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customer self-service

Customer Self-Service: How to Empower Your Customers to Drive Their Success

Customer self-service channels allow customers to resolve issues on their own without having to call customer support for help. This reduces the number of incoming customer support tickets, letting your team focus more time on the most critical issues. It allows customers to resolve issues independently and get back to work faster, saving them time…

what is customer experience

What Is Customer Experience?

What is customer experience (CX)? In short, the customer experience encompasses every interaction a brand has with its customers. It is a composite of every human or non-human way you encounter the brand and how those shape your perception of a business. Delivering a great customer experience paves the way for business success. Satisfied customers…

customer expectations

Adapting to Rising Customer Expectations: The Key to Business Success

Over the past decades, the power of customers in vendor-customer relationships has risen. So have customer expectations. With the advent of digitalization and cut-throat competitions redefining the business landscape across industries, customers have more options to pick from. This puts substantial pressure on businesses to deliver higher-quality products and services, and also better customer experience….

Director of customer success

A Day in the Life of a Director of Customer Success

Customer success departments have different structures in different companies. Large enterprises have a well-laid structure of the whole department with a proper reporting mechanism. The Director of Customer Success comes somewhere in the middle of the corporate ladder. Mostly they report to the Vice President of Customer Success or the Chief Customer Officer. A Director…

customer experience

World-Class Customer Experience Examples: 5 Businesses That Walk the Walk

Given the cut-throat competition in the B2B space, delivering a great customer experience that thoroughly satisfies the customer is more important than ever before. It’s perhaps the best competitive advantage a company can have. But there are customer experience examples that can inspire us all to improve our game. World-class service providers that focus heavily…

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