What Is Jobvite Used For? Is Jobvite Safe? What Does Jobvite Status Mean?

What Is Jobvite Used For? Is Jobvite Safe? What Does Jobvite Status Mean?

Do you want to learn everything about Jobvite? If yes, check out this blog today!

What Is Jobvite Used For? Is Jobvite Safe? What Does Jobvite Status Mean?
What Is Jobvite Used For? Is Jobvite Safe? What Does Jobvite Status Mean?

Jobvite is now a trending word among top-class recruiters, especially in the SaaS industry. For basics, it is a job portal that everyone is in love with! But why? If you are among the people wondering why the platform has gained so much popularity? Are you someone wondering what makes it so unique? Or do you have questions relating to Jobvite in your mind? Well, you have landed on the right blog! 

In this blog, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about Jobvite.

The blog covers –

  1. What is Jobvite?
  2. Who is Jobvite Suitable for?
  3. What do you Pay to get this SaaS Product?
  4. What are the Pros of using Jobvite?
  5. Features of Jobvite
  6. Jobvite and its Capabilities
  7. What does Jobvite Status Mean?
  8. Is Jobvite Safe?

What is Jobvite?

Jobvite is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and recruitment platform that thousands of companies use worldwide. It is a cloud-based software that aids in managing the entire recruitment and hiring process. It assists with the steps including screening, job distribution, interviewing, and also the process of sending out offer letters to candidates. 

Jobvite is a full recruiting platform that makes it easy to create personalized candidate experiences. This way, it helps attract, engage, and hire ideal candidates both inside and outside the organization.

The application also offers a variety of tools to the users to help them manage compliance and onboarding procedures. 

Not only does a Jobvite user gets to manage an active recruitment cycle, but they can also manage the talent pools of passive candidates. Jobvite users can receive invitations, branded campaigns, and communications. Additionally, Jobvite provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing modules to help in the process. 

Who is Jobvite Suitable for?

Jobvite is an application for recruiters who wish to manage the entire recruitment cycle. It simplifies the entire journey and helps attract highly eligible candidates to the job position. Jobvite is an ideal choice for enterprise and mid-size-level recruiting companies. Currently, Jobvite is the go-to platform to hire for SaaS companies. At the same, the SaaS industry is not the only one. It is useful and loved by recruiters across different industries.

What do you Pay to get this SaaS Product?

When it comes to purchasing SaaS products, it is advised to consider the value more than the money. The case is similar for Jobvite. It is a very useful platform with several tools and features. And, it comes with a price tag worth its value. Unlike most SaaS platforms that provide a few basic features for free, Jobvite does not offer a free version. It can be a bit disheartening if you want a free version. 

But if you are someone who wishes to feel and understand the product before making a purchase, Jobvite offers a trial version of the application for free. To avail of the trial version, you must contact Jobvite directly. In addition to this, the company does not reveal the offering price for the application. You can get a quote by contacting them directly.     

What are the Pros of using Jobvite?

Its users love Jobvite. Recruiting teams from top companies say that Jobvite has simplified its hiring processes and cut costs. 

Here we list some pros that make Jobvite the best choice among its alternatives.

1. Ease of use. The ease of use of Jobvite is the top pro of the platform. Every landing page of the application is clean and well-arranged. Though the SaaS product is customized for each customer, the basic feel and aesthetic are consistent. This makes using the product a seamless experience. 

2. Getting things done on Jobvite is easy and fast. The users love how easy it is to navigate the platform without getting lost. You do not need to click dozens of times to get from task A to B. So, it is very efficient to navigate through the entire application and get things done.

3. Jobvite provides the option for adding as many data points and information as possible about a candidate. The options available increase as they climb up the selection processes. This is an especially important feature for recruiters, especially when they have a vast number of candidates.

4. The information in Jobvite is stored and arranged so that every team member can access that information whenever they need it. The Hiring Manager does not need to depend on the recruiter to extract any information. This cuts a lot of time and also increases accessibility. 

5. It is very user-friendly. It is easy for applicants to apply, and at the same time, it is extremely easy for recruiters and teams to extract reports. 

6. The customer service for Jobvite is great. Users can get instant support if they get stuck at some point.

7. Apart from assisting recruiters in finding an ideal candidate for their job postings, Jobvite also assists in evaluating feedback. Recruiters can evaluate the candidates’ feedback after an interview using the side-by-side view.

