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How to Use Content to Boost Customer Success

A well-written Customer Success Content has the power to accelerate your retention rates and keep the churn rates away. Here is how you can do so in 5 ways.

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Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could allot all your time and attention to your customers and not worry about the upselling and management affairs? Now, you might tag a ‘surreal’ tag to that, but let me break it to you, it is still possible and very much doable by you and your team. One of the most pragmatic ways of making that happen is by creating content that does all the talking. Yes, well-written customer success content has the potential to target the right customer base and can boost up your marketing functions. Here are five such ways how content can augment your Customer Success.

Table of Contents

  1. To Empower and Educate your Target Audience 
  2. To Show your Customers that you understand them 
  3. To retain your Customers for Long 
  4. To Address and Answer Customer’s Queries 
  5. To Create Trust

To Empower and Educate your Target Audience 

An efficient content strategy is one that supplements your products and teaches your customers how best to leverage them out of it. The pivotal focus should be to educate the customer by using powerful data, metrics, and analytics that will eventually help in growing a business. The best part about content is that it can seamlessly gel up theory and practice, even better than a technical document can. This vehemently paves the way for your target audience to understand your product in a rather engaging way.

To Show your Customers that you understand them 

A customer simply loves a brand that understands their needs and interests. They stick around with a company, not due to its popularity but because they share a bond with the particular brand. So, how do you ascertain that a company gets you? One easy way of knowing that is by producing highly specific content that addresses their needs. Publish those types of content that your customers most likely want you to. Or the ones that are of immediate interest to your target audience.

To retain your Customers for Long 

As long as the customer finds what it wants, they will be loyal and you and stick around with you. In order to keep the customer retention score real high, you need to understand various customers’ personas, produce more offerings to their buying needs and challenges, and let your services stand out from the rest. Quality content has an unsurmountable power to achieve this. Also, try to place the right keywords when they should organically fall into and steer away from keyword stuffing under any circumstances. This is against the Google algorithm’s checklist and will not pull your page on the top searches.

To Address and Answer Customer’s Queries 

Your blogs or articles are the best way to promote any of your products or showcase the customers about its features. Over and above, you can always use it to demonstrate and elaborate on the questions that a customer might face. Start by directing a suitable answer to a question that could be of your customer’s interest. Further, you can always take to Quora for gauging the queries that a customer of your niche may be searching for. Also, answering some of the queries on this platform enhances your customer’s bond with you and leads to better engagements.

To Create Trust 

Yes, the main objective of customer success content should not be to sell but to create trust with your customers. This goes a long way in building a lasting relationship with them. Creating organic and original content will render you with the opportunity to showcase your target audience with a dent of creativity and will humanize the brand for the readers. As and when the customers regard names and faces with your brand, along with your product line, it results in making you more trustworthy as a brand. Once, a customer trusts you, they are here to stay and not churn away easily. One effective way to succeed is by building a content aggregator website that curates valuable information from various reliable sources.

How to promote and put out Content in the right manner?

  • Start by regularly updating or posting content on your page. A ‘one a month’ article might not be that helpful to build your conversion rates. Also, customers love to see what is new on your page.
  • Add a CTA link at the end of your blog and entice the readers to get a free demo. Also, have an option to connect directly via a social channel or email, if the need arises.
  • Including internal links to some of the recent blog posts will help your page to rank better and can be easily noticed by Google’s algorithms.
  • Try to come up with a monthly newsletter that should be focusing well only on the customers and selling your product in a subtle manner.
  • Additionally, if it is possible to start a weekly Roundup post that can be shared across to both the customers and the non-customers, would work in your favor. This is a great strategy to build connections and revs up your sales rate.
  • Check your competition’s pages and look at the kind of content across all the customer-facing roles. Is there something that inspires you, or anything that is a great initiative? See if there is something similar that you can incorporate as well.
  • Add engaging infographics, videos, or enticing images that will pull a customer towards your brand. Moreover, you also add live sessions for training purposes or support a webinar to ignite interest in your customer’s heart. Posting out chunks of bulk content might be something that can bore a customer easily.

That’s a Wrap

Get started on creating stellar customer success content by incorporating these five ideas here. However, know that you can always come up with n+1 ways to promote and boost your content. It totally depends on the nature of your industry and what works out best for you. Keep up with the permutation and combination and ascertain your very best. Remember, the more value you provide to your customers with your content, the higher is the likeability that they use your product to find success and give the churn rates a backseat.

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