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customer self-service

Customer Self-Service: How to Empower Your Customers to Drive Their Success

Customer self-service channels allow customers to resolve issues on their own without having to call customer support for help. This reduces the number of incoming customer support tickets, letting your team focus more time on the most critical issues. It allows customers to resolve issues independently and get back to work faster, saving them time…

what is customer experience

What Is Customer Experience?

What is customer experience (CX)? In short, the customer experience encompasses every interaction a brand has with its customers. It is a composite of every human or non-human way you encounter the brand and how those shape your perception of a business. Delivering a great customer experience paves the way for business success. Satisfied customers…

recurring revenue

Recurring Revenue: A Beginners Guide

Today’s businesses follow many types of revenue models. Perhaps the most common, oldest example is a one-off transaction in which a product is exchanged for currency. This takes place when you pop into a store to purchase a bottle of water. Other examples include leasing/renting, contractual, commission-based, and subscription-based (or recurring revenue) model. In this…

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