Is Outsourcing Your Customer Experience a Brilliant Idea or Just a Wrong Notion?

Is Outsourcing Your Customer Experience a Brilliant Idea or Just a Wrong Notion?

Should you outsource your customer experience management? Find out in this blog.

customer experience outsourcing
customer experience outsourcing

There are times when the top bosses decide to outsource their customer experience management. It can be due to a lack of funds or resources. But the real question is whether organizations should tickle around with their customer experience management by putting its reins in a third party’s hand? 

There is always an inherent risk involved, specifically when your customer service aspect is not well-oiled. Another thing that you need to remember is that customers do not demarcate between the part of the experience you provide and the part looked after third-party. 

For the customers, it is all about the experiences they derive when they shop for your product and the problems that come in the day, whether you can control those problems or not reflect in a big way on your brand. 

By bringing in a third party, you have the opportunity to create an end-to-end experience that makes a customer transact with you. 

Reasons you do not need customer experience management outsourcing 

The truth is that not every company needs to outsource a partner for taking care of their customer experience needs. But, before you decide that outsourcing customer experience is not for your company, let us give you a few parameters to gauge your company’s actual position. So, here are the top 4 reasons to tell you that you do not need customer experience management outsourcing.

Surplus of qualified workforce 

Customer experience employees are among the few categories of employees who have a huge demand and thus are hard to keep. A few analytics reports have recently highlighted that majority of companies struggle with a labor shortage. Majorly, internal staff is overburdened with other customer-related responsibilities like customer care.

Outsourced partners with knowledge, expertise and resources can effectively help brands accomplish their customer experience goals. A recent report by Deloitte mentioned that around 62% of companies see outsourced customer experience services as competitive differentiators.

However, the most important thing is the availability of experts who can handle the responsibility. So, if you have a surplus qualified workforce that can handle the CX goals, you do not need to outsource for the same. Ensure that your qualified customer experience staff are not overburdened with other responsibilities.     

AI-powered customer service chatbots can handle your mundane customer inquiries 

The next question you need to ask yourself is whether you have a basic customer service Chatbot or an AI-powered one. Hopefully, you do not need to be explained that your staff needs the support of technology to achieve your business goals without being overwhelmed. An AI-powered Chatbot not only responds to the pre-fed questions but can also learn with their experience. They can easily and proactively handle customers with often repeated queries and complaints.

If you are equipped with an AI-powered chatbot that can handle all your customer service and experience needs without needing much support from human executives, you won’t need to outsource customer experience services.

Chatbots may ease the task of customer service executives, but most businesses notice that they are not enough alone for the purpose. They are best suited for simple, repeatable tasks. For more complex issues, companies require human interference. So, if you have a combination of AI-powered chatbots and experienced executives, you don’t need to outsource.      

Your employees have figured out customer experience pretty well 

Customer experience strategies are based majorly on two aspects – customers and technological advancements in the CX field. Interestingly, none of these is easy to master. Customers have always been a complex issue with their varied tastes and expectations. In today’s world, where geographical boundaries have become almost meaningless, customers’ expectations change rapidly. The bar has been raised significantly due to the presence of various social media channels. Customer experience technologies, too, are changing rapidly. Almost every day, some innovations are being made in the field.

So, if you think that your employees have figured out customer experience pretty well, you probably do not need external help for your customer experience needs. Figuring out customer experience here means understanding your customers’ expectations as well as having updated information about the innovations in the field of CX.

You have a future-ready contact center 

As discussed above, customers today have much enhanced expectations than they used to be in the era before social media channels. And the cut-throat competition of the world necessitates the companies to exceed customer expectations rather than meeting them. Gone are the days when companies could have thrived by reacting to the customers’ needs. Now, businesses need to anticipate customers’ needs, delight and surprise them by over-delivering.

So, if you think you have a future-ready customer center where executives anticipate customers’ needs and over-deliver to surprise and delight customers, you are a self-reliant company. But, if your customer contact center service is not future-ready, collaborating with forward-thinking partners will be a better choice.  

Reasons you indeed need customer experience management outsourcing 

Now that you know the situations where you don’t need to outsource customer experience services, it’s time to look for the reasons that make outsourcing the best option. Read on to know the reasons that make outsourcing customer experience an absolute necessity for you.

Swift access to larger workforces 

Companies who do not have enough resources to hire a large workforce for the dedicated cause of customer experience can avail the benefits to a larger workforce at a relatively lesser cost by collaborating with a company fully-dedicated to customer experience. Moreover, employees of a company that solely works for customer experience are more likely to be experts in the field as compared to employees working in a customer service department of a company with a different operation. So, if you need swift access to a larger workforce without having to maintain them with monthly salaries and other benefits, there’s no better choice than outsourcing CX services.  

Knowledge of industry specialist 

Your customer support executives might be knowing your customers better, but it takes much more than simply knowing your customers to make them happy and loyal to your brand. Companies solely dedicated for the purpose of providing customer experience service are specialists in the field. They not only bring their service to the table when you collaborate with them but also their experience and expertise. So, if you want your customers to have the best experience they can have, joining hands with industry specialists will be a smart choice for your business growth. 

Reduced labor costs 

When you outsource a service, you only have to pay for the work done. On the other hand, when you keep an in-house team for the same work you are obligated to provide a decent full-month salary and the other employment benefits necessitated by the law.  So, it’s a no-brainer that outsourcing significantly reduces the labor cost for the hiring company. Outsourcing is the ultimate choice if you want to reap the same benefit at a reduced labor cost. Enhanced flexibility.

Companies dedicated fully to customer services do not work in a fixed schedule of office hours. They serve global clients, so they are literally available to serve your customers 24*7. If your business runs in countries with different time zones, you need centralized but flexible customer experience services. You also get the opportunity of a flexible rate of service when you outsource it. So, when you require enhanced flexibility, you must choose to outsource.  

Opportunities to innovate 

Accept it or not, additional works like customer experience services are a distraction from the core operation of your business. When you put your attention in all directions, you simply fail to focus completely on one specific work. This snatches the opportunity for innovation. If you want to make innovation a part of your business, just focus your attention on your core operational activity and let others do the task in which they specialize. Your outsourcing partner may also bring innovative ideas to boost your customer experience as it’s their core operation. So, if you are seeking opportunities to innovate, you should benefit by outsourcing CX services.   

Final words 

From the pointers mentioned in this write-up, you might have understood whether customer experience management outsourcing is right for your organization or not. Indeed, there is no good or bad when taking the final call.  

In the end, it depends upon the resources you have and the amount of time you can spend on customer experience. Once you have sorted it out, it will become very easier for you to decide whether you need to outsource your customer experience management or not to a third-party vendor. 

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