Low/No-Code Customer Success: The Secret to Delivering Customer Value at the Speed of Business

Low/No-Code Customer Success: The Secret to Delivering Customer Value at the Speed of Business

In this blog, I will discuss how low code/no code customer success can be a defining factor in delivering customer value at the speed of business.

Low/No-Code Customer Success
Low/No-Code Customer Success

Every B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) organization wants to retain existing customers and expand its new customer list. But, to do that, they need to ensure that the customers are genuinely happy with the products they are using. The product needs to fulfill their needs and make them successful.

This is where the role of customer success manager comes into the picture. However, to ensure that these CSMs (Customer Success Managers) are able to maximize their output, they need CS (Customer Success) software that can help them fulfill the customers’ needs.

Now, certain customer success software requires minimal technical knowledge while using them. Such software are termed as low-code customer success. In contrast, some require absolutely no technical skillsets to get started. Such software are termed as no-code customer success.

In the forthcoming sections of this blog, I will make you understand how low/no-code customer success platforms can be catalysts in delivering customer value at the speed of business.

A brief introduction on low code customer success software

What is a low code?

Low code development is a technical solution that eliminates all the complex code commands and requirements needed behind building applications. With the help of low code development, it becomes easier for any business department, and especially customer success, to do so without worrying about tricky and complicated coding. On top of that, the initial tools required to assemble are already present, which makes the application process that much easier.

Low-code customer success software requires CSMs to do some coding chops, albeit less than traditional development. Once the fundamental coding is done like UI components, including scrollbars, dialogs, and push buttons, CS practitioners can start working on the customer data at the earliest.

As a CSM (Customer Success Manager), if you have even a little bit of coding knowledge, it can help you expand the tool’s functionality and even help you develop simple tasks on your own. This can come as a handy medium for those CSMs who have a working knowledge of codes and want to experiment with the customer success software to enhance its usage capabilities.

A brief introduction of no code customer success software

What is no code?

No code provides user-friendly simplicity to the tool being employed. If by any chance, you have ever developed or seen a flowchart or wireframe for an app or website, you will comprehend the ease with which it is possible to use a no-code platform. The only thing you need to do is scroll and click, drag and drop, and rearrange whenever required.

No-code customer success software gives the freedom to the CSMs to perform the activities of searching for customer lifecycle information hassle-free. Since there are no-code involved while using the customer success software, needless to say, it is easier for CSMs to do hassle-free drag and drop functionality and get rid of the old method of coding line-by-line before using the tool.

 It is also amazingly easy for low-code customer success software to be used by anyone. On top of that, CS practitioners have the freedom of using it on different platforms and devices, which provides them the needed convenience to serve the needs of the customer

Benefits of low-code/no-code customer success software that can help deliver customer value at the speed of business

For your convenience, I have enumerated the benefits of low-code/no-code customer success software together that can, in turn, help deliver customer value at the speed of business.

Aids business to shift and move rapidly

With the advancement in technology, we are seeing the B2B SaaS world becoming wary of digital transformation. Businesses today need to keep themselves agile in the always-changing environment. Adapting to and accepting the norms of digitalization has become a no-brainer for companies, thanks to the adoption of low/no-code customer success software.

Since the low-code/no-code customer success software makes coding accessible, it decreases the pressure on the IT personnel. These platforms also provide the ability to develop customer success features for B2B SaaS companies that cannot afford a technical development team. All in all, the coding that was quite lengthy once upon a time has now become hassle-free thanks to low-code/no-code customer success software.

Adapting to these new changes and helping customers achieve their objectives will lead businesses to gain more customers. It will enhance in delivering customer value at the speed of business.

Reduces operational cost and save money

With the help of low/no-code customer success software, businesses have the opportunity to build features in the software in less time and with less effort. This, in turn, reduces the operational cost and saves money.

Low-code customer success software is also extremely easy to use and is non-complicated, which is quite difficult to achieve with standard coding practices required to run the software. This reduces the reliance on IT developers. And, the money saved by the organization can be spent after hiring and retaining more customers.

Boost the application usage speed

Saving money and providing agility are beneficial for B2B SaaS companies. But, the thing that makes these companies gain the best out of the low-code/no-code customer success software is its ability to boost the speed of actual usage of the software. Unlike standard coding, low-code/no-code customer success software enables CS practitioners to code in the form of a flowchart by offering drag-and-drop facilities.

You can even get the idea of increasing business automation processes using the low-code/no-code customer success software, which results in the creation of features more swiftly.

Enables faster automation

Low-code/no-code customer success software provides the right tools for CS practitioners to speed up the business outcomes and automate their mundane tasks. With the help of the available digital tools, it becomes super easy for organizations to go fully digital to fulfill the needs of the existing customers.

Gets rid of the usage of shadow IT

Shadow IT uses software, websites, applications, and systems without taking the permission of the IT department. While it can provide the path towards innovation and productivity, shadow IT applications are dangerous and highly insecure. With the use of low/no-code customer success software, this will not be a problem since it removes the usage of shadow IT.

The major objective of low-code/no-code customer success software is to help in innovation. It assists in bringing creative ideas to life without the usage of shadow IT. This saves B2B SaaS businesses from the risk of not taking the approval of the IT department. On top of this, low-code/no-code customer success software makes it easier for anyone to use the software without falling prey to any unsafe measures.

CS professionals require no learning curve

Low-code/no-code customer success software are very intuitive to use. And they also cut down on the learning process. They are so easy that any person with little coding knowledge can use the tool efficiently. They mostly comprise drag-and-drop features that enable CSMs to use them in a hassle-free manner.

Get faster results at your fingertips

Since low/no-code customer success software are easy to set up, it becomes effortless to get the results at your fingertips. You simply need to drag-and-drop your required fields, and you get the desired outcome from it. It is so easy that you can assign any of your team members in the customer success department to perform the activity.

Absolutely no technical skills are required

The basic premise no-code customer success software is to ensure a basic minimum coding requirement. So, you do not need to have technical skillsets to derive the maximum advantage from the software. Any person with minimal coding knowledge can run the software without any problem.

Any CS team member of your team can use it without any hassle

Since the software has been named low-code/no-code, it is obvious that any person with basic coding skills can work on the software and get the desired result. Hence, the CSM can delegate any team member to run the software with utmost confidence.

Final Words

Low-code/no-code customer success software are quite useful for CS professionals as it gives them the liberty to use the tool without any hassle. It also helps the CSM save a lot of time that they would have spent learning the tool, which can now be spent on other crucial activities.

The various customer touchpoints can be reached quite quickly with the help of low-code/no-code customer success software. This way, CSMs can do their primary job effectively, i.e., to make their customers successful at the speed of business.

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