Customer Success: Learn how to build your Mission Statement and Vision!

When your brand itself has a compelling mission and a well-defined vision, your employees would be more than just happy to put their heart and soul into the work. And that is why the terms customer success mission and customer success vision play an important role, because you know it matters. In

customer success vision

When your brand itself has a compelling mission and a well-defined vision, your employees would be more than just happy to put their heart and soul into the work. And that is why the terms customer success mission and customer success vision play an important role, because you know it matters.

In situations where these worthwhile missions and visions are expressed explicitly with clear intent, they can lead to higher motivation and inspire the workers. Aside from this, this also manifests your company’s motive to your clients, to the media and also the suppliers.

If you think you are kind of stuck in the middle of nowhere, trying to figure out how to come up with an extraordinary mission and vision statement, fret no more. This blog is going to rescue you.


You too will have to come up with a mission and vision statement that speaks exactly what your company has to say on your behalf. Let us first begin with learning how to build a customer success mission statement for your brand. Just like Google’s vision statement says, “To provide access to the world’s information in one click.”

Step 1: Mission Statement

Well, how about you pen down what are your company’s unique selling point or what are the aspects that you want people to recognize you with. List out a set of such winning ideas that you think makes your company stand out from the crowd and make you extraordinary from the rest.

Now, you really want to give your customers a valid reason why or why not to choose you, right? Begin the first step, this is crucially important to be crisp, clean, and concise with what you want to say. Base them on the present scenario and draft the content in such a manner to convey why the business exists and what does it do exactly.

Note: However, do not blend in the concepts of vision and mission together. Although they go hand in hand, they serve different purposes in a company.

Step 2: Mission Statement

Chalk out the real definition of success for you and what according to you are the measures of success. From the beginning itself, you need to be absolutely clarified about your targets and goals.

What according to you is the perfect idea to bring out excellent customer experience in an area? To measure whether the customers are truly satisfied or not, which are the trustable key performance indicators that you will be using?

Answering these questions will bring out a lot of insights to your observation. Remember, your mission has to speak on behalf of your company. It should be inspiring enough to your prospects as well as to you too.

Step 3: Mission Statement

Use refined words that showcase the readers a perfect glimpse of at least the general idea of what success looks like to you. Combine your ideas and the success measures into a bird’s eye view and see if it is generating the kind of impact you had foreseen it to.

Additionally, keep the content short but crisp and to the point. Do not over-describe any of the features voraciously. Also, refrain from using any kind of jargon.

For example, the mission statement of Nike, a hugely successful athletic shoe brand says, “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” Simple, crisp, and touching.

Now let us delve into how to build a strong customer success vision statement.

Step 1: Vision Statement

Once you have unearthed your missions, it is time to explore the world of vision building. Vision is all about keeping the values intact and then using that value to satisfy your clients. It is meant to give direction to the employees of the company rather than giving direction to the customers.

The customer success vision statement should be strong enough to truly make a difference and to be a part of something which is bigger than themselves.

Step 2: Vision Statement

In the second step, you can host workshops and solicit feedback on what the customer success vision and mission statement must look like. Assemble teams to create separate versions of the statement and discuss it within the group, as to which takes a higher edge above the rest.

Again, let your content do all the talking. Put up words like integrity, originality, honesty, strength, service, and excellence – perhaps using these words can do more than you would have thought for.

Dig in values that you really care for and for the ones who might represent you outside your company. No matter what, it should be broad and timeless and clearly explain to people what you do.

customer success vision

Step 3: Vision Statement

Interestingly, to bring out a powerful customer success vision statement, it is of high pertinence to combine both the values of mission and vision. Use polished words that will entice the people, both inside and outside your company. Do not linger beyond a three-sentence statement. Keep it creative and succinct.

Start out by mapping your business’s goals and review your long-term targets in a collaborative setting. Zoom out on how your company will look like when you finally achieve them. To do so, you can begin with forming out plans and bisecting the work into smaller segments. Know your goals. Regularly discuss it with your team in weekly or monthly meetings.

This will give you a comprehensive understanding of the business. in that way, you will know where do you stand. And most importantly, where should you improvise on. For example, the vision statement of PepsiCo says, “Be the global leader in convenient foods and beverages by winning with purpose.”

Final Take

Stretch out your imagination while you sit to draft both the vision and mission statements to render guidance, clarity, and value above everything else. Set your priorities, while you challenge yourself to succeed in the rat race. Nonetheless, do not overdo it. And also do not compel yourself to brag and sound conceited in any manner.23

While the customer success vision statement should speak more about the values, the mission statement should focus on what does the future looks like. In spite of that, both the terms just like the two wheels of a bicycle must remind you that the end goal is even bigger than the everyday.

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