How to Use Webinars to Supercharge SaaS Customer Success?

How to Use Webinars to Supercharge SaaS Customer Success?

In this blog, we discuss the art of using webinars to supercharge SaaS customer success.

How to Use Webinars to Supercharge SaaS Customer Success
How to Use Webinars to Supercharge SaaS Customer Success

Success in SaaS is not as easy as it seems. Boosting sales and acquiring customers will not be sufficient. You need to retain customers, and the best way to do that is with winning customer success strategies. A key aspect of customer retention and customer success is ensuring you get customer loyalty. Customer marketing is vital to enhance customer experience. Based on the customer journey, you need to optimize the process at each step. A customer success journey can be made simple with the right customer education. Webinars are an important component of customer education. They are a great way to know more about any topic- product, people, or process.

How to Use Webinars to Supercharge SaaS Customer Success?  

People successfully use webinars to attract viewers and use them to become customers. Now more and more customer success teams realize the power of webinars for customer education and retention.

Pain Points of Paid Customers

Before getting more details into how webinars help customer success teams, let’s look into the pain points of a paid customer or trial user.

  • The understanding of the technical setup might be difficult. It is not that easy for a customer to understand every detail of the interface. They may face some issues with using the platform. This happens even in the case of product updates. Ensuring customers understand the product will help them get value from it.
  • Need support at their convenience. Users are usually distributed across the globe. This may require more support and help with regard to timings.
  • Running through multiple highly worded technical support documents may add to the pain. Sometimes a tutorial demonstrating how to perform an action can mean everything. It simplifies the process, plus the jargon of words often gets lost on customers.
  • Reaching out to the customer success team for expert advice may take a good amount of your time. More so, doing this with multiple stakeholders from the same company might reduce their productivity in the long run.
  • Customers can use some easy-to-search, easy-to-consume material for educating themselves about a certain upgrade, usage, or process.

How can Webinars help Customer Success Teams to improve customer success outcomes?

To understand how webinars help, customer success teams should understand their benefits  

  • Interactivity: Webinars are an extremely interactive mode of communicating what the company wants to say to the customers. Involving people, the webinar can be helpful and interesting at the same time.
  • Convenience: Super convenient to attend. You don’t need to wait in lines or travel. You can attend a conference or a webinar from home, which saves time, effort, and is less disruptive. Webinars stand as a good asset to attract, retain, engage, and turn customers into advocates, considering the remote and distributed nature of resources.
  • Easy to Learn: It is easy to learn since you can ask questions, raise your hand if something is not clear, and learn about the product.
  • Meeting experts: In webinars, you usually interact with the C-Suite or the makers of a feature or product. This helps you understand their psyche and reasoning about the product.
  • Record once, use “N” number of times: Each webinar works as reference material or knowledge base for customers to revisit. It can be seamlessly recorded and sent to customers to assist memory recall. You can even add time stamps, closed captions, and annotations in the webinar video to ensure users can get back to it and learn.

Where can customer success teams use webinars? 

You need to ensure your customer success team has a strategy in place to optimize customer success. This strategy needs to involve webinars. Webinars can help simplify and educate customers about various product features. Here are ways how customer success teams can use webinars.

  • Onboarding Process: You can make the onboarding process easier with webinars. What are the first steps to welcome customers and ensure they get their value? A webinar can help there. You can optimize webinars to suit the onboarding process and ensure customers derive value.
  • Education: With a webinar, you can make it easy to demonstrate ‘how to use’ a product or feature. You can evaluate how and what you want the customers to achieve. You can ensure continued usage, engagement, renewals, and repurchases.
  • Problem-solving: Trigger pre-recorded webinars based on customer behavior.  For example, you got a notification that one of the customers couldn’t publish the CX campaign because of the X issue, then trigger an automated email/push notification saying – How to create a successfully cx campaign. This can help solve problems that customers face. This makes a webinar an asset class that can be reused and repurposed to spread knowledge.
  • Building Trust: You can involve your existing customers or share social proof of their success. Webinars can get interactive with customers asking questions, raising concerns, sharing what worked for them, and creating a good community. You can create and record engaging webinars based on the burning questions asked by your customer community.
  • Videos on new product feature releases can help customers understand the product and process in a better manner. Customers can know what to expect and how trends will function based on their product usage. For example- In the SmartKarrot CS Learnings Webinar, customers learned that AI is going to be integral to their customer success operations. This helps them know the product better.
  • Renewals, upselling, and repurchasing.

You can assist with repurchasing or upselling through a webinar. A webinar on the product benefits will help customers understand why they should stick to the product and what makes it tick. You can understand customer conversations around the product and set the right direction.

Top Tips to Ace Webinars for Customer Success

  • Have a specific topic and goal in mind. Focus on the outcomes you seek to achieve.
  • Ensure these webinars are available to customer success and product teams.
  • Set up the appropriate context and forge relationships.
  • Make it as visual as possible. Add images, graphics, and attract audience attention.
  • Interact and engage continuously before and after the webinar. You can send them the recording of the webinar, a blog on the topics discussed, and also contact information to support them in case of any queries.

Final Words 

Follow the above points to ensure that your webinar on SaaS customer success is a huge success. Consider recording the webinar for the absentees to market your webinar to drive more referral traffic on your website. Webinars can also be used as a lead generation tool to maximize your referral programs. You can write articles that address the questions and topics in the webinar and ensure value is delivered. If you are new to webinars, creating one for SaaS customer success can be a bit tough. However, once you understand the rhythm of doing it, webinars can be an influential mode of engaging your customers and keeping them involved.

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