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How To Identify and Remove Customer Friction Points

What is Customer Friction Point? How to identify and remove the customer friction points from your site? Read on to know more.

Customer Friction Points
Customer Friction Points

Sometimes, what matters is not what you add to your product or processes but what you remove. While you spend time, energy, and resources thinking of ways to add more or simply do more, you might forget that more really is less when it comes to eliminating customer friction points. In this post, we’ll cover how to identify customer friction points and how to remove or eliminate them one by one.

What is Customer Friction Point?

Just like the word friction in science denotes resistance, in the customer success niche, it refers to the pain points faced by the customers. Simply put, any part of the customer experience that causes the customers to slow down as they move through or up your funnel, (be it sales or marketing), or leads to complete churning is counted as customer friction.

How to Identify Customer Friction Points?

1. See from your Customer’s Point of View

One of the best ways to see what’s causing your customers’ problems is to see it from their point of view. Use your product as if you’re a prospect trying to purchase it or a paying customer trying to find value in it. What are your expectations? Where are the areas that are a little more hassle than others to access or complete?

By doing this, you’ll find some areas that can better help your customers on their journey with a bit of improvement.

2. See what your Analytics reports have to say

Thanks to analytical features and tools, it’s easier to identify where the most customer friction might be happening and how much. You can use tools like Google analytics reports to see pages with a high exit or churn rate. This will show you what areas need your attention, so you can take the necessary steps to eliminate them and make your customer’s experience more effortless.

3. Seek and listen to your customers’ feedback

Practicing active listening will take you a long way. The best way to identify customer friction points is by listening to your customers and taking note of their feedback. What is it lacking from your end? What is it that they would like to see changed? If they came from a competitor, what do they wish you did to make using your product easier on them?

Even if you are doing a good job, there’s always room for improvement. And seeking and listening to your customer’s feedback can significantly help you there.

How to Remove Customer Friction Points?

1. Empower and Educate your Employees

Strive to make your processes and policies as simple as you can. If your employees have to get clearance for everything, you’re losing time and customers. Long story short, do what is the best interest of your customers. So, start by empowering your employees. They are your strength in disguise. Treat them well and your customers will reap the benefits in return.

2. Render them information upfront

Customers want answers to their questions quickly. And sometimes, even minutes could be the difference between a patient and an unsatisfied customer. That’s why providing your customer will all the answers they need upfront, when possible, is essential. You can do this with a knowledge base or a webchat system that can provide solutions without delay.

3. Remove the Unfamiliarity

If there’s something that your customers aren’t familiar with, consider removing it from your site. If they’ve reached out to you for support, don’t make it feel like they need to jump through hoops to reach you. Or use their time trying to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

While some situations might be out of your control, getting your customers’ feedback on these gives you the insight you need to handle it or send the data to someone who can.

Parting Thoughts

Reducing customer friction points is no rocket science and no cakewalk either. It is all about how you give your customers the best of your interest, service, and products and keep the friction rate at a minimum. Realize that creating a frictionless customer experience is a process that never ends. And that means that there’s always scope for you to grow. At the end of the day, it is the happiness of a customer that matters most.

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