How to Leverage SmartKarrot's Augmented Intelligence to Make Customer Success Easier?

How to Leverage SmartKarrot’s Augmented Intelligence to Make Customer Success Easier?

In this write-up, learn how to improve customer success outcomes through SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence tool.

SmartKarrot's Augmented Intelligence
SmartKarrot's Augmented Intelligence

The fact that AI has become integral in our lives is hard to miss. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation have become crucial in how businesses work and grow. As per a recent survey, a growing band of businesses want to invest in artificial intelligence and adopt solutions accordingly. As AI grows, many businesses are now looking to induce human intelligence and reduce human effort. This is known as augmented intelligence.

What is Augmented Intelligence?

A collaboration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human capabilities to reduce efforts and improve outcomes. As the use of AI grows, many companies are embracing the assistive nature of augmented intelligence. In the field of customer success and customer experience, augmented intelligence can be of special importance. In augmented intelligence, digital tools and human employees are not separate. They work hand in hand to improve success rates in their own unique abilities.

SmartKarrot’s Augmented Intelligence for Effective Customer Success

Effective customer success can be reached when we use the benefits of augmented intelligence. When augmented intelligence is applied, human customer success representatives can leverage the data to improve and focus on building customer relationships. Augmented intelligence leads to greater cognitive performance, and this improves customer relationships.

SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence feature blends artificial intelligence and automation to enhance outcomes, deliver better decision making, and improve predictive insights.

The core benefits of SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence are below.

Drive improved decisions through a unique collaboration of human interaction and technology

With SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence feature, you can drive better decisions for your

customers. For instance- you can simplify the playbook process, pick the right playbooks for customers, and solve specific pain points.

Simplify actions and enhance capabilities to suggest solutions

Augmented intelligence also suggests solutions that seem tailor-made. Since it combines human intelligence with machine learning, actions can be simplified. Augmented intelligence can be used to automate actions and create effective solutions for customers. For example- You can improve targeting for customers based on location or other factors and enhance outcomes.

Reduces time for activities that can be categorized as non-productive

When you choose SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence for customer success, you choose priority. You can simply pick priorities and reduce the time for non-productive activities. For example- You can prioritize actions that CS executives have to do and enhance that. This creates a funnel of priority activities that are completed before time and within time. Automating simple tasks can help CS teams focus on important aspects like strategy. Intelligent prioritization of tasks is possible with augmented intelligence.

Effectively scale operations and limit human intervention to reduce operational costs

Augmented intelligence software is designed to keep business priorities at the forefront of operations. This helps scale operations effectively. You can reduce human intervention and increase resource allocation on important tasks. This leads to collaboration over the competition with respect to task operations. Human and tech collaboration effectively decreases time and money spent on operations.

Offering faster and precise recommendations

Augmented intelligence for customer success reduces time spent on decisions. The technology is designed to help you offer precise, fast, and effective recommendations. For instance- you can answer complex customer questions which are commonly asked with some AI and automation. However, for customer queries that need a lot of CS involvement and need to be personalized to an extent- you can involve human resources. This also reduces the total time to resolution for the customer asking a question.

Product Features of SmartKarrot’s Augmented Intelligence

While we have discussed the benefits of augmented intelligence, let us see the product features and the configurations that will save your time, money, and resources like a boss.

AI in Product Integration

AI in Product Integration

Intelligently update the product to simplify actions for the customer. With a few clicks, the customer can ensure no data slips through the cracks. You can integrate the product with customer requirements.

Account Mapping Simplified

Account Mapping Simplified

With SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence, you can automatically map accounts to relevant touchpoints. CS executives can sieve through multiple accounts- their calendars, messages, deliverables and map accounts accordingly. This makes stakeholder engagement simpler, strategic, and proactive.

Account Management

Account Management

You can automate intelligent rule setups to assign accounts under pre-decided verticals. Augmented intelligence saves your time and allocates tasks in human-like behavior. You can spot customer action patterns, redesign customer priorities, withhold tasks that are not important, and unlock new opportunities for upselling or cross-selling.

Structured Playbook Assignment

Structured Playbook Assignment

With SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence, you can reduce manual workload by automatically structuring playbooks. You can allocate playbooks at scale, combine segments of playbook templates for specific accounts and scenarios and personalize aspects of customer communication. With augmented intelligence, you can have limited human intervention but a high level of human intelligence.

Effective team management

Structured Playbook Assignment

You can set team KPIs and processes. With SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence, you can allocate targets- quarterly, monthly, and track them. With augmented intelligence, you can correlate trends, metrics, touchpoints, communication, and identify spots that need improvement.

Predictive health scores

Predictive health scores

You can correlate customer health scores with customer actions for better adaptation and alignment. Predict health score compositions and predict how your relationship will change over time. The customer health score metric helps the customer success teams to ascertain whether the customers are satisfied or happy.

Predict churn proactively

Predict churn proactively

SmartKarrot’s intelligent account prediction highlights accounts of interest and works to arrest churn. This will help proactively retain customers and enhance their association. You can see which accounts are likely to churn or are in danger of churning. You can see what products or services can be offered to them to arrest churning.

Account expansion

Account expansion

With augmented intelligence, you can identify accounts of interest for upsells, cross-sells and automate this expansion. SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence analyses account performance and assists revenue expansion. Account expansion helps increase customer coverage and generates revenue without additional acquisition costs.

Leverage Augmented Intelligence to Get the Most out of the SmartKarrot CS Platform

Augmented Intelligence in Customer Success

SmartKarrot’s CS platform utilizes augmented intelligence in diverse ways:

Operations Layer

Here, the SmartKarrot platform helps solve the CS problems at scale using success intelligence, account intelligence, SmartKonversations (Call intelligence), and business intelligence. All these facets are connected directly with the core CS platform offerings offered by SmartKarrot, including:

  • Account 360
  • Campaigns
  • Playbooks
  • Surveys
  • Campaigns
  • Segmentation
  • Engagement

On top of this, SmartKarrot also offers Ally customer platform and academy platform training to boost the confidence of aspiring CS professionals. We also impart knowledge through Kaffeine and Karrots (podcasts through social feeds) and Xia (conversational virtual assistant). All of this is done with the help of AI in CS.

Data Integration

This is where all the accumulated customer data is evaluated to make sense. Here are some of the mediums through which we integrate the customer data on the SmartKarrot CS platform:

  • SmartKapture
  • Connectors
  • Third-party Apps

Customer Data

Through this feature, SmartKarrot’s CS platform utilizes existing systems and data via:

  • Finance
  • Tickets
  • Product, etc.

Bottom Line

Augmented intelligence is not automation. It is a blend of human strength and machine intelligence. To improve customer success outcomes, expand customer accounts, reduce churn, and enhance customer satisfaction, you can choose SmartKarrot’s augmented intelligence tool. As part of the SmartKarrot customer success platform, you can leverage your customer data to improve their outcomes.

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