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Top Customer Success Communities 2022: The Ultimate List

The ultimate guide to the best Customer Success Communities out there for global CS professionals to network, grow and succeed together.

Top Customer Success Communities 2022
Top Customer Success Communities 2022

As a customer success professional, one of the most effective ways to grow is networking with other like-minded individuals. And fortunately, the CS community loves to build each other up. You can easily see this on LinkedIn, community forums, Slack teams, and anywhere CS professionals get together.

However, finding one of these communities isn’t always straightforward. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of customer success community resources for you below.

Best Customer Success Communities

Customer Success Forum

The Customer Success Forum is a global CS community beneficial to both customer success and customer experience professionals. It has over 40,000 members in the CS industry ranging from CEOs to customer success managers across companies of all sizes.

It’s also part of the Customer Success Association which offers free and paid memberships that give you access to resources like Customer Success Wiki, CSM Competency Standard, and much more.

Success Hub 

Success Hub is a free community from PracticalCSM that includes customer success career development, management training, CS processes, research, etc. And you’ll get access to events featuring industry experts, live training sessions, and more. 

Gain Grow Retain

Gain Grow Retain is an open, free community for customer success leaders of B2B SaaS organizations. The community answers questions about best practices, strategies, and more to support CS leaders. The forum also has multiple events covering various topics that you can attend.

Some of the topics discussed include frameworks for client management, why customers ‘ghost’ sometimes, and developing customer success plans.

Customer Success Leaders Institute

Customer Success Leaders Institute is an exclusive, online professional community that helps CS leaders improve their contribution through research. It’s perfect for CS leaders who want to network with and learn from other senior leaders in the industry.

The membership has strict eligibility criteria. To have access to all their forums, resources, and events, you’ll need to be responsible for strategic customer success, such as a Chief Customer Officer or VP or Head of Customer Success.

However, if you have a management role in CS, you can still join but will have limited access to the resources they offer.


BreakoutCS is an excellent community for customer success leaders if you want to connect, collaborate, and discuss customer journeys. You can learn more about customer experience, engagement, advocacy, success, and support. You’ll also learn from other members on holding quotas and expanding contract values.

Outcomes: Customer Success Community

Outcomes is another online customer success community for customer success professionals to learn, share, and grow together. You can connect, collaborate, and grow with the brightest minds in customer success. You get insights into change management, setting customer expectations, and more.

Best Customer Success Communities

Customer Success Slack Communities

Slack is a great place that has transformed how businesses communicate. Multiple user-created Slack communities allow people to discuss in-depth topics in their industries.

These slack workspaces for CS professionals help discuss CS topics, resources, best practices, networking, and more. Below, you’ll find some distinguished Slack communities for customer success.

CS in Focus

Customer success in focus is committed to building a solid customer success community with resource-development and events. Their goal is to set up a community where members can thrive. You can access resources like eBooks, cheat sheets, account behavior formulas, blogs, and more that will help you collaborate and learn.

Customer Success Leadership Network

The customer success leadership network (CSN) empowers customer-facing experts to grow their teams with best practices, key metrics, implementation tips, and CS trends. This is an opportunity to join a global community and learn from thought leaders and key influencers in the customer success field while staying up-to-date on CS advancements. 

Support Driven

Support Driven is a customer support community with over 8,000 members. You can ask questions, drive growth, share expertise, and grow mutually in support. The community’s values are based on fostering acceptance, sharing experiences, connecting with others, and improving relationships while focusing on career development.


Preflight is a CS tribe of over 400+ customer success leaders who manage customer health, onboarding, implementation, and product value. You can learn from peers, attend exclusive events, and unlock resources like guides, videos, and templates.

Future of SaaS

Future of SaaS is a group of SaaS innovators looking to drive adoption, demand, and success. This community has various structures and strategies that helps SaaS companies grow their product and lead to product-led growth. You can drive revenue optimization, improve analytics, fundraise, and more. 

Customer Retention and Happiness

Customer Retention and Happiness‘ Slack group is a community of people who look to retain users, discuss marketing techniques, and product updates on customer success. This is an excellent customer success resource for customer service teams to improve their retention rates, be proactive, and ensure customer happiness.

Members can also help with customer issues, learn from other experiences, improve product performance, and more. It’s a fast-growing CS community that you’ll have the opportunity to establish yourself and grow with.

CS Heroes

CS Heroes is a customer success Slack community for customer support and customer service professionals. Members share stories, tips, advice and ask questions to fellow team members. If you’re looking to learn from each other’s experiences while contributing your own, then this might be right for you.

Bottom Line

CS communities are great resources to grow together and learn from other’s experiences, share insight, and develop new ideas. You can also find teams to connect with, network with like-minded individuals, and boost productivity. Overall, these communities are built to initiate conversations, interactions and help businesses grow.

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