How Conversational CX Will Transform Customer Communication

How Conversational CX Will Transform Customer Communication

Conversation CX is the current buzzword in the B2B SaaS world. In this write-up, we discuss the diverse ways conversation CX will transform customer communication.

Conversational CX Transform Customer Communication
Conversational CX Transform Customer Communication

Customer expectations keep changing, and all business updates revolve around these changing expectations. During the last few years, customer expectations have changed beyond recognition. And do you know what change this expectation has brought in the B2B SaaS world?

Conversational CX!

Conversation CX is the new buzzword in our B2B SaaS world. In this write-up, we discuss the new expectation trends of B2B customers and how conversational CX is transforming customer communication in the industry. 

Let us begin.

The Recent Change in Customer Expectations

Conversational CX is undoubtedly the current buzz, which will stay here for a long time in the foreseeable future. But, before jumping into the discussion about Conversation CX, let us talk a little about customer expectations that have increased the value of conversational customer engagement.

A survey on the state of CX trends in 2021 revealed that consumer habits have changed significantly after 2020. They are turning more towards digital platforms and seeking personalized experiences from businesses. 

Though the global pandemic can be surely seen as the catalyst, this change has been taking place for a decade now. The explosion of smartphones and sprawling social media platforms and personal messaging apps, coupled with the availability of faster and more affordable internet connections, have brought fundamental changes in consumer behavior. 

A clear preference can be traced in customer communication, where customers are getting inclined toward digital solutions rather than the traditional methods like talking over a call. Moreover, consumers are not only choosing digital solutions to interact with brands but also choosing private communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, etc.

Customers’ increased use of digital platforms is directly leading to the growth of expectations for digital CX. Consumers expect to connect with brands through private digital channels, and that too, on their own terms.

Customer expectations and business competition are at an all-time high for B2B businesses. A holistic view of the customer journey and proper planning is the need of the hour to create an amazing conversational customer experience. This is where conversational CX comes into the picture.

Defining Conversational Customer Experience (CX)

Conversational customer experience, as the name suggests, is the process of making the customer experience better with the help of conversation. The entire buying journey of a customer can be made easy and memorable when businesses are ready to communicate with customers at each step. As the focus of CX is to ensure a fulfilling experience for each customer, the communication should be effortless on the part of customers. 

Conversational CX can and should be utilized to bring convenience to customers at every step of their customer journey. The entire process should be made easy, simple, and intuitive. 

The Top Reasons for Choosing Conversational CX

Sure, conversational CX is the buzzword and is trending in the B2B SaaS world. But is it a trend worth following? Any experienced or logical business executive will never follow a trend blindly. So, you must know the value of any trend before deciding to be a part of it. 

Let us see some of the top reasons that make conversational CX a valid choice for making your business more customer-centric. 

It makes the process simple for the customers

Conversational CX takes the conversation with customers to the channels best suited for them. So, it makes the process simpler on the part of customers. Today, customers want convenience. Writing a long e-mail to you and waiting for your customer support to respond is an unwanted effort for your customers. The customers would very likely prefer to connect through channels they use every day, let us say, a private messaging channel like WhatsApp. If you provide your customers with a conversation experience on mediums like WhatsApp, you will most likely retain your customers and earn their loyalty. 

It makes the overall process faster

Instant messaging apps are becoming more intuitive with the use of AI. This enhance the customer experience and lets businesses make their communication processes seamless and faster. B2B SaaS companies can easily integrate their sophisticated and undetectable chatbots to provide quick answers to customers, thereby making the entire process faster. The current lifestyle has molded customers so that they expect everything at their fingertips within a few seconds. So, executing a system that makes things faster for customers is beneficial for any business.

It brings you where your customers already are

Almost every business with a digital presence has its own mobile applications. People are so overloaded with applications that now it has become much more difficult to lure someone into installing a new app. When you bring your business to platforms already being used by your customers, you win over the resistance they would have if you tried to convince them to install a separate application. Conversational CX brings you to the place where your customers are already, which reduces lots of effort on your part while increasing the response rate from your customers.

The Ways Conversational CX can Transform Customer Communication in the Coming Time

By now, it must be clear to you that conversational CX has become the trend for good reasons. And, if this trend stays here, it will definitely bring some changes in the B2B SaaS world. Let us see how conversational CX can transform customer communication, because, at any point in time, customer communication will remain an important aspect of your B2B business.

Catalyze the Growth of Self-Service

With the growing power of AI, it can be expected that conversational customer experience will catalyze the growth of self-service. A lot of customer queries and issues are resolved without the involvement of any human representative. When your chatbots become so efficient that they can converse with your customers and resolve their issues, you will not need an army of customer representatives. That will be the era of self-service for your customers.

Make it Compulsory to be Proactive and not Reactive

With so many changes going on, conversational customer engagement will not leave a place for any SaaS business owners to be reactive. As more and more businesses get on the bandwagon of conversational CX, the competition will increase. Any business that wants to stay in the race must become proactive in understanding and solving any customer problems before they arise. Businesses that wait for customers to tell them what is wrong will lose customer loyalty and business growth.

Data Analysis will Become More Important

We cannot say that conversational CX will make data analysis important because it is already important for every SaaS business. But it will definitely increase the importance of data in the near future. As discussed earlier, the need to be proactive will increase in the near future. And no SaaS business can become proactive without analyzing the data. Chatbots may do the task at the front end, but at the back –end, it will be necessary to analyze every customer interaction and extract relevant information. 

Channels of Communication will Increase in Number

Conversational CX aims to stay connected with your customers through their desired communication channels. It might not sound good, but no B2B SaaS business has the right to choose a communication channel of their liking. One needs to be available on every communication channel where customers are present. And the number of communication channels will only increase in the future. As and when a new channel emerges and becomes popular among your target audience, you will need to be available on that channel. Without a doubt, some popular communication channels of the present may become irrelevant in the future. One must stay on their toes to jump onto new channels and leave the old if they become obsolete.

Customers’ Expectations will Keep Increasing

Compare the customer experience provided to customers a few years back with the experience they get today. Every business is trying to give the best possible service to its customers. But customer expectations are yet not saturated. It will not be good for any B2B SaaS company to expect that customers’ expectations will ever be satiated. Moreover, to keep your business alive and running, you will need to push your boundaries to provide a better customer experience continuously. Conversational CX is and will make many things easier and more favorable for your customers, but this does not mean that customers’ expectations will be completely fulfilled. With every increase in your customer service, your customers’ expectations will increase. So, keep your business model ready to adapt to any changing situation.

Bottom Line

Conversational CX is the process of enhancing the customer experience with meaningful conversation. And this strategy requires B2B SaaS businesses to meet customers on the digital communication channels of the customers’ choice. More businesses are developing bonds with their customers through conversational CX, and this trend will stay here for a long time. Every B2B SaaS business needs to make this strategy part of their business as it will shape the future of the B2B SaaS industry.

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