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Top 10 Benefits of AI in Customer Experience

AI in Customer Experience plays a big role in shaping the success of a company. Here are 10 such battle-tested benefits that deploying AI can do to your business.

AI Customer Experience

Businesses are constantly on the lookout to pull in ways to enhance their customer experience. Technology has indeed played a big role in shifting this experience to an automated journey over a manual one. That is when AI Customer Experience comes into the picture and steals the trophy. How does that benefit the company and what happens when it is not done right? As you have landed on the right page, here are 10 such spot-on points that second the thought. Let us see them in detail.

  1. Triggers Faster Responses
  2. Reduces Churn Rate
  3. Increases Lead Generation
  4. Collects Insights and Preferences
  5. Channelizes Applications and Platforms
  6. Boosts up the Productivity Score
  7. Lessens Mistakes and No added Costs
  8. Streamlines Business Workflow
  9. Personalizes Interactions
  10. Optimizes Solutions Instantly

Triggers Faster Responses

AI Customer Service reduces the waiting time from a client’s perspective. No customer likes to be held up on the other side of the phone. In fact, their preferences are in order of a quicker response time. So, if you are deploying AI in your service segment, you are eliminating the wait time significantly. Adding 24×7 available chatbots render the customer immediate assistance and help in augmenting the brand value too.

Reduces Churn Rate

Just in case, the chatbot cannot resolve the customer’s concern in one go, it deflects the issue to a human agent. With the given information collected from the bot, the human agent responds with a feasible answer. This results in enhancing the customer satisfaction quotient which thereby leads to a reduction in churn rates and increases customer loyalty and retention rates. The longer you keep them hanging, the higher are the chances to build the bulging churn rate.

Increases Lead Generation

It is a given that the bots provide smarter customer support in every industry – be it pharmaceutical, education or insurance. If bots are leveraged to initiate conversations with pre-sales questions, you could actually automate lead generations from that. Simply put, the bot can collect the basic contact credentials on the prospect and ask the requisite team to follow up with them. Who knows, doing so can actually get you a converted customer from a random prospect. Do not believe it? This Acquire case study will serve the purpose.

Collects Insights and Preferences

It goes without saying that Artificial Intelligence drives customer experience. Using AI to improve CX, when done right can collect useful and precise customer insights. When you have the customer data at your fingertips – be it demographics, interests, shopping patterns, transaction history or psychographics – you are more likely to serve that customer better. It can also be possible that now you may predict a solution that the client could be interested in. Best part is, you do not have to do anything manually with human intervention; the bot will automatically take care of it.

Channelizes Applications and Platforms

Customers want to see your brand on their favorite messaging applications. This report shows the vastness of these applications’ user base on a monthly basis. Deploying a tool that allows you to render AI customer support to all of your users on a multitude of platforms. Further, you will find many such online bot building sites that can aid in creating a service bot in no time.

Source: Statista

Boosts up the Productivity Score

Proactively enabling AI in Customer Experience can regale the users with sound information, without the real need for human intervention. At least, for common queries, a user can talk to a bot and resolve the issues. Think of the precious time, energy and resources a company can save as the human executives could be better deployed in something better and more productive.

Lessens Mistakes and no added Costs

The best part about AI is that they are way more productive than human. They don’t need breaks, they never fall sick and are inexpensive too. It can work round the clock and make zero mistakes. As and when compared to a human, they do pack a punch. Although the presence of a human in a system goes priceless, it’s just that adding AI to the process can lift some responsibilities off their shoulders, in a way that they never feel more pressured.

Streamlines Business Workflow

Businesses can take to artificial intelligence for organizing their day-to-day tasks in a rather efficient manner. AI can seamlessly configure data, collect information, review and analyze it all within seconds. Further, it can target the clients with an automated campaign and regulate sales tactics. And, all of these can be carried out without the need for a human touch – saving time, money, resources and energy.

Personalizes Interactions

A recent study by Demand Metric says that almost 80% of the marketers prefer a personalized content over a generic one. And a similar report from Accenture states that 91% of the users opt for a brand that provides more personalized recommendations to them. This is where AI aces in. With this, you can personalize and deliver the right content to the right audience. Moreover, this knowledge assists the algorithm to ascertain relevant content and deliver highly personalized emails as well.

Personalizes Interactions - benefit of AI customer experience
Source: Demand Metric

Optimizes Solutions Instantly

The data that a bot collects can ascertain different ranges of answers from the given. It includes total time spent on your system, customer behavior, shopping pattern, products or services bought and the value they spend.  Then this data can be used to provide stellar solutions to them in the blink of an eye. The more they store a customer’s data, the easier it becomes for them to revert with the perfect solution.

That’s a Wrap

AI and Customer Experience go hand-in-hand. Clubbing them together paves the way to a revamped customer journey, surfacing better value and limited churn. While it is no surprise that AI improves the customer experience in a multitude of ways, the best of all is propelling benefits, while giving the human a backseat for a while. Developers strive to do bigger things with fewer efforts and AI turns in this reality. A report by Gartner suggests that in the future, 89% of the businesses will compete on the customer experience quotient. And in five years from now, 85% of the user’s interactions will go without human interference.

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