10 Mobile App Strategies to Drive Customer Retention

Author : SmartKarrot Editorial Team

Customer retention is the glory of any business. However, it is not an easy deal. There are strategies to execute to see that these visitors are made to stay as repeat buyers. Retained customers cut your general cost of publicity while your ROI scales higher. Developing of a mobile-friendly, users’ Application is an easy way to convert visitors into repetitive customers. An engaging Mobile Application propels customers’ retention. However, there are strategies to be considered and taken, to ensure that the mobile App is encouraging enough to retain customers. They include:

#1. Allow App user segmentation:

Campaign segmentation enhances engagement. Specifically, design campaigns for each segment of your app by using behavioral and demographic data gathered from your audience. Your customers will come again if they feel the app is personalized with different functions for different segments.

#2. Use in-app push notifications:

Smart notifications help your users to know what is new with your business or App. That way, you re-capture their interests and encourage them to stay in touch via your app. Businesses with smart notifications engage their app users up to 88% more than ones without notifications.

#3. In-app referral:

Allow your users to refer you to others without leaving the app. Many people don’t like leaving their apps to another source just to refer or suggest others to use an app. Integrate in-app referrals in little steps that save time.

#4. Go for Smart Surveys:

Did you know that you can conduct surveys without bothering people to fill up cumbersome forms? Of course! Many businesses conduct surveys now, in-app, via smart messages that asks them to leave feedbacks.

#5. Deliver contents per location:

You can use the location details of your users to deliver contents based on the locations of your app users. When customers find relevant things to do within their location, at little or no expense, in a mobile app, they stay with the easier way.

#6. Incorporate Smart Analytics:

Smart Analytics are customer experience measurement tools on your end that allows you to make quick and accurate analyses of data that helps you improve your business and services based on users’ information and feedback. Stop the guesswork.

#7. Smart Contracts:

Develop your app with an ability to track people’s activities, execution, and fulfillment of operations. Tracking function should be built with optimal users’ data encryption.

#8. Stir loyalty:

By introducing competitive or gaming features like labels, badges, and rewards for execution or app usage over time, you can motivate your users with such values. It encourages usage boost and app adoption over other conventional ways of getting things done.

#9. Optimize in-app journeys:

Cut your users some slack by allowing your app to use drag or drop features to collect attachments; make the app capable of reading their internal storage. They don’t have to start going through ways of filing complaints, sending seamless mails to reach your customer support or anyone. A simple click and drag/drop motivates users.

#10. Incentivize with special features:

Based on smart contracts, you can encourage your frequent users to activate special and personalized functions that would improve their user experience.

There you are; ten amazing things to do to drive customer retention through mobile apps. Do you know that you can incorporate all these features without having to code? You can just plug-n-play with SmartKarrot!

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