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The Beginner’s Guide to Augmented Intelligence

Augmented intelligence seems to be the answer to take the AI revolution forward. Let us try and get a brief understanding of this cutting-edge technology in this write-up.

The Beginner's Guide to Augmented Intelligence
The Beginner's Guide to Augmented Intelligence

Have you ever received recommendations on Netflix because you watched something? We all do, right. If a romcom caught your eye once, you would notice a bevy of romcoms you might actually enjoy. These recommendations can help you shortlist your next binge-watch.

This is augmented intelligence in action.

Augmented intelligence seems to be bringing together the power and strengths of AI with those of humans by integrating AI systems in the mundane work of people. It helps in making better decision-making.

Many people perceive augmented intelligence to be easy to comprehend in theory. But when it comes to executing it in practice and at scale – several organizations struggle in it.

Its ultimate goal is to elevate human intelligence so that users can complete their tasks in a much better and smarter way. Augmented intelligence fuses the power of human intelligence with automation. Augmented intelligence is slowly changing the way people think and make decisions.

Before we proceed further, it is important to look at the definition of augmented intelligence.

What is augmented intelligence?

Augmented intelligence integrates artificial intelligence with human strength to amplify the overall power and precision and make better decisions. It helps improve cognitive performance, enhance learning implementations, and decision making. Augmented intelligence aims to enhance users’ knowledge and skills by utilizing it with machines. It helps improve human intelligence by making smarter decisions and choices.

Augmented intelligence has led to several industries growing and benefiting from the solution. Some of these industries include the following.

Industries that benefit from augmented intelligence

While augmented intelligence is still developing, certain industries can benefit from it immensely. Like artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence can learn, align, adapt, and improve with respect to customer engagement. Augmented intelligence can benefit some of these industries:

Finance and banking

Augmented intelligence can help banks and financial institutions provide personalized services to customers. These services are based on customer risk, goals, accomplishments, and financial abilities. Banks can help users with information and share the parts they feel will work better. Augmented intelligence technology helps control the knowledge that users can see and share.


Augmented intelligence can help healthcare institutions improve patient care and quality by reducing overall errors and technical problems. The technology can help doctors do the least harm to the patient. This makes medical solutions easier for patients. For example, combining computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan findings can help perform surgical procedures through effective 3D mapping.

Manufacturing and engineering

Manufacturing companies can improve their performance with augmented intelligence. The machine can improve product performance after human workers put in their efforts. The augmented intelligence process helps provide the best value to customers. Organizations can improve their operations and enhance growth. 


The retail industry can use augmented intelligence and enhance decision-making. With the e-commerce industry developing rapidly, even the retail industry can benefit from augmented intelligence solutions. 3D models and mapping can help improve outcomes. Augmented intelligence technology can help owners improve customer focus, customer engagement, and customer retention. This, in turn, improves customer experience.

Home decoration

Home decor as an industry has evolved on many fronts. You can use augmented intelligence technology to see which decor and designs work for specific spaces. You can come up with better mood boards to improve the overall look of the space. Some apps let you visualize how a decor element will look in your space.

How does augmented intelligence work?

Augmented intelligence technology identifies human strengths and improves them with smart algorithms. This coupled with real-time insights, and data-driven reports can help improve outcomes. You can find patterns, note important spots, unlock opportunities, notice strategic zones, and convert customer data into action

Augmented intelligence extends human cognitive abilities instead of simply automating a process. The technology aims to simplify decision-making while ensuring that the final decision comes from humans only.

For example, you watched a SciFi film on Amazon Prime. The provider then suggests a list of similar movies based on what you have watched. This is augmented intelligence in action. You may have experienced this a lot. This is basically the service provider offering you options from his stable based on an algorithm.

Real-life examples of augmented intelligence

Next-best action systems

Augmented intelligence can help with the next best action systems. This is where front-line individuals- customer service representatives, sales advisors, finance associates, and more can help customers and enhance their ability. This system will help customers know which ideas and solutions they can choose. This helps them in decision-making and improvement of the company.

AI-powered targeting for marketers

Augmented intelligence technology can be helpful to marketers. Marketers can know which segments respond to what type of messaging. You can also determine and create personas based on age, sex, location, and preferences. If you know what messaging is right for the audience, you can greatly impact them about products or solutions.

Automated email or case triage

Augmented intelligence goes a long way in automating email cases. Users know which emails are working, and since there is human involvement, it makes cases simpler. This improves decisions and enhances overall growth. Automated email or case triage is another great action system that can be improved with augmented intelligence.

Final Thoughts

Augmented intelligence should not be looked at in isolation as a technology that can replace humans. It is meant to augment human expertise by utilizing the capability of the machines in the best possible manner.

There is still a lot of scope for improvement in this cutting-edge technology. But it is already showing lots of great promise!

Augmented intelligence also fits into the piece of work culture and customer success. SmartKarrot’s customer success solutions involve augmented intelligence for better discovery, service, retention, and growth.

The augmented intelligence solution from SmartKarrot is helpful for businesses to make the right decisions and improve the cognitive component for a superior quality of life.

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