Top 5 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Product Success Analytics!

Do you feel that there is something missing in your business? Do you get that urge to ameliorate that into a tad bit better? Are your tactics not working as per your plan or are you falling in short of your targets? If this is the case, then we are here to bid you rescue in product̷


Do you feel that there is something missing in your business? Do you get that urge to ameliorate that into a tad bit better? Are your tactics not working as per your plan or are you falling in short of your targets? If this is the case, then we are here to bid you rescue in product success analytics.  

Here we have compiled the top 5 issues that we see which act as a hindrance in product success analytics. With this, we tell you how to resolve these issues – be it simple oversights or be it even massive problems. If you planning to revise your business strategy from scratch, say no more! We have got you covered with these useful hacks.  

Product Success Analytics

Issue 1: Not having a clear strategy and plan 

For any given business, the first and foremost element is clarity. The clarity in terms of structure and plan. You will require a proper logic behind each of your move or activity, failing to which will result in easy termination of the success root.  

When you take out a copious amount of efforts and time and then strive to equate your business effectively, it is of no surprise that the developers without a concise plan turn unstuck.  

In order to take your business into the right direction, you must follow the following: 

  • Align your content with the marketing calendar  
  • Distribute your resources more equally  
  • Divide your work seamlessly into groups or segments 
  • Identify where the loopholes are 
  • Inspire new ideas and suggestions  

Your planning could be as easy or as detailed as you want it to be according to the type of business you are up to.  

But remember, as long as you have the clarity in your thought process and structure coupled with the flexibility and focus, you will be assured that the rest will be taken care of.  

Be ready for the changing priorities and be aware of the whimsical face of business. As it is very volatile and it can change any minute before you know it! 

As, Leo Widrich, Co-Founder and COO at Buffer, rightly quotes it: 

“The single most important thing we’ve done for onboarding is planning past the first session. Let’s say you have a SaaS application and know that new users who take action X, Y, and Z end up being really successful. It’s tempting to build a linear new user flow that encourages them to take these 3 actions then call it a day. But that’s just not how humans evaluate software – most of them will hardly complete one of the three actions in their first session.” 

Issue 2: Collaborations, as you know it! 

It is a known fact that regular interactions and intimacy with the other team members calls for a friendlier approach and a rather social working culture. 

For the ones who directly talk to the potential clients and customers are aware of the first-hand questions they ask. 

Nonetheless, they are also aware of the barriers to engagement and pushbacks as well. Thus, this puts you in a position to address these respective troubles through your business strategies.  

Over and above, it allows you to really focus on the subjects that your audience actually cares about and helps you streamline your thoughts better with product success analytics.  

The term collaboration simply means that now you will have a wider spectrum of ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. And when you are in a position to whip knowledge and experience into it, you end up adding creativity, depth, and fresh perspectives to your business. While you have it all, it makes sense to delve right into it, doesn’t it?  

Issue 3: Unaware of your Brand Identity  

You might as well as aware that before you are a brand, you are a cluster of the same-minded troops who get together every single day for a reason.  

It answers questions like, what is the purpose behind your existence as a team, what is the future that you dream of and how do you get to turn that dream surface reality?  

Pondering on these questions would not just give you a sense of identity but it is very much integral to how well you interact with the people around, and how well you present yourself to the world. Presentation always matters. Always!  

Many companies these days have some century-old missions and visions which they are expected to by-heart from the day of on-boarding.  

However, that sometimes differ from who they are today and what they are trying to build. Therefore, it is crucial to take some time out and know what you really are and how to articulate those.  

Issue 4: Not having the Right People at the Right Time  

It is all about the connections in business. Conveying the necessary information to the people and building a relation out of it. Also, include only those personnel who are of use to the team and who can prove their mettle.  

This is more or less like a toll to craft to the right people. You can find them with minimal research and sculpted interview questions.  

As many companies forego these emails, conversations, and discussions, with a firm belief that they already know their customer, you must also know that if this is based out of the flawed workforce, you will be facing an impending doomsday sometime soon. Be alert, be sharp.  

Issue 5: ‘Verbal’ strategies and targets 

Funnily enough, this is a vital point that the people in the executive roles turn a blind eye to. As per a report by On Brand’s Magazine’s 2017 State of Branding, it states that only 21% of all the respondents go for a ‘verbal only’ strategy in the office.  

Without having a formal hard-copy structure, it is very difficult to give your 100% to the work or make the right decisions or track your success through product success analytics. 25

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