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A Practical Guide to Data-Driven Customer Success using SmartKarrot

Intelligently simplify and manage your customer success solutions with SmartKarrot’s data-driven customer success platform.

Niyathi Rao
Jun 22, 2021


Data Driven Customer Success Platform

Did you know that our brains can maintain steady relationships with approximately 150 people- after that, we struggle to form stable bonds with them? This applies when we set out to manage customers. When the customer count is low, it is easy to know them, their needs, motivations, solutions and more. As the number of customers grow, you find it tough to understand them. The best solution to this is leveraging customer data.

In case you are unaware of the plethora of benefits data science is offering to the business world, you are living under a rock. Data science has been empowering customer success like never before. Every company is now being measured. Are your customers happy? Are you worth their investment? Do you stack up to their expectations? Your customers need to know if their investment is yielding returns. Their success means your success. Caring for success metrics in customers needs to be a priority simply because of the volume involved.

Choosing a customer success tool that enables you to understand customer data is important. You or your company can-

  • Assess key customer success metrics and KPIs
  • Manage customer lifecycle
  • Scale customer journey
  • Predict customer risks and opportunities
  • Measure customer success processes

SmartKarrot’s Data-Driven Customer Success

Data Intelligence and Insights

360 customer insights help you assess risk, understand customers better, deep dive into customer health, and take meaningful actions accordingly. Data is collated and simplified to offer users information like-

  • Product usage
  • Health score
  • Task management
  • Customer profile
  • Customer engagement trends

You can also see customer data and configure it by category, phase, or CSM. You can get alerts for movements in data- be it the portfolio, an event or account. You can choose the relevant data to build a ticket and task management system that works for you.

Customer Health Score

Another valuable component is how the system is designed to provide strategic guidance to the CSM. They get top tips on how to turn at-risk customers into loyal customers who will choose renewals. This includes a data-driven dashboard that tracks customer health, trends, progress, survey analysis, forecasts, and more to give you better results on customer plans, issues, and journey.

Support Tickets

If your customers submit a lot of support tickets, it can mean either that they do not understand the solution or that they are fully engaged with the product. You can also view accounts with tickets and accounts where tickets are not associated. You can also filter tickets as per assignee, status, and priority.

Success Plays

SmartKarrot’s customer success playbooks is another feature that utilizes data to deliver customer experiences that improve satisfaction. You can get customizable templates that help offer standard processes and workflows. With data intelligence, you can see how an account is performing, set certain activities, and improve their status. You can drive consistent success with this feature and effectively process customer success.


Customer success managers communicate a lot with various stakeholders. A business sends multiple emails to customers. This can be via Gmail or Outlook, weekly digest reports, password reset emails, feature announcements, and more interactions. All this can make some important emails easy to miss. With Emails feature, you can choose and mark important emails. You can also filter accounts and see their messages alone. You can even add a phone call conversation to the data set. SmartKarrot’s platform also manages touchpoints which are automatically collected and tracked. This saves a lot of time and effort with easy collation methods.

Early Warning System

This is another data goldmine. The early warning system at SmartKarrot sets up alerts based on actual events, milestones, triggers, increases, or decreases in customer health. You can automate your customer success early warning system. You can use data intelligence to create complex alerts on contract expiration dates, usage drops, stakeholder changes and more. Once you get alerted, you can take action. The data will enable you to dive deeper into the root cause of any issue and communicate accordingly.

Feedback and Surveys

You need to hear the truth from customers often. That will help you improve as a company and product. Integrating surveys into your customer success application will give you direct outlook on the health of the customer. If you survey your customers regularly, you will get a bunch of valuable information that can change product features, improve communication, fix bugs, enhance marketing and more. You can configure and automate NPS, customer surveys, and more from a single interface. You can skip the whole taxing process of forcing customers to provide feedback. You can also drive feedback loops and understand customer sentiment better.

Customer Success Metrics and Reports

The metrics like ARR, MRR, and churn rate are calculated from underlying data. They offer additional insights about the customer-company relationship. This data can be valuable as it is usually hard-to-interpret without an intelligence tool in place. You can also get reports for specific aspects of data. For example, you can select a dataset from nearly 20 aspects. This includes customer health summary, touchpoints, accounts dataset, finance dataset, customer ticker summary, touchpoint dataset, churn, revenue report, revenue spread, and more.

Churn Intelligence

With data inputs and intelligence, you can understand churn from a deeper perspective. You can see the accounts churned, CSMs involved, value of MRR churn, and phases of churn. You can see the months where churn occurred and analyze why it did. You can also know the reasons for churn ranging from bad support, competitors, bad onboarding, wrong deal, did not see value, product issues, money concerns and more.

Smart Segmentation

With data, you can segment your customers powerfully. Based on user’s groups, accounts, revenue, age, and much more- you can create meaningful blocks to automate actions. By intelligently connecting behavior patterns and demographics, you can send messages and automate initiatives without code. These segments are not fixed, instead they are dynamically repopulated based on data.

Bottom Line

The number and types of data you can add is huge. You can identify important points, track customer satisfaction and feedback. You can also improve customer retention to grow mutually. You can predict customer behavior, leverage data to manage customers better, and adjust customer lifecycle management in a simple, effortless manner.

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