Top 20 Vertical SaaS Companies in 2021

Who are the top 20 vertical SaaS companies who made it to the best in the year? Find out the list here and the reasons behind the same as well.

Simran Mohanty
Oct 9, 2020


Software as a service has unfurled its wings into two major domains. This refers to vertical SaaS and horizontal SaaS. While horizontal SaaS renders its service in a specific department only, vertical SaaS, on the other hand, takes care of a whole industry at large.

In general SaaS solutions are a must-have for every business need. You will find a SaaS product for each of your needs. As the B2B tech industry is booming the market, vertical SaaS solutions bring out a tailored platform that caters to you seamlessly.

It is no surprise that the vertical SaaS Company has quadrupled in the near history. Beaming with pride, they enjoy the benefit of acquiring fewer competitions in and around its circle. Over and above, efficient leaders have helped achieve this standard as well. Here we highlight the top 20 vertical SaaS companies in the year 2021.

Vertical SaaS Companies

But before that, lets us brush up some basics. What is vertical SaaS?

Vertical software as a service renders a target to a specific industry only. It is relatively a newer segment in the SaaS sector. This is where compelling dealers aim particular industries, spaces, or trades. Simply put, it is an all-rounded answer for a defined line of business.

A vertical SaaS provider sees the industry through multiple lenses. However, it does not promise to cover a massive product range whole together. But what it does zero in on is narrowing down to particular industry verticals only. Therefore, all of their solutions are designed to keep a specific niche in mind.

  1. Clearcare
  2. Madwire®
  3. Quizlet
  4. Applied Epic
  5. Riskalyze
  6. Textura
  7. Ycharts
  8. Procore
  9. Getvenga
  10. Infor
  11. Thapos
  12. HotSchedules
  13. Servicechannel
  14. Veeva
  15. Kiana
  16. Zwift
  17. Clio
  18. Skycision
  19. Lucernex Lease
  20. Contactually


ClearCare is a health and care solution provider in the United States. These solutions mainly delve into electronic health care records. Say, for instance, e-prescriptions, e-charts, coupled with the goodness of fully automatic labs. It works best on both desktops as well as mobile.

The app gives you a patient portal as well where you can see your account and all of the patient’s information in it. It is due to this newer offspring of SaaS that has made management so efficient, clean, and structured.


Madwire® is a marketing and business solution providing company. It helps smaller businesses evolve and grow into bigger ones. Madwire® does this by letting budding entrepreneurs and SMBs manage and grow their company. They used a single dashboard for this, namely the Marketing 360®. Also, it strives to create a difference every day by furnishing help and service to the needy.


Quizlet is a web-based and mobile application that allows students to study science and information. Its learning tools and interactive games make it easy to use and fun to work with. Additionally, it can train students with the help of various tests and games.

Applied Epic

Applied Epic is basically a cloud management system that caters to insurance at large. With this, you can comfortably manage sales, revenue, and property in an individual dashboard.

Also, some of its facets include data control, integrated group texting to the customers, revenue motorization, and customer service deliveries. Its well-designed features make it possible to contribute service to many users having a complex series of businesses.


Riskalyze allows the investor to ascertain the risk tolerance into a quantified single number. It can then be used to make a single portfolio that matches this number. It is regarded as one of the best vertical market software. And, you can easily craft the profiles of the investors with this tool.


Textura is an architectural contract and payment management service provider. It helps to deliver projects go live on time and stick to a specific budget if that is the case. It furnishes its cloud solutions in a consumption model used by a construction and engineering company. As of now, it has helped as much as a whopping 85,000 contractors and subcontractors. Its comprehensive cloud-based project execution platform has managed a multitude of phases of many construction projects.


Ycharts is a fast-growing financial data platform. It helps investors in making more efficient and smarter decisions. As a customer, you can gain insights from advanced analytics and stellar visualization. Also, it is a one-stop solution for mutual funds, market data analysis, and ETF.


Procore brings about project management solutions. The best part about this is, it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This has been tailored specifically for the professionals in the construction unit. All of your spec sheets, plans, or even drawings can be edited and designed on the Procore app itself.

Also, this aids to see issue tracking, planning, and scheduling and bidding viewed from a different light. Not just that, contractors can easily work on different subjects without a worry of losing out their sheets.


Getvenga is a customer management application focusing on restaurants and fitness. Moreover, it is a technology-based company that takes the help of big data to augment fitness companies and dining halls. Aside from enticing diners, it will manage your operations and drive traffic.


Infor is a business cloud service providing software. It delves into specific industry markets only. Also, the best part about this is, it converts total industry suites in a cloud format. Not just that, it puts forth efficient technology that gives a customer-first experience. And how it smoothly integrates data science into an existing system is what makes it stand out from the rest.


Thapos is a sports management platform. The software can run for leagues, clubs, coaches, associations, and players as well. It has a mobile application as well, wherein all the players can manage their registrations, payments, and schedule matches too.


HotSchedules demonstrate their rescue as a restaurant management solution provider. Further, some of its intelligent facets include inventory and stock management, staff management, forecasting, and talent development.


Servicechannel is a facility management software. It helps to capture an industry’s performance data and delivers amazing customer experience. Further, it is passionate about building software that gets the most out of technology.


Veeva provides specific cloud solutions and maintains some of the most critical functions. Simply put, it helps companies of all sizes to bring out the products to the market in a much efficient and quicker manner. It will also assist you to get stellar commercial integrations, coupled with multichannel CRM. Its excellent services will guide you in seeking regular collaboration and compliance between sponsors as well.


Kiana is a cloud-based company that helps brick-and-mortar businesses to strengthen on-site security and understand visitor behavior. Moreover, its inbuilt security analytics renders the user with physical safety services for the public venues as well.


Zwift is a virtual training application that brings you the fun of video games, coupled with the strength of serious training that gives you the speed as well as accuracy. With the motivating application, you can go for races, group rides, and more. Get fitter and finer with Zwift.


Clio is a legal and judicial service management tool. If you are a small firm or maybe a solo practitioner, this is just about right for you. It will take care of data management, customer documents, customer service, invoicing as well as time-tracking.

It is a given that as a lawyer, you may be up juggling with suits and cases. In such a situation, let Clio be your friend and help you out there. Legal practitioners can now buy out convenience with the help of this system.


Skycision is a traditional crop management company. Its data-driven solutions empower and facilitate conventional growers. Further, the techniques used by them enable them to derive stellar insights that give a new dimension to the way farmers grow crops.

Lucernex Lease

As the name suggests, Lucernex Lease is a lease management solution providing company. Further, this vertical top SaaS company is a great help to the companies having a plethora of lease assets. Not just that, it can be accessed by diverse departments of the same company as well.

Some of its great faces comprise of real estate administration, equipment lease accounting, data integration, and more. With Lucernex login, companies can manage eclectic leases having multifaceted procedures and developing rules to follow with.


Contactually is a CRM tool for real estate peers and professionals. You are just one click away from connecting to your email accounts and sync in the rest of your contacts. Build your cadence of communication in a manner you want it to be right.

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