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Relationship between Customer Success and Marketing Team

Do you want to know the real deal between customer success and the marketing team? If yes, check out this blog today!

Customer Success and Marketing Team
Customer Success and Marketing Team

The Customer Success Manager plays a significant role in coordinating with the marketing department. Customer Success Managers deal with a wide range of customers every day, but it is important to turn them into advocates. By asking them to market your products or company, you not only gain new customers but also help to build trust with your existing customers.

What should you keep in mind when you are asking your customers to participate in marketing initiatives like seminars, events, webinars, videos, etc

Show honesty while requesting your customers

You should always express yourself honestly to your customer. If you want to invite them to a seminar or if you would like them to review something, express this honestly, so they understand

Do not bombard them with multiple requests at the same time

There are multiple things a customer could be busy with, and we must respect their time and understand the same. We should keep a considerable time gap between such requests

Make things easier for them

It is important to understand that we need to make things easier for them. Therefore, if you want to invite them to attend a seminar, you need to prepare the event and share with them as much information as possible so that they feel at ease

Ask them what they are comfortable with

The marketing team can have different ideas around marketing efforts, but it is important to understand the comfort of your customer and do not be pushy in such a scenario

Now, let us look at what all advantages exist when your customers market for your product on social or any other platform:

Increases trust among the incoming customers

The customers who have been checking your product out, their trust gets more deepened, and they feel like going ahead with the product and the experience11

Makes your bond special with the customer

  • It definitely deepens your current bond with your customers and makes them your advocates
  • It helps in increasing the visibility of your customer also on social and other platforms

Hence, marketing has an important relationship with customer success; it is just how it needs to be engineered.

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