Looking for a Great Account Manager Resume? Here You Are!

Looking for a Great Account Manager Resume? Here You Are!

It goes without saying, as an Account Manager, all that your work entails is ‘Accountability’. Sounds easy-peasy, right? But before that, if you striving to become one, you will need a great account manager resume that stands out from the rest. It is your resume that is going to speak for you

account manager resume

It goes without saying, as an Account Manager, all that your work entails is ‘Accountability’. Sounds easy-peasy, right? But before that, if you striving to become one, you will need a great account manager resume that stands out from the rest.

It is your resume that is going to speak for you. So, let it shine. Bring your A-game and show the recruiters why you are the right candidate. This blog here is going to walk you through the specific ins and outs that goes on to a resume.

  • What is an Account Manager?
  • A Sparkling Resume Header that Checks All the Boxes 
  • Work Experience that says it all
  • Aim for the Soft skills
  • The Self-explaining Education Column
  • Skills and Responsibilities of an Account Manager
  • Account Manager Sample Cover Letter
  • Account Manager Cover Letter Tips
  • Account Manager Resume Sample
  • Account Manager Resume Tips

Before, we delve in, we must brush up some basics, one by one.

Hiring personnel understand the pertinence of a great account manager on any given business or team. This guide will help you pull out an impressive content that entices the hiring manager and puts you apart from the rest of the crowd, and lands you to the job of your dreams.  

Let’s get started!

What is an Account Manager?

An account manager is a person who is responsible for the management of relations with the company’s clients. To put in simpler terms, he is the one who serves as an interface with the sales team and customer service team.

Further, they help clients discover solutions while keeping in mind, the customer success profits rolling with their continued business. Not just that, they will also be liaising between the key customers and the organization’s departments. In short, they will provide the customers with a one-stop service that will result in enhancing efficiency all around.  

A Sparkling Resume Header that Checks All the Boxes 

Remember an account manager resume header is the first thing that the hiring manager sees. Statistics claim that it only takes 30 seconds for your resume to create a first impression and those crucial 30 seconds decide your future! 

Therefore, be absolutely meticulous with what you mention and refrain from mentioning in the header section. Include only the information which is needed by the hiring authority. Such as your name, job title, contact credentials, and links to your professional accounts like Linkedin accounts, etc.  

While you add your personal information, remember how much of what you should share and what should not be shared.  

Private information like sexual orientation, name, and the number of spouses and children, political affiliation, and things like hobbies is a big no to your introduction paragraph. They would have no interest to know these bits about you.  

Be as professional as possible!

Work Experience that Says it All 

As you are aware that you shall be going into a cut-throat competition, the hiring managers will only be expecting to grab the best ones.  

Now that if you have the requisite knowledge, expertise, and education, you need to know how to put all of it presentably in your resume. As your resume speaks for you.  

To lift your resume experience section and notch it up from just average to great, you must include only specific details that are aegis to your accomplishments and claims.  

Typically, this is the longest section in one’s resume as they need to include all their important works in one go. Thus learn to optimize the data and convince the manager that you are the right person for the job.  

Quantify your resume! With this, I mean that provide statistics to back up your previous works. Deploying quantification is a good way to optimize since it gives them some insight into the concrete value you bring to your new company.  

As Gary Ryan Blair rightly quotes it,

“Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile.“ 

Aim for the Soft Skills 

Communication is an imperative key, almost in any given organization. Being communicative will always give you a higher edge above the rest. That does not mean, you need to acquire the gift of the gab.  

As an account manager, your work is to liaise between clients and other departments to manage accounts, therefore it calls to have a definite balance between your soft skills and hard skills as well.  

While hard skills concern with things you have learned like using tools like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics, or Oracle business suite, soft skills deal with your personality. And is inclusive of things like your confidence, choice of words, and calmness too, basically a study of your thought process.  

You can add on things like active listening too. When you are in the interview phase, remember to be as alert as you can be, and imbue aspects of critical thinking while you are in there.  

The Self-explaining Education Column  

To begin with, is a basic Bachelor’s degree in a field that is related to your specific industry that you are applying the interview for.  

