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How to Deal with Burnout as a Customer Success Manager

What is Customer Success Manager Burnout and how do we tackle that? Here are some statistics that have made a huge difference and six tips to combat through.

How to Deal with Burnout as a Customer Success Manager
How to Deal with Burnout as a Customer Success Manager

Customer success managers are one of the primary customer-facing and revenue-generating roles in a company. But from constantly adding new accounts, needing to build genuine relationships with each customer, and keeping track of each account to ensure they’re on the road to success while also tracking their internal KPIs, it can become overwhelming. So, how can CSMs manage their stress levels, maintain a healthy balance, and avoid burnout? This guide will give you strategies you can use to deal with burnout before it starts.

  1. Set Up an After-Hour Escalation Protocol
  2. Talk With Your CS Leader
  3. Keep Things Simple
  4. Steer Away From Multitasking
  5. Block Some Time Off For Breaks

Set Up an After-Hour Escalation Protocol

While customers are a CSMs’ primary focus, there are times when it’s draining to be in a constant state of vigilance. Especially when it is an after-hour escalation. One way you can avoid burnout is to establish some ground rules and creating a structured protocol for it. Map out an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for tackling after-hour requests. By setting up an after-hour escalation protocol, you can reduce the stress associated with an unhealthy work-life balance.

Talk With Your CS Leader

An efficient CSM knows firsthand that it’s impossible to complete an endless list of tasks and not get overwhelmed. Most CSMs won’t come right out and say what’s going on. But it’s important to talk with your CS leader about how you feel before you reach the point of burnout.

Keep Things Simple

Flexibility works only where there’s clarity. A statistical report suggests some of the major reasons for burnout include unfair compensation and unreasonable workload. This leads to missed deadlines. To avoid these pitfalls, you as a CSM must establish specific instructions ahead of time. Don’t make things complicated. Keep it simple yet significant.

Source: SHRM

Steer Away From Multitasking

Another common cause of feeling overwhelmed as a CSM is trying to focus on multiple tasks at once. Multitasking can feel productive. In reality, it can result in lower productivity levels and make you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing in a day, leading to increased stress. So, one way to avoid burnout is to complete one task at a time. 

Block Some Time Off For Breaks

Some CSMs jump from one task to another. From one meeting to another, never allowing themselves to take a well-deserved break. While some people might see breaks as being less productive, taking small breaks throughout your day can help you come back with a fresh mind and work more effectively.9

That’s a Wrap 

Mental health in the workspace is serious, and steps should be taken before burnout can occur. So, if you notice that you’re less eager to work or feel constantly stressed while at work, get help and take some time to focus on yourself. Your customers will thank you, your company will thank you, but most of all, YOU will thank you.

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