The Best Practice Guide on Writing Newsletters for SaaS Businesses

The Best Practice Guide on Writing Newsletters for SaaS Businesses

How to write the best SaaS newsletter for your company and for your customers? Read on this article to know about five such tips that seal the deal.

The Best Practice Guide on Writing Newsletters for SaaS Businesses
The Best Practice Guide on Writing Newsletters for SaaS Businesses

Writing the right newsletter is an art. A B2B newsletter is basically a regular letter or an email that you send to your business customers on a routine basis. According to a recent report published by Campaign Monitor, 121 business emails are sent and received on an average day. It has also been estimated that by the end of the year 2021, over 300 billion emails would communicate on a to and fro basis each single day. While the stats have a staggering impact on SaaS business, it is of high pertinence that you know what should go inside your SaaS business newsletters and what is best stricken right from the beginning. Without any further ado, let us get started with the list.

Table of Contents

  1. Know and understand your audience
  2. Time your SaaS newsletters well
  3. Put up headlines that do all the talking
  4. Be relevant at all times and do not compromise on quality
  5. Being visually significant is the key

Know and understand your audience

It could be possible that the focus and facets of your business might have changed in the last five years. Understanding your audience is really important for whatever your aims are, but it has become especially important when you are writing content or starting a SaaS newsletter. The second you get to know and understand your audience, you will be in a position to give away the content that has been specifically curated for them. No matter what kind of customers your newsletters reach out to and what brand voice you use, your newsletter will lose out on being effective unless you adhere to some of the basic principles of stellar customer service. This includes excellent communication, having sound product knowledge, giving away proactive service, and having stellar interpersonal skills as well.

Time your SaaS newsletters well

The time that you pick to send your newsletter is just as important as what your newsletter contains, content-wise. A badly-timed email will lose out on its essence and will not be read effectively, ignored for other emails, or will never be seen at all. Also, when you are picking a time to send your newsletters, it is equally important to take note of the time zone your customers live in. Let us assume that your customers live internationally, you may want to send your newsletters at a time that is convenient for them rather than picking a time that is convenient for you. These might be really trivial things to look at first, but they can change the volume of your business almost entirely.

Put up headlines that do all the talking

You want your customers to click on your newsletter and make the most out of it. The best B2B emails with the highest rate have one thing in common: they use great email subject lines. Your email subject line will include two elements: your headline and your preview text. For a headline that does all the talking, make sure that you are in line with the voice and tonality of your brand. Make sure that you also align to your newsletter campaign goals and keep the subject lines pretty specific to your brand. Aside from this, also make sure that you create and imbibe curiosity and spark a sense of urgency in your headlines, because you want your newsletter to be clicked.

Be relevant at all times and do not compromise on quality

The best B2B SaaS newsletters render stellar customer education through high-quality content. High-quality content is basically the content that is unique, engaging, and specific to your products. Note that you want to sell your products for sure at the end of the day but at the same time, you do not want to sound too sales-y as well because that is not your motive. You will happen to know if you’ve created high-quality content if your newsletter is more educational than sales-oriented. For creating a content that is of high quality, make sure that you keep your newsletter’s text as specific and relevant possible. Avoid making it longer than 500 words. Club in a language style that is concise, easy to understand and is quite translatable as well. Always, favor quality over quantity. Keep your writing style zeroed in on the goal of your newsletter.

Being visually significant is the key

Do not keep your newsletters text-heavy at all times. Try to club in image, infographics, charts, videos, and tables as per your need. The best B2B newsletters supplement the content with visuals, as visuals make your email up to five times more engaging. In a newsletter, you could include any of these given elements to add more value to your newsletter. Long term visually-enhanced emails will effectively help in enhancing your click-through rate. Stellar visuals will also aid in creativity and give your audience a chance to understand your products and brand better, as images convey your brand voice better than text.9

Parting Thoughts

Creating a stellar SaaS newsletter is not too difficult. While it is no rocket science, it is no cakewalk as well. If you don’t initially succeed, don’t give up! It all depends on how to get up, learn and then constantly deliver the best to your customers. As long as you prioritize customer education and support, you’ll make a return on investment. Just remember that you need to follow the five tips that we discussed here to do the deed.

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