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Top 20 SaaS Companies in Australia

In this blog, we are going to discuss briefly the top 20 SaaS companies in Australia.

Top 20 SaaS Companies in Australia
Top 20 SaaS Companies in Australia

The critical nature of software for business growth is a key reason for the exceptional growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies in recent times. Encouraged by the success and importance of SaaS, Australia has actively adopted the cloud ecosystem and founded brilliant SaaS-driven companies and platforms.

In this write-up, we present to you the list of Top 20 SaaS companies in Australia.

1. BugHerd

BugHerd provides top-notch services for bug tracking and website feedback. By eliminating the need for spreadsheets and email chains, BugHerd simplifies internal communication within an organization.  BugHead’s visual feedback saves teams at least 4 hours every week from cutting down on unactionable and unclear feedback.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic

2. Campaign Monitor

Launched in 2004, Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform catering to businesses of different sizes. The platform comes with different capabilities, such as dynamic content, customizable templates, social sharing, mobile-ready capabilities, and A/B testing. We can also integrate this scalable platform with digital networks such as Facebook (one of the biggest giants in social media with over 2.895 billion monthly active users), Salesforce, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and others. Campaign Monitor offers a subscription-based pricing model. The list of clients it serves includes The Drake Hotel, Morning Brew, Flight Centre, Glam Corner, and Rip Curl, among others.

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Founder/CEO: Ben Richardson, David Greiner

3. Canva

Canva is a cloud-driven platform for creating graphic presentations. The company, set up in 2013, has garnered global recognition. . Users can access graphics flyers, presentations, posters, invitations, and business cards using this platform. Users can also access a wide variety of pre-designed graphics and templates from the site. Apart from this, the platform also offers a library of imagery, photographs, and illustrations. Canva also provides the option to add text, blur images, photo enhancers, vignettes, frames, icons, stickers, badges, and more.

Headquarter: Surry Hills, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, Cameron Adams

4. Culture Amp

Founded in 2010, Culture Amp is an employee experience management platform. With the help of their platform, businesses can build 180-degree and 360-degree surveys to gather feedback from their employees. Upon the creation of the survey, employees are emailed the link to complete the survey, and they are asked to answer 40-50 questions. Culture Amp’s subscription plans are based on the number of users.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Didier Elzinga

5. EarlyBirds

EarlyBirds is a platform that provides an open, innovative ecosystem. With a vision to speed up capacity, culture, and innovation, the innovation platform assists businesses in all stages (startups as well as scale-ups). It helps customers discover, interact, and explore innovations and challenges; they can also collaborate with or purchase the product or service. Based on this, we can say that the company is, in a way, molding the future of society by providing a platform for actionable innovations. Over millions of innovators and hundreds of subjects, experts are active on EarlyBirds.

Headquarter: Canberra, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Andrew Parnell

6. Employment Hero

Founded in 2014, Employment Hero is a SaaS-driven human resource management software. The software aims at simplifying payroll, productivity, and HR management for small and mid-sized firms. Their services include recruiting, document management, onboarding, reporting, payroll, performance review, time & attendance, and employee self-service.

Headquarter: Sydney, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Ben Thompson, Dave Tong

7. FlexRule

FlexRule is a SaaS company specializing in business decision automation. They provide their customers with a unified, powerful, and low-code-designed platform to help them make optimized, customer-centric, and situation-aware business decisions. The advanced decision management suite provided by FlexRule allows automation of end-to-end tactical and operational business decisions across the various aspects of a business. FlexRule boasts of game-changing results it has achieved for its clients, ranging from startups to large business organizations and government agencies.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Goli Tajadod

8. Go1

Go1 SaaS platform was designed to help with employee training. Employers can personalize a white-labeled training portal by integrating courses from the marketplace or build an alternative course using business content. Go1 is on a mission to “unlock positive potential through a love of learning.” Through Go1’s learning and educational services, individuals and organizations can further their abilities.

Headquarter: Queensland, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Andrew Barnes, Chris Eigeland, Chris Hood, Vu Tran

9. Linius Technology

Linius Technology helps businesses create hyper-personalized video experiences for their audience. By enriching the data in a video, they make it smarter and visually appealing. It is a globally patented video virtualization technology. They help businesses to stream an infinite amount of personalized video to their audience and keep them productively engaged. They also provide video conferencing solutions on the same line.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Chris Richardson

10. Marble

Marble is a unique cloud-based platform that serves as an online marketplace for users looking for caregivers. The platform allows users to find and book caregivers. Marble’s web dashboard enables users to search for caregivers, book appointments, and make payments to them. The platform categorizes caregivers into distinct groups – domestic help, nursing, social support, personal care, travel assistance, independent living, therapy support, and work support. Support workers can create their profiles on the platform to get jobs.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Peter Scutt, Tony Charara

11. MeerkatWatch

Meerkat Watch is a SaaS platform that provides information about the uptime availability, and response time of a website or application. It detects and notifies about any issues in the website or application and helps its customers keep their product up and running. Online presence has now become crucial for any business, and with MeerakatWatch, businesses can maintain that presence seamlessly by reducing any downtime to the minimum. The tools provided by this SaaS platform send checks from different locations 24/7 to ensure that the website or application is accessible from anywhere in the world and not just from Australia.