For example, if you are a finance account manager, it is most likely expected that you have a Bachelor’s degree either in Finance or Business Marketing. Aside from this, other degrees such as communications, sales, or public relations can also be accepted.  

What looks like a cherry on the top is having a master’s degree in the same field. This will play a pivotal role and more like an advantage in helping you stand out from the rest. This will also give you the leverage to negotiate for a higher pay scale or better perks which the rest might not be eligible for.  

When you write the education section, mention any of the notable achievements from your education that can bring out an affirmative impact. You may wish to focus on enlisting your GPA that too it is totally your call. If you think that is a good move, you are good to go.  

Skills and Responsibilities of an Account Manager

Being an account manager could really put you in the spot. Therefore, you need to have some stellar skills and responsibilities that will help you fit well into the job description. Do you have what it takes to ace? Hope so!

  • Accountability Skills: Well, to begin with, you must inculcate the values of account management or accountability, as they say. This role demands of you to take care of the accounts, preferably within the SaaS industries. You must throw an assiduous view on the importance of account plans. Not just that, you can also utilize them to derive revamped customer success. When you have the facet of accountability, you can render offerings and identify new opportunities within your territory accounts. 
  • Communication/People Skills: As your work primarily constitutes of relation-building with your clients, it is important that you understand them well. A good communicator definitely has the upper hand in this role. Hear them out and understand their pain points. Imbue empathy and show them that you care. Having clear, consistent, and coherent communication really pays back.
  • Management Skills: One of the most important aspects of an account manager is that you need to have the best of management values in you. As you will have to act as the primary interface for the client with the product management and the technical support, additionally. This could include resolving personal issues, troubleshooting, or escalation of critical product issues whenever required. 

Account Manager Sample Cover Letter

When you are aiming to be hired as an account manager for any organization, it is of high pertinence that you carry along a stellar cover letter to go with your resume. Here is a sample for you and scroll on to get some sparkling tips as well:

account manager cover letter sample

Account Manager Cover Letter Tips

  • In a sentence or two, elucidate on why you are the best fit for the job. Also, share how your career’s goal matches with the company’s objectives.
  • Co-relate how your past achievements have been in accordance with the current job role. Focus on the most relevant qualification, skills, and experience.
  • Quantifiable data always takes notice. Use it wherever possible.
  • Sum up your experience and add an ending note that showcases your gratitude, and that you are really thankful for the opportunity.

Account Manager Resume Sample

To help you keep your worries at bay, here are some of the samples to do the needful. Well, if you want a ready-made sample, where all you need to do is edit your name, qualifications, and experience, this should be your go-to. Or else, if you wish to see some samples before you begin penning, you can check out here as well. This will share you with a resume score too!

Or, you can surf a resume example right here without drifting away from the best tips to come. This is exactly how a resume for an account manager should look like for the following positions:

Junior Account Manager Resume

junior account manager resume

Senior Account Manager Resume

senior account manager resume

Key Account Manager Resume

key account manager resume

Account Manager Resume Tips

  • The shorter, the better: It is your resume who is going to speak about your candidature instead of you. Keep it as clear, crisp, and concise as possible.
  • A well-organized design: Better yet, use a grid layout with columns and rows. This way it will make your data look appealing and easy to digest. Recruiters love such a tamed structure as it lets them find the necessary information in a blink. 
  • Replace icons whenever needed: There are always some bits of information that you just replace with an icon. Refrain from slather content all over. Not only will it keep your resume less text-heavy but also will enable the recruiter to pay attention to the details. 
  • Colors of shades and sorts: Use colors to highlight some of the details on your resume. Colorful elements make sure that they guide the eye across the layout and make the info look more readable and scannable. Aside from this, your resume will look even prettier than the mundane black and white. 

Final Thoughts

Highlight your achievements that you are proud of sharing. Just be careful about what you choose to speak. It can range from negotiating big contracts to maintain more customer satisfaction. There are a lot of ways to prove your expertise by highlighting in their dedicated sections in your account manager’s resume.  

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