Features of Jobvite

Jobvite has many incredible features that make it one of the best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 

Here is a list of top features of Jobvite – 

1. Job Requisition Management – This feature lets recruiters create jobs for applications quickly and easily. They do not have to put much effort and spend a lot of time into creating new open positions. All they have to do is follow a set of instructions, and their job is done. 

2. Publish to other platforms – Jobvite has a feature called the Jobvite Hire that automatically feeds the available job openings to both social media platforms as well as the free job search engines Indeed and SimplyHired. This makes it easy for the recruiters to advertise any new openings and thus attract more applicants for the job. 

3. Customized Application Form – This feature is helpful for recruiters. Each recruiter gets customized application forms to gather relevant information about the applicants.

4. Resume Management – Using the resume management feature of Jobvite, it is possible to upload and manage resumes in bulk. 

5. Duplicate Candidate Prevention – This particularly important feature saves users from overburdening. It prevents the addition of candidates who are already registered and whose details are already fed into the software. This way, it is possible to eliminate duplicate profiles. 

6. Candidate Search – Recruiters find it one of the most useful features. Recruiters can search for certain attributes, and the platform will filter out candidates with that particular attribute and provide a relevant list. 

7. Applicant Tracking – This feature allows the recruiter to assign applicants to various stages. This way, all team members can see the status of applicants and the recruitment process at a glance.

8. Collaboration – This feature allows team members to work together. Teams from an organization can use Jobvite’s collaboration feature and share notes and evaluations about candidates. As all of this can happen on the platform itself. Thus, it is more convenient for teams.  

9. Task Creation and Delegation – This is yet another Jobvite feature that enhances collaboration among team members. Using the feature, recruiters can create and assign recruitment process tasks.

10. Email Templates – Recruiters are given the feature of creating their email templates to communicate with candidates faster.

11. User Permissions – This feature is useful to maintain hierarchy in the team. The user has the power to allow different team members different rights like view only and edit.

12. Notifications and Alerts – The notification and reminder feature is there to remind users about tasks to be completed.

13. Reporting – The feature allows the creation of reports based on key recruitment metrics.

14. Video Interviewing – Jobvite’s on-demand video interviewing tool is a boon for both recruiters as well as job applicants. The feature helps find the right candidates via video interviews. Thus, the ideal candidate can be found much faster. At the same time, the feature benefits job seekers as it adds long-term value to their database. 

15. Home Page Dashboard – Jobvite’s home page dashboards can be found at the top of tasks. Recruiters can find a customized single-page view of their entire recruiting process. What is attractive is that the recruiter can take action right from the home page dashboard. Thus, they can accelerate their hiring process. 

16. Smart Scheduler – This feature lets users know the best time for setting up an interview. The feature is directly integrated with Google and Outlook Calendar. 

Jobvite and its Capabilities 

  1. Applicant Tracking and hiring tools at each step of the process.
  2. On-demand video interviews that aid in fast early screening of candidates.
  3. Employee Referrals scan the applicant’s/employees’ social media and leverage their contacts to get top-notch candidates.
  4. Recruitment CRM helps find and engage with potential employees even before a job position opens up.
  5. Employer Branding is a capability that offers an engaging brand story to all candidates irrespective of the medium they use to interact with the brand. 

What does Jobvite Status Mean?

Jobvite has the feature to show a candidate’s recruitment status. It has an in-built feature of sending an automated rejection email if recruiters do not see someone as fit for the job. 

If the status of a candidate shows an ‘in process’ tag, it signifies that the recruiters have viewed the candidate’s application, but no decision has been taken as of now. 

The following are the status tag in Jobvite –

  • New: It means the candidate’s application has been received yet not reviewed by the recruiters.
  • In Process: This tag means that the hirers are in the discussion mode; the application has been viewed, but no decision has been taken yet.
  • Not Selected: This tag means that the candidate does not seem fit for the role by recruiters and they have been rejected for the job.
  • Hired: This status shows that the applicant has been selected and hired by the recruiters.

Is Jobvite Safe?

You might want to ask about the safety of Jobvite as it will contain so much data for you. In this regard, you must understand that Jobvite is a SaaS product. This means that it is an application hosted on the cloud. So, the security level of this product is similar to any other cloud-based SaaS product. 45

Wrapping it up

Jobvite is designed for the current day tech-savvy, mobile employees and the ones taking the help of social networks for their problems. Jobvite is a platform that comprises several separate products – all of which are working together. To sum it up, Jobvite is a comprehensive SaaS platform that helps recruiters be more productive and is completely safe. 

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