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The Power of Human Connection in Customer Success

How strong is the power of human connection in Customer Success? Is it really needed or is it rather optional? Read on to find six such points that sturdily back this answer.

Human Connection in Customer Success

The success of Customer Success lies in its human connection. Statistically proven, a report by Capgemini states that customers consider a re-purchase when they are connected to the brand on a rather personal level. The best human connection in Customer Success is always personal, relevant and timely. As a brand, you not only address these issues because they deliver stellar customer experiences but also because they are vital client demands. Let us get started on six such principles that you should stick to in order to create better, personal experiences in no time.

Table of Contents

  1. Zero in on the Experience, Not the Channel
  2. Talk it Out
  3. Live Chat Customer Service
  4. Do not forget to go Social Savvy
  5. Personalization is the Key
  6. Ask your Questions to the Customers

Zero in on the Experience, Not the Channel

Although channels are a useful medium, what customers care about the most is the experience at large. Refrain from bombarding your customer’s mailbox with a hope that they will get fascinated by this effort. There are good chances that they will be totally vexed by this and won’t mind churning away too. Instead, ask yourself – could you have waited until tomorrow the send the second mail?

Should you have sent out the third mail as a push notification instead? A good marketing technique needs a channel-agnostic attitude to interact with the clients and brighten their visibility in the right manner. Use the right tools that carve out the right impact in this regard.

Talk it Out

A customer would most likely not take a backseat when they see their brands disappointing them or not fulfilling their promises. When you as a brand see that you will not be able to reach your target or furnish an already set expectation, maybe it is time to speak it out to your customers and let them know way in advance that there is a delay.

And, with the help of modern messaging, it is easier to communicate instantly and keep the customers informed as and when such needs arise. These proactive measures will lessen their chances of being blindsided and engender more transparency and clearer communication with the customers.

Live Chat Customer Service

One of the easiest ways to build a good customer rapport is by upping your customer service. This is one such department where you get to interact with the customers on a one-on-one basis. That is when the live chat services are starting to get a preference by the customers to resolve their concerns immediately with the help of a support team.

To bring your ‘A’ game, try to come up with answers that go natural and conversational and do not have the bot scent in any way. Adding the executive’s name or a picture to go along can add on the human touch. Peruse this example by Sephora’s Facebook chatbot. Its highly interactive touchpoints enable the user to feel way more connected and engaged.

Source: NCube

Do not forget to go Social Savvy

Your brand’s social stance is a primary platform for the best and quick customer engagements to take place. The millennials today love to stay connected on the social front and post their feelings out there. On similar tracks, they also use it to talk about their recent purchases and how happy or disappointed they are with the product.

To connect better with your fan base, it is of high pertinence that you revert to your mentions, no matter where they occur. In fact, you can use one of those social alert tools that can notify you as and when you are being mentioned in any of the comments or posts. On that note, ensure that you respond to a positive feedback and thank them.

And also take no backseats to respond to a negative post where the customer has taken lengths about how disappointed they have been with your service. See that your team reaches out to them directly and straightens the issue at the earliest. This shows the customers that you genuinely care about them and adds a human connection.

Personalization is the Key

Note that adding your customer’s name in the subject of your e-mail is not personalization. Know that a customer doesn’t wish to be treated as a number. It takes more than simply mentioning their name to give them a personalized feel. A report by Accenture backs that up.

About 65% of the clients expect the brands to know their shopping history and offer them a personalized experience based on their previous orders or transactions. To begin with, you can always come up with fun quizzes to understand their preferences. Look at this example by Fabletics that gets its customer’s interests into its funnel and caters to more personal experiences.

Source: Oberlo

Ask your Questions to the Customers

To truly deliver a stellar customer experience, you need to have all the answers. And where do these answers come from? Customers. It is crucial to understand your customer’s needs and desires before you set out to customize their experience. Sometimes, the best way to find out what they want is by going ahead and asking them questions straight.

Know that knowledge is power. The more you know about them, the easier it becomes for you to cater to their demands. Target, segment and personalize the messages you send out and allow your brand’s worth to shine throughout.

That’s a Wrap

Customers make your business happen – and efficient customer engagement is the need of your business. In order to make your customers stick around with you a little longer, it is essential that you blend the natural ingredient of human connection to make it work. A customer would be more than happy to do more business with you when they see a deep, engaging and dedicated bond that is here to stay. Give your customers your attention and they will give you their loyalty.

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