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How to Create Customers for Life: Best Practices

It is a given that customers are the life of a business. But how to create customers for life? Read on to explore six battle-tested ways to do so in the blog.

Customers for Life

Businesses hold no value when you wrap up with a one-time deal. You want to make customers for life. Strive to develop a relationship with a customer that is more than just a couple of transactions. Hold on to the loyal ones to face and surpass the greater competitive markets. When you think of the term, ‘customers for life’, and then do your transactions, you automatically see a voluminous surge in your sales report. Here, in this blog, we will talk about some of the best tips that demonstrate how to do so in six easy ways. Without any further ado, let us get started.

Table of Contents

  1. Zero in on the Second Sale
  2. Say Yes to ‘Word of Mouth’ Referral
  3. The Million Dollar Question, ‘Would you recommend us to others?’
  4. Respect your Promises and Commitments
  5. Ace the Mannerism and Etiquette Art
  6. Customer Feedback is the Key

Zero in on the Second Sale

While the first sale is always the hardest in terms of converting a prospect into a customer, the second sale is the most important one. The reason is simple. The second sale is proof that you have delivered on the promises you made during the first sale. And the quality and performance of your products or services have paid off. You have not only turned a prospect into a customer but also stand a chance to bag a brand advocate if everything goes well. Simply put, when a customer is willing to come back to do business with you, they are putting a stamp of approval on your offerings and prove that they have been satisfied.

Say Yes to ‘Word of Mouth’ Referral

Generating referrals in today’s cut-throat market can be achieved by one simple trick; word-of-mouth marketing. With this technique, you want to make your clients a part of your team by getting them to sell for you, just like your paid employees would do. When a prospective client sees this coming from a customer, they will believe this more and not find it sales-y. To begin with, start responding to their queries at the earliest. Speedy and constant customer care are the best tools for getting referrals.

So, how do you know if you are creating customers for life by using these referrals and marketing tricks? Here are five such battle-tested signs that will put an end to this question:

5 signs you're creating customers for life
Source: tsia

The Million Dollar Question, ‘Would you recommend us to others?’

You may be getting a good profit range, and you may be getting more customers too, but it all nullifies if you do not give back your customers the essence of satisfaction. If your customers do not want to recommend you to others, what purpose does your business even serve then? The willingness of a customer to recommend you to others is possibly the highest level of customer satisfaction you can ever demand. That is when, every time a customer has paid up for their first transactions, make it a point to pop the million-dollar question to them. If you get a yes, that is a great deal and just in case you don’t, figure out what went wrong and what can be fixed immediately.

Respect your Promises and Commitments

Nothing irks a customer more than overpromises and under-delivery. And this works in personal relationships too. When a promise between two individuals is broken, there is a thick chance of damaging the entire relationship. Your customers want you to be honest and transparent with them. If you will not be able to deliver their product to them in the stipulated time frame, proactively state that out to them without any delay. As and when your business grows, you will expand the scale of your operation and win more clients, and that simply simmers down to more promises. In such cases, contract management is essential and keeps you on the right track to honor your commitments and promises.

Ace the Mannerism and Etiquette Art

In the world of business and professions, it is only manners and etiquette that are a key differentiator to your business. Every business sells, so do you. Why should a customer choose you over the others? It is only your demeanor and behavior that make up for this stark difference. Here are some tips on how to make your etiquettes talk whilst dealing with your customers or prospects:

  1. Always be humble in your approach
  2. Greet them with courtesy
  3. Be kind and mellow when negotiating an offer
  4. Apologize when there is a glitch from your end
  5. Hear the client out when they are sharing an issue
  6. Smile and be professional

Customer Feedback is the Key

It is your customers who use your products or services. There is a fair chance that they know about your product that you do. Ensure receiving regular feedback from your customers and know what is it that they like and dislike. If you have an angry customer who is not happy with your business, reach out to him or her and see what can be done to amend the situation right. And when you have concerning feedback from a customer, also, make it a point to club it into your systems as fast as you can. And once you have successfully planted their feedback into your process, do inform the same too. This will make them feel special and valued.

Parting Thoughts

Every business strives to be more customer-centric and create customers for life. It is no fun to have a customer with whom you have a single business deal and see them churn away. Practice these six tips as discussed, and you will see a positive change in your business soon.

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