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6 Essential Principles of SaaS Products Design

What are some of the essential principles of SaaS products design? Read on this article to get in touch with 6 such principles that you must know.

principles of product design
principles of product design

While there is cut-throat competition and everyone is caught up in a rat race, you will have to make sure that your products shine out and that your products speak for itself. That is when the design of a product becomes critical for the success of your business. Accept it or not, the fact is that the products that look better, sell better. This blog will walk you through the ins and outs of the principles of SaaS product design and tell you why involving product design early on the process leads to more aesthetics, usability and eventually caters to long-term business goals. If that is what you have been wondering lately, you are on the right page. Let us now delve deeper into the topic.

Table of Contents

  • Principle 1: Less is More
  • Principle 2: Great Products need Great Collaboration
  • Principle 3: Do not forget to make the product user-friendly
  • Principle 4: Research and study your Customer Behavior
  • Principle 5: Functionality is the Key
  • Principle 6: Opt for Fast Feedback

Principle 1: Less is More

If you are millennial reading this, you might as well have heard this adage, less is more, a couple of times. This holds true for the product design aspect as well. Your customers want you to give them simple, minimalist designs that aren’t too difficult to process and understand. You will know that your product design goes by ‘less is more’ format when it is useful, simplifies the needs of the customers and is aesthetic as well. In simple words, simplicity and clarity are the two most important ingredients that cook up a good design.

Principle 2: Great Products need Great Collaboration

Just like, with great power comes great responsibility, great products too need great collaboration. Behind every successful product stands an outstanding team, where each person thinks about all the nitty-gritty details that lead to the desired outcome. The creation of the design plays an important part in the whole process of product development. Thus, in addition to UI design tips, it needs collaborative efforts of project managers, UX designers, engineers, analysts and more to make the process hassle-free and seamless for your customers.

Principle 3: Do not forget to make the product user-friendly

At the end of the day, the whole point of designing a product is to make is simple that a user can use and benefit from. Simplicity and intuitiveness must go hand in hand when creating product design. It should also all simmer down to the point of practicality as well. The user should resolve his or her pain points or problems in a simple and intuitive manner without spending much time on figuring out how the product works and what steps are needed to be undertaken to resolve a problem. Therefore, make sure that the ease of taking help from your product stays in line with the aesthetic appeal as well.

Principle 4: Research and study your Customer Behavior

Remember that you are not the end user of your product. Even if you and your team find your product perfect for yourselves does not mean that it will be perfect for your customer. It might happen that you may find your product useful but your customers might not find the head and tail out of it. For this reason, we must not rely on our understanding and vision of a product. We should conduct thorough research of user behavior and tailor the product accordingly. Know what is it that your customers want. Study their behavior, conduct surveys, if that is what it takes. Come thoroughly prepared before launching a product live into the market. These are the things that eventually matter at the end of the day.

Principle 5: Functionality is the Key

Create a product that solves the existing problem at hand. Although, aesthetics and visual design plays a significant part of any application, it might not always be of prime importance, always. If you design a cumbersome, counterintuitive, and time consuming application, it can cause irritation, frustration, and disappointment, no matter how amazing it looks. Therefore, you should always think about how you can solve problems for the user in the first place. Your customers will get no benefits from an application that is not user-friendly in the first place. The whole point of designing the product in the first place ceases right away. Hence, make sure that your pay extra attention to the functionality aspect as that is the key.

Principle 6: Opt for Fast Feedback

We understand that as product designers, you run at a paucity of time and have to test things quickly. This means that prototyping needs to be done and staged in a quick manner. The best way to do that is by garnering customer feedback and getting to know what do they actually feel about your product. By creating a prototype, designers can validate a lot of questions and pivot if needed. Who knows, you might get some gold suggestions from your users early on and implementing them can bring you tons of business and profits? It is always better to rope in suggestions and feedback and know her you stand.

Parting Thoughts

We hope that these 6 essential principles of SaaS products design will help you incorporate the best of products for your team and audience. To create designs in a most efficient way is to follow the best product design principles. But the catch is, each company has its own top principles of product design. As stated know what is it that your customers want from you and deliver them nothing but the best.

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