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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is a sign that showcases the health of your business. The more, the better. Here is a guide to walk you through the ins and outs.

Customer Engagement
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Sometimes, delighting customers and asking them for frequent purchases, is not enough. You should be constantly striving to work on relationships that foster customer engagement. This will be the result when you are more worried about the quality of relationships than monetary finance. Here in this post, we will walk through everything you need to know about customer engagement.  

  • What is Customer Engagement? 
  • Why is Customer Engagement important? 
  • Customer Engagement Channels 
  • Customer Engagement Strategies 

What is Customer Engagement?

The customer engagement definition includes everything from stellar customer service to experience to loyalty. Basically, it is the interaction between an organization and its clients with an aim to build lasting relationships. A healthy customer engagement strategy centers around establishing a connection and letting a client use the services and products to the maximum potential. 

For most businesses, the process of engagement begins right from the first touchpoint itself. The second they browse your website marks their first interaction with you. Not only a website, but various other channels such as email, social media, and community spaces can be seen as sources for engagement as well. 

The key to customer engagement marketing is by producing quality above all. If a customer sees your sincerity and zeal to woo you, they most likely would not churn away so easily. That brings us to know why customer engagement is so important in the niche. 

Why is Customer Engagement important?

  • Enhances customer loyalty: The more you see customer stickiness, the better are the chances for them to revert and endorse your brand. This will only happen when they are engaged in your products and services. This is again proportionate to the quality you render. 
  • Increases upsell and cross-sell opportunities: There is every chance that a loyal customer will buy from you again. This will give rise to more account upgradations and wholesome utilization of your deliverables. 
  • Improves Customer Service: The key to customer engagement service is by ameliorating customer service. And statistics back that up. If your service is not up to the mark, 86% of your clients would stop doing business with you. If you are unsure, what is going wrong, start taking up feedbacks or surveys and get to the root cause. And once you do that, work on the results to deliver excellence.
  • Cuts down the churn rate: As a customer engagement manager, you should know that if a customer is not assisted and acknowledged about you’re the usage of your product and how they could be benefitted from it, they will mostly churn away. It is even worse to see them pick a competitor of yours instead. 

Customer Engagement Channels

Customer Engagement Channels
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  • Email Marketing: An engagement via email is a great way to stick around with your clients. You can schedule a mail weekly or monthly, according to your volume to show them that you have not forgotten them. Also, remember not to overdo it. Seeing your mail notifications a little too frequently could irritate a customer. And they might unsubscribe from you as well which is not healthy. 
  • In-app notifications: This is the best method to connect with your customers while they are using your application. They will always adore the extra attention when you assist them as they shop. It could be with explaining about some upgraded facets or could ask them to explore some unused features as well. 
  • Push Notifications: A well-timed and well-planned push notification can do wonders. All it needs is substantial and worthy information for the magic to happen. You need to ensure that you do not send away too many notifications just yet. It is a viable option, pertinent enough for mobile users, specifically. 
  • Social Media: One of the best ways to boost up your customer engagement in marketing is by taking to social media. This is where you can create polls, track your mentions, and get in touch with your customers on a personal note. If you see people appreciating your work, do revert and thank them. And if you see an agitated customer who does not take a backseat from showering disappointment on the social presence, do affix their issue as well. 

Customer Engagement Strategies

  • Customize and personalize experiences: You can feed in the customer’s suggestions with some of the products based on their previous purchases. This shows them that you remember their history of transactions. Aside from this, before a prospect begins to buy, you can put up a survey to know their preferences. This way, they will see only the products that suit their convenience and need. A personalized customer experience can take you a long way. 
  • Yes to customer segmentation: The process of engagement begins with segmenting your target audience with some relevant patterns. Divide your customers into smaller groups with rather segmented needs. It can be on basis of priorities, interests, demographics, needs, and behavioral aspects as well. You can also segregate them on basis of audience size. It could be small, large, narrow, broad, eclectic, etc. 
  • Boost your online presence: In the era of e-commerce, people are having a softer corner for going online for their shopping purposes. In such a case, it is crucial that you create a strong social presence. Make engaging content and post it to the relevant sites. You can have multiple social handles and connect to your clients on all of them. Adding a dollop of humor in your content can work in your favor too. So club in that joke for better effect. 

That’s a Wrap 

Customer engagement is not necessarily a cakewalk but in the meanwhile, it is no daunting task as well. All you need is supreme dedication and relevant resources to steer away from all the competition. If your requirement demands you to go for a customer engagement platform, do not take a backseat. This will accommodate all your requisites and cover all the channels. Retain your audience by interacting on a regular note and always keep them happy. Remember, a happy customer is here to stay with

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