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Top 10 SaaS Management Platforms 2023

What are the top SaaS management platforms for you to watch out in 2023? Read on the blog to get your answers straight.

Top 10 SaaS Management Platforms 2023
Top 10 SaaS Management Platforms 2023

If you have looked around for the top SaaS management platforms before, you would know by now that they vary extensively in usage, price ranges, and functionality. And with that, there is no one size fits all policy. If you wish to know which works out wonders for you, you will need to delve into its features, facets and functionalities to make your call. On that note, here we have compiled a list of the top 10 SaaS management platforms that you must watch out for in the year 2023. Without any further ado, let us get to the list right away.

1. Productiv

Productiv is a SaaS management tool that renders application engagement insights and analytics that can help you as a company to understand how your staff engages with software to collaborate and work with. In simple words, it helps to access the information after a user logs into the system. Further, it allows you to get more efficient renewals and smarter license allocations.

2. Torii

Torii is a SaaS management platform that has been designed for IT professionals to discover, analyze, audit and control SaaS applications when used within the organization. Also, it simplifies shadow IT management, by letting you regain control of your environment without being invasive to users. It transforms a company’s cloud software stack into a readable, user-friendly dashboard.

3. BetterCloud

BetterCloud comes with an advanced automation sequence that incites client policies in their apps and also includes data exposure, team settings, customer onboarding, offboarding data. Some of its best features include auditing and discovery, compliance and data loss prevention.

4. Coreview

Coreview is a SaaS management tool that provides constant monitoring, reporting, 365 management and security auditing solutions for its customers. It comes with an in-built advanced functionality that lets companies to augment their administration, streamline their security processes, optimize licensing and render operational enhancements throughout the company.

5. Ampliphae

Ampliphae is a SaaS management tool that allows you to get easy to deploy security and compliance platform. With this you can find shadow apps, keep SaaS cost under control, and minimize data compliance risks. Not just that, with its constantly updated database, you can glance at the risks and benefits associated with each service. 

6. Applogie

Applogie is basically a subscription management software that allows you to discover, manage and optimize your company’s expenses on SaaS. Further, it takes complete control on your cloud subscriptions and real-time usage data in an easy-to-manage dashboard. With this, users across various departments can share their insights, comments, and views, increasing the visibility of how your enterprise uses the cloud.

7. Beamy

Beamy is a SaaS management tool that mainly helps large companies to manage the governance of SaaS applications. Some of its key features include dynamic application directory, GDPR actions, and it also tracks optimization actions as well. Further, it helps to keep an eye on the various SaaS software’s compliance and then renders a second hand in building a future road map. It also helps in optimizing technology costs at all points of the system. Some of the best offers that it renders to its customers are renewal management, spend management, vendor management, license management, shadow IT detection, subscription management and so on.

8. Flexera One

Flexera One is a SaaS management tool that helps in identifying each of your SaaS subscriptions and aids in decluttering all of your unused, underused as well as abandoned licenses that are lying on your system. It helps you discover, manage and optimize your organization’s SaaS subscription to reduce the shadow SaaS, manage SaaS renewals, reduce your spending, and secure user accounts. Some of the best features of Flexera One includes Subscription Management, Spend Management, Customer Onboarding and customer offboarding, Shadow IT Detection, Usage Tracking/Analytics, Vendor Management.

9. Asset Sonar

Asset Sonar is a SaaS management tool that helps you to quickly set up a comprehensive IT asset database and also aids in centralizing your device management. With this, you can assign users per seat to licenses, set alerts for renewals and payments, track the license utilization pattern, optimize SaaS spend, and ensure license compliance at all times. Some of its best features include Inventory Management, Maintenance Management, Procurement Management, Requisition Management, Supplier Management, Audit Management, Compliance Tracking, Configuration Management, Contract/License Management as well as License Management.

10. Axios Systems Assyst

Axios Systems Assyst is regarded as world’s leading IT service management solution provider. It basically helps organizations manage their service hierarchy Axios Systems Assystwith the help of little resources and gives an end-to-end life cycle management for services. Some of its best key features include Asset Tracking, Availability Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Contract/License Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Project Management, Release & Deployment Management, Self Service Portal.15

Parting Thoughts

Managing SaaS tends to become more difficult and cumbersome especially when your clients are taking a notch up. On that note, it becomes seamless and rather convenient to keep a SaaS management tool with you that comes in handy and takes some of the responsibilities off your shoulders. We hope that with this list of top 10 SaaS management platforms that you must look out for in the year 2023, you will find some reference and fetch your company the right tool that fits your suite and purpose. Always remember whatever you do is for the satisfaction of your customer, and the love of your customers is what should matter to you at the end of the day.

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