A Practical Guide to Data-Driven Customer Success using SmartKarrot

A Practical Guide to Data-Driven Customer Success using SmartKarrot

Intelligently simplify and manage your customer success solutions with SmartKarrot’s data-driven customer success platform.

SmartKarrot Data-Driven Customer Success
SmartKarrot Data-Driven Customer Success

Did you know that our brains can maintain steady relationships with approximately 150 people? After that, we struggle to form stable bonds.  The same is true when we set out to manage customers. 

When your customer base is small, it’s easy to understand their every need, motivation, pain point, etc. But, as it grows, it’s nearly impossible to understand each of them using the methods that worked for you previously. That’s why the best solution is to leverage customer data. 

When you have access to customer data, you get in-depth user insights, create predictive churn models, increase retention rates, and much more. With it, every company can measure their customers’ success. 

Are your customers happy? Are you worth their investment? Do you stack up to their expectations? Your customers need to know if their investment is yielding returns. Their success means your success. Caring for success metrics in customers needs to be a priority simply because of the volume involved. 

Choosing a customer success tool that enables you to understand customer data is important. You or your company can: 

  • Assess key customer success metrics and KPIs
  • Manage customer lifecycle 
  • Scale customer journey 
  • Predict customer risks and opportunities 
  • Measure customer success processes 
Intelligent Actionable Customer Success Software

SmartKarrot’s Data-Driven Customer Success

Collecting Data

Any application/product will generate thousands of data points every minute. Are you capturing all of them? According to our recent Customer Success survey, one of the significant challenges to achieving data-driven customer success is capturing all data. Everyone who interacts with your customers daily is generating vital data that your company can benefit from. 

SmartKarrot collects this data automatically. So, you can rest assured that no information slips through the cracks. 

Moreover, it can integrate seamlessly with your tech stack. The SmartKarrot platform collects your data points from: 

  • Support ticket platforms
  • Task management
  • Accounting
  • Billing 
  • CRM and more

SmartKarrot’s integrations with powerful tools like Jira, Salesforce, Zendesk, Stripe, and Freshdesk, to name a few, help you get product usage data in minutes.

Making Sense of Data

Processing large amounts of data is difficult, but it provides more customer insights for you to utilize and improve with. SmartKarrot uses data science to process insights from complex data sources. By combining artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning, you can extract actionable insights in real-time. 

Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence analyzes customer data to understand the best way to interact with customers and enhance brand perception. In our platform, you can use it to help build sustainable relationships with your customers. 

Product Intelligence 

You get insights and reports on how the product is performing. This feedback can then be routed automatically to product managers and engineers to assist in product development. When using a data-driven system where insights are converted into action, product intelligence supports the company. SmartKarrot’s dashboard and reporting insights make this process efficient, simpler, and hassle-free. 

Team Intelligence

Team intelligence lets you stay on top of team behavior with real-time data intelligence. It’ll help companies work together as a cohesive unit by keeping teams aligned on the same values, actions, skills, and much more.  

Predictive Intelligence

SmartKarrot’s predictive intelligence lets you predict what will happen with an account based on alerts, notifications, etc. It’ll help your business identify strategic decisions and avoid limitations, including: 

  • Spending time on unutilized data sets 
  • Exhausting valuable resources 
  • Missing revenue streams 

SmartKarrot’s tool compiles data and operations to create a roadmap that informs you what to do and how to do it right. So, with it, you can make decisions that lead to success and overall growth. 

Acting on Data 

Prescriptive Intelligence 

SmartKarrot’s prescriptive intelligence optimizes business practices by providing instant recommendations on meeting desired outcomes. Our platform mixes artificial intelligence with your data to suggest the best steps forward in situations that can be predicted. 

You’ll have access to data summaries that you can use for data visualization to ensure growth. This can include customer health score, churn intelligence, revenue intelligence, account expansion, user behavior, and more. 

Smart Automation 

With smart automation, you can scale, increase efficiency, and drive data outcomes proactively. The SmartKarrot platform also allows you to automate customer engagement campaigns. Plus, you can create customer segments by identifying naturally occurring clusters. 

Our platform is designed to help you automate your accounts alerts, actions, internal and external communication, referrals, surveys, notifications, and more to increase tech touch. You can also increase meaningful engagement by creating segments or user groups that’ll automatically send out notifications to your customers based on their usage behavior and where they’re at in their journey. You can also use templates to communicate across mediums, schedule activities, isolate behavior patterns, and create multiple touchpoints. 

Automated playbooks can help drive repeated success and deliver customer experiences based on CS best practices. This automation improves scalability and allows even smaller accounts to get the high-touch experience. 

Delivering Outcomes 

Data is the driving force that unifies customers, products, stakeholders, and the company. With this, you can improve various outcomes. And the SmartKarrot customer success platform also delivers data-based outcomes.  

Customer Retention 

Since there’s a considerable amount of data available via surveys, reports, customer tickets, and insights, it’s easier to retain customers with SmartKarrot. You can track customer health scores and act on them instantly to increase retention rates.

Account Expansion

Account expansion is generating revenue through existing customers. With data-driven intelligence, customer success managers can find what makes customers tick. You can create plans that will help customers achieve their outcomes. 

Product Success

Product analytics and engagement software platforms deliver the value that users want directly from your product. You get insights on the entire product journey, collect user feedback, and create in-app engagements like guides that drive product success. You can also gauge the likelihood of renewal or churn with the available insights. 

Team Success

Customer analytics helps your team focus on more than tracking behavioral trends. You can see accounts at risk, understand the cause, automate solutions, and guide customers towards success. This leads to team intelligence and results in better oversight in trends and activities.

Customer Experience

 SmartKarrot’s customer success tool presents actionable customer information in an easy-to-understand manner. With intuitive UI and rich reporting, you can drastically alter customer experience. 

Bottom Line 

With SmartKarrot, you get access to endless amounts of various data.  You can identify critical customer touchpoints, improve retention rates, and track customer satisfaction and feedback. You can also predict customer behavior, leverage data to manage customers better, adjust customer lifecycle management in a simple, effortless manner, and so much more. 

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