10 Inspiring Customer Delight Examples (And Ideas) For 2022

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Customer Delight Examples And Ideas

Customer delight is about meeting customer expectations and exceeding them. It goes above and beyond a good customer experience. The key to doing that is by making sure customers understand your value. Keeping customers engaged in the company and its offerings is tough. They need to be brand advocates who ship for you and drive long-term growth. Customer delight has become a requisite in the business world. Customer experience and customer delight are non-negotiable due to the prevalence of multiple options for customers. If a customer is not happy with you, they can simply churn to another brand that will offer them the right experience.

Customer delight requires the brand to capture the interest of customers across social media and with the product.

What is Customer Delight?

Customer delight can be defined as meeting customer expectations, surpassing them, and ensuring that the customer feels a positive experience with the product or company. Customer delight has some common practices like coupons or discounts that will create a positive reputation. It goes beyond making people satisfied with your product. Delighted customers will be loyal and ensure promotion through word of mouth.

Top 5 Steps to Reach Customer Delight

  • Listening to the needs of the customer and then chalking a plan
  • Communication keeping the customer in mind
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by delivering fast and more
  • Meet evolving customer demands and requests
  • Offer a timely positive experience

To make a mark on customers, it is important to offer a delightful experience. Here are the top 10 customer delight examples and ideas for 2022 that can enhance trust.

Customize as much as possible

Hindustan Pencils Private Limited is a popular pencil company in India. A mother once wrote to the company regarding how her child had a difficulty using their sharpeners. Her daughter was left-handed and thus the sharpeners were tough to use. The company responded in a manner that delighted the customer.

In this case, the brand customized the experience for the customer as much as they could.

Customize as much as possible

Connect with them on special occasions

The most important aspect in customer delight is using the right occasions to make a mark. Birthdays, festivals, special days, etc. are all great to make customers feel loved. Customer delight strategies on birthdays or special occasions gives them a chance to strike a positive chord.

Connect with them on special occasions

Try handwritten notes and messages

A handwritten note is a terrific way to show that you care. You can show the effort and time that the company has taken to make the customer happy. Gratitude marketing and personalized responses can help drive repeat business.

Here is an example of a handwritten note where the company instills a community factor.

Try handwritten notes and messages

Build trust

Building trust is a fantastic way to ensure customers are engaged with you. A wonderful way to do that is get them involved with the brand. This shows customers the backend details of the firm and encourages them to do business.

Engage on social media

Interaction with customers on social media is a terrific way to respond directly and be heard. You can address customer concerns directly and meet their expectations. With the right tools, you can manage all social mentions and respond in a quirky fashion.

Engage on social media
Engage on social media

Run contests

A contest for a photo or caption engages with customers. It can delight customers if they win the contest.  Here are some examples.

Run contests
Run contests

Try to reduce dissatisfaction

In case you know what could lead to customer dissatisfaction, you can reduce that. It could be the messaging, tone, or the delay in response that is troubling customers. If you can understand the issues customers are facing, you can work a strategy to resolve that. Instead of waiting till your customer calls your service team, you must try to anticipate the issues on your own. Saying sorry and thank you go a long way in making an experience valuable for customers. Ask them what is wrong and suggest action points accordingly.

Try to reduce dissatisfaction

Take feedback seriously

Customer feedback is important. You need to take it seriously to perform well and enhance customer satisfaction. Feedback or voice of customer encourages the company to know more about the brand and enhances customer experience. Feedback helps you know what you can do better to fix unhappy customers.

The primary thing is that if you make changes to the product or system based on their feedback, let them know about it. They would be delighted to know their inputs are being considered. This delights them that the brand is listening and learning to adapt as per customer needs. A simple shoutout would be great too.

Take feedback seriously

Educate as much as you can

Educating target audience about the product and services is extremely important. You need to be a thought leader and offer considerable research material and education in the space. Customers expect the company to be a leader or expert in the field. This can be possible if they get access to the right content and videos.

Keep solutions easy

If being prompt is important, the other key is to keep the solution as simple as possible. The worst thing about customer delight or customer service is if it takes too long in action. If you can keep things simple for the customer, it is easier to connect with them. The easier something is for customers to understand, the happier they are.

You can know if the customer is delighted when you measure it. The top metrics to measure customer delight are NPS or net promoter score, CSAT or customer satisfaction, CLV or customer lifetime value, and customer churn.22

Bottom Line

To enhance customer delight, customer feedback is the key. You need to engage on social media, surveys, email campaigns, and website forms to know if the audience is interested. Customer delight helps you create a positive customer experience and vice versa. You need to create an omnichannel experience that works across departments and customer stages to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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