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Top 10 Buyer Intent Data Tools for 2023

Which are the top 10 buyer intent data tools that made it to the list this year? Did you make it yet? Hope so. Scroll to on unlock the top 10.

Top 10 Buyer Intent Data Tools for 2023
Top 10 Buyer Intent Data Tools for 2023

Buyer Intent Data tools help deliver a context when your customers are interfacing with a brand. In simpler words, buyer intent data tools research into the actual buyer journeys and delve into the signs of their purchase intents. With a right tool you can, personalize website experiences for your online readers, target companies better and prioritize your inbound links like better before. Getting your hands on the right tool is the key here. On that note, let us get on board with top 10 buyer intent data tools that you must try in this year. Without any further ado, let us get started.

G2 Marketing Solutions

With the help of G2 Marketing Solutions tool, you as a buyer can educate themselves son the best of solutions that their business requires. Not only that, it can also develop a list of products that match with their set preferences. An upgraded profile on G2 helps you identify in-market buyers, respond directly to customers who have reviewed your product or service, and show off your success.

Priority Engine

If you have a SaaS based platform and you want the tool to be around that, Priority Engine should be your go-to. This tools helps in delivering direct, real-time access to the accounts that prospects that are active. Aside from this, it helps B2B tech organizations to augment their ABM performance, enhance their sales productivity and scale up the demand generation success. The platform provides exclusive third-party intent insights on the topical interests of accounts, recency and relevancy of activity, vendor considerations and installed technology.


SalesIntel’s intent data is powered by Bombora, a market leader in intent data. SalesIntel’s PredictiveIntent offers buyer intent signals from a combination of sources including data from its VisitorIntel, News and Alerts, and buyer intent data. SalesIntel’s Intent data helps you uncover your prospects’ buying intention with over 12,000 actively monitored Intent topics. This helps you hypertarget accounts that are most interested in your products or services, and ready to buy.

Terminus ABM Platform

Terminus ABM Platform will render you with a 360 degree view of your accounts and contacts. With this, you can now easily launch digital ad campaigns and target your key accounts to measure the impact of these efforts on your customer engagement and revenue as well.  You can think of this as a full-funnel account-based marketing platform that serves as your end-to-end command center for targeting the right accounts with dynamic data, engaging them with unified multi-channel campaigns, activating sales by separating signal from noise, and reporting on the revenue outcomes that matter.

Lead Forensics

With Lead Forensics, you stand a chance to engage with your prospects and customers way faster than before. This happens because they give you all the data needed to gain valuable, useful conversations with the visitors on your website. Not just that, it will also identify your visitors, their demographics, the place that they hail from, the time that they spend on your sites and more.


Slintel has often been tagged as the leader in capturing technologies-powered buying intent. With Slintel, you get to analyze and know more about factors such as buyer journeys, adoption patterns, digital footprints and help you to deliver sales intelligence too. Slintel’s customers have access to the buying patterns and contact information of more than 15 million companies and 180 million decision makers across the world.

RollWorks Account Based Platform

If you are looking for great B2B companies that help you align their marketing and sales team while boosting the sales graph? In that case, say hello to RollWorks Account Based Platform. Powered by machine learning and an extensive account data foundation, the RollWorks platform helps you identify your target accounts, engage them with digital ads, web personalization, email signatures and sales automation, and finally, measure the effectiveness of your programs.

Pure B2B

Pure B2B is basically a web-based demand generation that has been critically designed to augment businesses and help manage their B2B content syndication. Aside from this, it also aids in displaying their ads, developing the outbound lead using the best of predictive analytics and multi-source intent data. If you wish to promote your content ad generate high-quality leads at the same time, you might as well pick on this.


With the help of HappierLeads software, you can now view and reach out to the companies that show high buying intent, but aren’t converting. We are the only solution that can accurately track website visitors when they work from home or while they are using their personal devices. The system allows users to identify anonymous website visitors, segment traffic, and connect with decision makers.


The best part about Triblio software is that you can combine account-based ads, web personalization and the varied sales activation facets – all in one platform. These campaign facets and tools work on the level of interest each account has in making a purchase. Growing your awareness, engaging with your customers ad getting in touch with your target accounts just got simplified.

Demand Jump

Demand Jump is the leading Marketing Insights & Attribution Platform, showing marketers what their target audience is doing, what their competitors are doing, and what actions they should take next to achieve better outcomes. Customers are empowered by knowing what content to write, what keywords to include, which websites to target, videos to produce, and much more.16

Parting Thoughts

Before you purchase any of these platforms, you should have done your math and done the pros and cons list. A good buyer intent data tool must be able to capture the online research of an actual buyer and ascertain their purchase intent signals. Aside from this, it should be able to deliver good context to enable the companies to proactively reach out and market to their respective users. It all simmers down to your needs and requirements at the moment. Go through the list of top 10 given here and find the one that best suits your purpose.

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