Why Conversation Artificial Intelligence Will Ultimately Be a SaaS Superpower!

Why Conversation Artificial Intelligence Will Ultimately Be a SaaS Superpower!

Conversational intelligence platforms have become a hot favorite amongst SaaS companies. Here are some of the reasons that showcase conversation artificial intelligence will ultimately be a SaaS superpower.

Conversation Artificial Intelligence
Conversation Artificial Intelligence

The digital-first mindset has been at the forefront of several SaaS businesses this year. While you might perceive your tech-savvy business to be miles ahead of the competition, one strategy that can make your business a SaaS superpower is conversation artificial intelligence.  

If you do not know how you will achieve this status, we have the answer for you. With the help of a cutting-edge conversation intelligence platform, you can push your B2B marketing strategy to the next level.  

It will automate your tasks more efficiently and integrate conversation artificial intelligence into your business plan to become the ultimate SaaS superpower. 

Before shouting out the reasons that will make conversation artificial intelligence ultimately be a SaaS superpower, let us look at the definition of conversational AI

What is conversation artificial intelligence? What is its significance to your marketing strategy? 

Conversation artificial intelligence is an AI platform that has the capability of communicating with us humans! It does so by recognizing speech and text, comprehending intent, deciphering different languages, and responding to make it seem like it is mimicking human conversation.

It incorporates context, personalization, and relevance within the human to computer interaction.

Some people call it website chatbots, while others name it mobile device voice assistants. Due to over usage of conversation artificial intelligence platforms, chances are, you might have been engaged with one this week.

Fun fact: Approximately 95% of customer interactions will be initiated by AI by the year 2025!

The amazing thing about conversation artificial intelligence is its versatility. It is possible to use it on different social networks, landing pages, on even your brand’s mobile app.

With its help, you can easily serve the objective of bringing accessibility and personalizing conversations to prospects and customers directly to your business.

Think about it as a cutting-edge technology that offers an end result indistinguishable from what a human could have delivered.

Have you ever communicated with a business and felt as if you could complete the same tasks with the same if not less effort than what could have if it was with a human?

That is what experiencing conversation artificial intelligence of the highest quality is all about!

Now that you have the basic understanding of conversation artificial intelligence, it is time to divert our attention to the main topic at hand – Why conversation artificial intelligence will ultimately be a SaaS superpower!

Reasons that make conversation artificial intelligence push towards being a SaaS superpower 

Here are some of the reasons that make conversation artificial intelligence a major player towards becoming a SaaS superpower in the near future.

1. Aids in mapping out your buyer’s journey 

If I were ever to get a superpower, this is the one thing that I would have loved to know: what was in the heart of the other person! But alas! I cannot have that superpower.

But, with the help of conversation artificial intelligence, B2B businesses can become a SaaS superpower. Do you want to know how? It is very simple – by mapping out your buyer’s journey.

As B2B markets have started to become complex, so have the needs of the customers.

Today’s customers are far more educated and expect a lot from your brand. They are looking for personalized experiences with your products.

The only way to meet their expectations is by understanding their interest areas and addressing their pain points.

These two things, if fine-polished, can give your brand an ultimate edge over your competitors.

The best way to do this is by utilizing conversation artificial intelligence.

Thanks to intelligent systems, you get ample information today to help your CS team understand your target audience’s interests, tendencies, and even buying patterns.

All this information can prove to be pure gold dust while targeting your customers at different stages of their customer journey.

You can use such information to send an outreach email with a blog link exclusively catering to the specific needs of a target audience. Or you can even decide whether it is time to send a meeting invite for a product demo.

Conversation artificial intelligence will work as your messiah to enlighten your path as a CSM and guide you to pace your conversation with the customers and match their preferences at the right time.

2. Provides more personalized user experience 

Seamless customer experience is the second thing that B2B organizations require to grow quickly.

One way to ensure that is by ensuring that all the customer communication channels are personalized optimally.  

This is where conversation artificial intelligence can be of great help.

Let me explain that with the help of an example.

Imagine you are visiting a B2B company’s site for the very first time. The very first interaction you have is with a chatbot that is embedded on the website.

The bot ensures that it stays with the customer throughout their site visit or till they close the bot.

This is of critical importance. Let me explain why.

When the customer has a burning question in their mind before deciding on purchasing your SaaS product, with the help of chatbot support, you can answer the questions 24×7, 365 days without worrying about the time zone limitations!

Here the role of the conversational chatbot will be to take the basic contact information like name, mobile number, email address, company name, company size, etc., from the visitor.

This information can then be used to provide a personalized experience; the same person visits the site next time!

Using an intelligent conversation artificial intelligence platform can be a blessing for sales and marketing teams if you can have this data available in one place.

It enables them to follow up with the customers in a non-evasive manner.

