intelligence in a business can be listed as follows –

  • The conversation intelligence tool helps the sales team to focus on calls that need immediate attention. Giving attention where required helps the business retain customers.
  • Conversation intelligence ensures that 100% of calls are covered for analysis instead of the random selection done by most organizations.
  • Conversation intelligence helps the sales manager find areas where the representatives require sales coaching.
  • Conversation intelligence helps the manager analyze the performance of the business agents or representatives.
  • Conversation intelligence reduces the requirement of quality people as representatives facing customers. This means that the business can reap the same benefit by spending lesser on hiring quality people as representatives.
  • Conversation intelligence helps businesses to find out mistakes early. Not finding a mistake in business at the right time can prove costly for the business.

Best conversation intelligence software for 2022 

Now that you understand what conversation intelligence is and how it can benefit your business, let us list the best options. Here is a well-curated list of the best conversation intelligence software for 2022.

CallHippo Coach 

A brief overview 

CallHippo Coach is one of the best conversation intelligence tools to help your business in 2022. It identifies calls that need immediate attention by finding out things like customer objection, mention of a competitor, compliance gap or script deviation, etc. This helps you take immediate action and retain your customers for good.

Salient features 

The salient features of CallHippo Coach that make it one of the best choices includes –

  • Auto call transcription – automatically transcribes the calls for further reference – for better QA.
  • In-depth analytics – for giving an in-depth understanding of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and the representatives’ performance.
  • Moment Analysis – defines key moments and automatically brings calls in front. This helps in recognizing important calls that matter the most to your business.
  • Data filtering based on specific filters and parameters – this feature helps identify the calls through the use of specific parameters.
  • Feedback manager – through this feature, calls can be rated and offered feedback.
  • Customization options – can be tailored for specific customer needs.


CallHippo Coach provides personalized quotes based on the specific needs of the customer. 

A brief overview is a conversation intelligence tool that automates call QA processes and streamlines representative evaluation. It helps identify and evaluate the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and performance of the agents. The tool helps voice teams test the call quality hypothesis against the real call data. This tool is primarily used for agent call monitoring, evaluation, and coaching, and the best feature is that it needs no commitment.

Salient features 

Key features of includes –

  • Call Monitoring – monitors calls and highlights the key moments for you.
  • In-depth Analytics – analyses agents’ performance and finds ways to improve them.
  • Process Intelligence – Defines moments, keywords, and compliance gap and gives a comprehensive business view.
  • Individual Performance – gives a detailed analysis of each representative that attends customer calls.


You will get tailored pricing as per your business need.


A brief overview 

SalesLoft is a conversation intelligence platform that tracks customer calls, analyzes each of them and coaches the representatives. It helps you understand your customers and guide your representatives to better handle the customer.

Salient features 

The salient features of SalesLoft include

  • Call Recording – keeps a record of audio and video call for future reference
  • Call transcribers – transcribe calls into text
  • AI-based analysis – scans the transcribed texts for keywords
  • Playlist – creates a playlist of calls with best practices for coaching the agents better
  • Retain top agents – identify the most valuable agents and help you retain them


SalesLoft too offers price quotes after understanding customers need


A brief overview 

Gong is meant primarily for remote teams. It captures customer interaction through phone, email, web, and conferencing to analyze them.

Salient features 

The salient features you get in Gong includes

  • Deal Identification- Identifies the deals that are most likely to convert
  • Top representative identification – Identifies your top-performing representatives and lists out the feature that makes them the best
  • Market identification –Analyzes the market trends and keep you updated
  • Stats and benchmarks – provides stats to show the individual performance of your representatives and set benchmarks for others
  • Personalized representations – Provides personalized feedback for coaching each individual to improve their strength and rectify their weaknesses


Gong does not make its pricing public. To learn about the pricing, contact the company directly.


A brief overview 

CallRail is one of the best conversation intelligence tools. It uses artificial intelligence to automate call transcription and analysis. It provides real-time insights.

Salient features 

The salient features of CallRail include the following –

  • Keyword tracking – filters calls based on keywords to identify best and worst conversation
  • Highlights – Highlights keyword on the transcription and helps better understanding
  • Identify trends – Tracks all the calls to find out trends and understand customer behavior


CallRail’s pricing starts at 50$ 

A brief overview is an AI-based agent enablement platform. It transcribes calls and helps understand and evaluate the performance of agents. It helps in coaching the agents to perform better.

Salient features 

The salient features of include –

  • Analysis – It analyses every call to find out the most important call and conversation
  • Transcription- automatically transcribes each call; finds and highlights keywords by filtering in real-time
  • AI-powered moments – It finds out all the important moments for your business, including the escalation, dead air, and hold time
  • Sentiment Analysis – Finds out positive and negative customer experiences and determines  customers’ reaction to a specific message

Pricing provides tailored pricing based on the exact needs of the customer


A brief overview 

CallMiner, one of the best conversation intelligence software, uses artificial intelligence to analyze calls and find actionable insights for the business. It helps uncover the root cause of customer dissatisfaction and a decrease in sales.

Salient features 

The salient features of CallMiner include –

  • Representative analysis – Analyses performance of agent-based on pre-defined factors
  • Performance Management – Provides feedback to the agents about their performance and sends alerts to you when action is taken
  • Real-time Call monitoring – monitors each call in real-time and alerts the agent to take the next best action
  • Call Recording – records calls for future reference
  • Data extraction – uses API (Application Programming Interface) to extract useful data from the audio recordings
  • Visualization –  Provides graphs so that you can visually see your key performance indicators


You need to contact CallMiner to know their pricing system.

Final Thoughts 

Conversation intelligence software has become more crucial than ever. It helps you scrutinize your team’s performance, comprehend customer behavior, and know what drives success. 

If you think we have missed out on any of the conversation intelligence software that can be added to this list, you can always include more by letting us know any of the software names missing above in the comments section! 

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