Headquarter: Adelaide, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Ben Rubin

12. Octopus Deploy

This Australian SaaS company aims at cutting down the time and effort of software developers with its dot net deployment automation tool. The firm’s tool also includes a server for deploying ASP.NET applications as well as Windows services into the staging, test, and production environments. Octopus Deploy’s tool also includes integrations with tools and platforms such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, etc. They offer the service on a subscription basis.

Headquarter: Brisbane, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Paul Stovell

13. Powered by Change

Powered by Change is a SaaS platform that helps businesses identify new opportunities for innovation. It does so by taking a holistic approach from the perspectives of purpose, people, process, and product. It is one of the most powerful, advanced, and comprehensive business growth platforms currently available in the market. Hundreds of top-layer global companies have successfully incorporated the methodologies of the Powered by Change. They have helped their customers speed up their business growth.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Jonathan MacDonald

14. Protiviti

Protiviti is a SaaS solution that offers an end-to-end solution, from planning and visioning to cloud migration, implementation, and advisory services. As one of Australia’s leading cloud computing consulting businesses, Protiviti works with major cloud suppliers to guarantee its clients get the most out of the cloud environment.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Garran Duncan

15. RosterElf

RosterElf is a SaaS platform making the process of Rostering and Payroll Management easier for small and medium enterprises by using technological innovation. It is one of the best and most effective online staff scheduling tools for small and medium businesses. They can be easily linked to other accounting solutions like Sage, Xero, MYOB, etc. It enables businesses to set business targets, reduce time theft, eliminate human errors in payroll and save up to 4% on labor.  

Headquarter: Western Australia

Founder/ CEO: Simon Ingleson

16. Safety Culture

Launched in 2004, Safety Culture is designed for enterprises that seek a mobile-first audit solution to manage workplace safety and meet compliance standards. Safety Culture’s solution iAuditor allows businesses to customize inspection reporting, checklists, and insights, and automate workflows for improved team collaboration. The company serves different industries, including retail, construction, leisure, aviation, hospitality, f&b, manufacturing, transportation & logistics. The company caters to clients such as British Airways, Shell, Marriott, Accor Hotels, etc. It uses a subscription-based pricing model.

Headquarter: Queensland, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Luke Anear

17. simPRO

simPRO is a field service management software application hosted in the cloud. Operations management, field service management, and workforce management are among the services provided by the platform. Its functionalities include project management, reporting, asset management, scheduling and dispatching, and fleet tracking.

Headquarter: Queensland, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Curtis Thomson, Stephen Bradshaw, Vaughan McKillop

18. SmartOysters

SmartOysters is a highly innovative SaaS tool developed by an Oyster farmer for other oyster farmers in Australia. The platform allows oyster farmers to streamline their aquaculture practices, scale production, lower prices, and maximize export capabilities. This is one of its kind SaaS platforms. The platform helps oyster farmers connect with other oyster farmers, share their farming knowledge, employ more staff, and scale their business. It uses GPS maps and customizable reports and provides several features needed by oyster farmers to succeed.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Ewan McAsh

19. The Spatial Distillery Company

The Spatial Distillery Company specializes in cutting-edge Geo-Spatial and location intelligence SaaS solutions. They help businesses for whom location is critical to their successes to make a better, faster, and more accurate business decision using their SaaS platform. While the SaaS tools of The Spatial Distillery Company distill the complex world of location intelligence, its clients can focus on the core operation of their business. They are experts in creating, sourcing, building, and maintaining spatial data and location intelligence solutions for their clients.

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Nigel Lester

20. Woodboard Technologies

Woodboard Technologies has marked its presence in the SaaS industry with a unique idea. It provides businesses with a mental health reward and recognition platform to help them keep their employees happier, mindful, and engaged in their workplace. They help businesses grow by increasing the efficiency of their employees through various mental health techniques like mindfulness. Employees become not only mentally healthy, but they also feel appreciated and valued in their organization. Clients of Woodboard Technologies create a healthy and productive work environment by using this innovative SaaS product.

Headquarter: New South Wales, Australia

Founder/ CEO: Rumi Guzder


Australia is among the nations making the most of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We have listed the top 20 SaaS companies in Australia, but many more cloud-driven innovative companies and products are available. Check out these incredible Australian SaaS companies as they continue to expand and impact the globe and their respective industries. Let us know in the comments if you think more companies need to be on the list.

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