Besides that, we are already aware that contextual messaging positively impacts the overall customer experience.

The second thought that comes to my mind is, what about user experience?

Don’t worry, as conversation artificial intelligence can take your UX to the next level.

You are asking how? Let me tell you conversation artificial intelligence uses AI-powered, contextually tailored messages for the target audience at the right time.

Knowing what to say, when to say, and how to say it during the customer buying journey can easily reduce the brand abandonment risk in the long run.

3. Adopts a more Omnichannel approach 

Gone are the days when customers used to communicate with your brand through a single channel. Today, they do it on multiple channels and expect you to be there for them all the time.

It becomes critical for you to ensure that the customers get a coherent experience while using their preferred communication channel.

Your customers can contact you via call, chat, email, live, chatbot, or social media. Irrespective of the medium, you need to ensure that your customer receives an Omnichannel experience on all channels. But, this is far difficult than just being said.

Fact check: 83% of customers say they would like to have the option to move between channels while interacting with a brand, out of which less than 50% of brands can, in fact, adequately provide these experiences.

This is where conversation artificial intelligence can come to your rescue. It easily keeps track of your customer communication by accumulating information from each customer touchpoint and unifying this data.

This way, you are well aware of when to reach out to customers on their preferred channels. And, the customers, in turn, get a more unified experience while interacting with your brand.

4. Aids in better content promotion 

It is a tough proposition to create blogs, ebooks, webinars, product tours, explainer videos, and other types of content. And, more than that, it takes a Herculean task to make the content visible online.

But, today, with the help of conversation artificial intelligence, promoting your content becomes extremely easy.

For instance, imagine there is a new visitor on your website, and your chatbot welcomes them.

Next, your bot sends them a set of FAQs to make them understand more about your company (you can even include a relevant blog post link or product explainer videos).

The next time the same visitor returns to your site, the bot recognizes them and serves them with more relevant content as per their preference.

This way, chatbots can be used to accumulate information that can come in handy while creating email campaigns for interacting with target customers.

You can even send personalized content solutions based on their individual needs.

Always keep this in mind: AI has the capability to learn customer preferences and examine sentiments. Such information can come in handy while sending your target customers marketing campaigns from your brand.

This is one of the examples of how conversation artificial intelligence can serve different types of content at different stages of the funnel.

Thus, it results in nurturing leads and transforming them from readers to buyers.

5. Generate leads without taking assistance from sales or marketing

By now, we are all familiar that conversation artificial intelligence plays an active role in facing the customers upfront.

Hence, the next step for you should be to utilize the conversation artificial intelligence platform as a lead attraction magnet.

You can use the example mentioned below as the best-case scenario to showcase my point.

A returning visitor comes to your blog where a chatbot is already deployed.

The AI bot recognizes the visitor on the basis of their past visits and their activities; it understands that they are more interested in LinkedIn marketing type of content.

The bot sends across an invitation to an upcoming webinar that your company is hosting on LinkedIn marketing. It takes the visitor’s information as default to reserve their spot.

The user now enters your lead funnel.

All of this can be attributed to conversation artificial intelligence.

With the help of conversation artificial intelligence as a lead magnet, you can increase customer support and sales productivity. It enables you to concentrate on more pressing issues instead of interacting with cold leads who are just entering your sales funnel.

6. Superlative social media outreach and complaint resolution 

Conversation artificial intelligence can also come in handy while doing superlative social media outreach.

One huge opportunity that I have seen is the auto-reply chat function in chatbots on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Conversation artificial intelligence can come in handy in either of these scenarios:

  • Customer-related questions
  • Helping customers make a buying decision
  • Executing AI chatbots to help with instant responses to less complex questions

In case the customer needs advanced help, human assistance can be provided at a later stage.

However, for short-form FAQs, an AI bot can serve the purpose.

It can increase your teams’ response time and rate.

Even though there is no human answering at the other end, their queries are being attended to.

And, answering queries through bots is much better than leaving the messages unattended for days or even weeks!

As far as social media is concerned, conversation artificial intelligence can assist your social media team monitor brand mentions and customer service complaints.

A prime example of that is, in case an unhappy customer passes negative comments about your brand, directly or indirectly, conversation artificial intelligence identifies it and the sentiments associated with it.

Remember, your brand’s reputation is crucial; hence, it is always better to keep an eye on the positive and negative brand mentions.

Fact check: Roughly half of social media users expect brands to respond to their mentions or complaints within a day.

Final Words 

Conversation artificial intelligence allows SaaS businesses to benefit from cutting-edge technologies by getting swifter customer support, decreased workloads for support staff, personalized offers, and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Indeed, conversation intelligence platforms are the need of the hour for B2B SaaS businesses as they can take it to become a SaaS superpower!  

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