The Art of Getting Customers to Say Yes: 7 Best Tips for Customer Success Managers

The Art of Getting Customers to Say Yes: 7 Best Tips for Customer Success Managers

Want to learn the art of getting your customers to say yes as a CSM? If yes, check out this blog today!

The Art of Getting Customers to Say Yes: CSM Tips
The Art of Getting Customers to Say Yes: CSM Tips

How to get clients to say yes – this is the biggest challenge for CSMs. You must talk to customers correctly to get the desired experience and offer satisfaction. In any field, you need to ensure customers are happy and successful. An important part of customer success is getting customers to say yes to the brand. Your customers need to be invested in your business. More than 81% of companies that offer great customer service rank better in terms of customer satisfaction. You must get your customers to say yes.

Even if you see customer satisfaction, you must foster long-term relationships. It normally costs 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.  This will happen when you treat customers like human beings. You can improve customer conversations, set standards, and improve their unique voice in the process.

Customer success is a smart way to keep customers and ensure they get all the value they need. Customer success managers need to get customers to say yes. Here are the top seven ways to get customers to say yes.

These tips will help customer success managers influence customers to buy and answer your question to how to get a client to say yes to whatever you are offering.

Know your customer

Every CSM needs to know the customer. Finding out details about the customer like age, location, what they do, and when they started will help with personalization to a great extent. You need to make notes of important aspects crucial in any relationship and understanding about the company – their target audience and how your product fits into the scheme of things. This will allow you to tailor your pitch accordingly when asking for a yes from the customer. Know about the market, find out if they used something similar, discuss why your product is better for them, and research other means of contact.

Build meaningful conversations

Customers are sensitive to interactions and look for meaningful conversations. If customers feel they are being fooled, they will simply park their money elsewhere. Customers prefer interacting with a brand that makes them comfortable and authentic. This will build customer loyalty and ensure they believe in the company. When CSMs foster meaningful conversations, they can draw customer success. The core elements of building a meaningful conversation include-

  • Understanding
  • Awareness
  • Active listening
  • Belief
  • Action
  • honesty

Keep your product at the core

Your product should be at the core for any yes. To get a yes from the customer, you need to share how the customer and the product will benefit from the decision. For example, customers need to know how a certain super feature will benefit them. Say, we want you to pay X to reduce your efforts by Y%. This will allow customers to find value to place the product improvements and decide accordingly.

Develop your unique personality

Every CSM should develop a unique personality. If every CSM is the same, the customer can simply choose to be engaged by anyone else. As a brand, you need to develop an identity that focuses on customer health, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction. This will envelop the overall customer strategy and improve operations at large. Your unique personality will help customers make decisions that are helpful in the long run.

Improve customer experience

You can enhance the number of ‘yes’ from customers when you pay attention to customer experience. Your customers are your priority. Giving importance to how customers feel, what they want to improve, their pain points, their goals, and more will allow for enhanced positive responses from them. You can create a bunch of materials that will be helpful to customers to enhance their overall growth. This can include why the new proposals or improvements will be helpful to them. Make customer experience a priority to distinguish your brand from other sellers.

Manage customer expectations

If customers feel you did not deliver with some aspects; they will always trust you less. This is why a liaison between sales and CS teams is important. If the sales team sets unrealistic expectations, CSMs will have a hard time explaining or controlling the situation. Having a base idea of what the customer expects is important. Find answers to questions like-

  • what kind of results can they expect?
  • Are they using the product in the right manner?
  • Is the product aligning with their vision?
  • What is the timeframe of customer success?
  • Are there any allied activities to get success?

You need to find answers to these questions and understand customer perceptions. This will allow you to take customer feedback constructively and improve life.

Treat customers well

Your business will grow if you treat customers well. You need to put customer needs at the core of all activities. If customers are not happy with your business, they will simply churn. However, if you treat them badly, they will spread negative word of mouth about your business. In fact, 82% of customers leave a business if they are not treated well. And bad news travels at the speed of light. This can damage brand reputation and give customers the option to say no.

An angry customer will try to negate all relationships with the company and be less involved with time. Being nice to customers will pay off in the long run and encourage them to say yes.

 These seven tips will help CSMs get a thumping yes from customers for any new endeavors and plans.

Bottom Line

In the end, the answer to the question how to get a client to say yes is for the CSM to ensure their customers are happy and loyal to them. This may also mean seeking approval for important aspects such as new billing information, product updates, feature upgrades, marketing information, etc. This can help CSMs get a quick nod from customers to get the final desired result.

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