10 Best Customer Feedback Tools That You Should Try in 2023 and Beyond

10 Best Customer Feedback Tools That You Should Try in 2023 and Beyond

What are some of the best customer feedback tools for you to watch out in the year 2023 and beyond? Read on this article to get in touch with top 10 such tools that you should consider for your brand.

10 Best Customer Feedback Tools That You Should Try in 2023 and Beyond
10 Best Customer Feedback Tools That You Should Try in 2023 and Beyond

Your best of customer experience is still incomplete without receiving the necessary customer feedback from your clients. You rely on customer feedback to enhance your services and products, increase your growth either by upsells, cross-sells or via renewals and take the overall customer experience quotient by a notch up. But most of the feedback will not give you a lot of worth if you cannot ascertain the insights that make these enhancements a plausible effect. On that note, today this post will walk you through 10 such customer feedback tools that you must try out in the year 2023 and beyond as well. Without any further ado, let us get into the topic right away. Let us begin.


UserReport is a customer feedback tool that centers around two primary widgets, one being a survey widget and the other being a feedback widget. This can run as an integrated part of your website or mobile app and allow you to interact with your customers directly. Not just that, it also helps in garnering insights from your site in real-time and aids in finding out how your clients think you can improve your services.


Podium is basically a messaging platform as well as a reputation management tool that has been intricately designed to put the spotlight on your customers. It leverages customer feedback to aid in driving more growth and enhance the overall CX quotient. It comes with an in-built messaging functionality, allowing you to render live chat and video chat to your customers and ability to collect payments online.


Qualaroo is a customer feedback tool that allows your customers to gain qualitative insights using surveys and questionnaires that help to capture a ton of insights than your typical email surveys. Not just that, Qualaroo also comes with an in-built AI-enabled analysis facet that has the ability to detect intentions and emotions via open-ended survey responses.


Feedbackify is a customer feedback tool that allows you to get custom feedback forms that comes with an in-built drag and drop editor. With this tool, you can collect immediate response and feedback from anonymous site visitors as well. This really helps in enhancing the response rates and protecting customer privacy as well.


If you are looking for visual behavior tracking tools such as scroll maps, scrolls, clicks and heat maps, Hotjar should be your go to. This tool is incredibly helpful in helping organizations to fill in the gaps between what the customers say and do. Not just that, this tool also renders recordings and form analysis of your customers as well.


GetSatisfaction is a customer feedback tool designed to form sales opportunities, garner ideas, and take the customer support feature a notch up by simplifying the engagement with the customers. It can do so from any of the social media channels such as Facebook, Google Search on your mobile, application or site too. Further, this allows you to gain inputs from your customers and have them vote on their favorite ideas.


Retently is a customer feedback platform that zeroes in on measuring and enhancing customer loyalty and customer satisfaction via Net Promoter Score, or NPS surveys. With the help of this tool, users can survey customers through social media platforms, email, on their website, or inside their app, and have the option to create custom workflows that trigger surveys based on visitor actions or responses.


Instabug is a customer feedback tool that renders bug reports, app performing monitoring, in-app surveys, crash reports as well as chat options for its users. Not just that, it integrates with other popular business tools and allows screen recordings as and when required. If you are looking for a tool that helps you find and report bugs, this should be your go to.


UserSnap is a customer feedback and bug tracking tool that strives to aid the tech support team, product team, and customer experience team to get to the pain points of the customers and ultimately eliminate them. This tool is a must for SaaS as well as e-commerce businesses and comes with an in-built issue-tracking solution that allows you to prioritize and manage requests in a single dashboard.


Canny is a customer feedback tool that helps businesses to capture, analyze, prioritize and track customer feedback for product releases and product features. Not just that, this tool allows you to gain customer feedback from a multitude of channels and organize them into a list that can be useful to form a roadmap. You may also allow your clients to post feedback directly from your website or app and look for the improvements that they would most like to see. This further makes it easier for brands to prioritize the features and fixes that customers care about most. 

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback allows you to collect customer feedback in real-time using CSAT Surveys. It tracks your customer satisfaction with powerful reports, identifies dissatisfied customers, and keeps them from churning. Use the software to create, customize, and send surveys to your customers instantly. It provides a variety of survey reports and analytics to give insights about your customers opinions and needs so you can take data and feedback-driven business decisions.

Parting Thoughts

It is always necessary to capture customer feedback from as many sources as possible to gain traction of what your customers like and dislike about your brand. This will not only help in improving the products and services but also the experience you wish to deliver to your customers. While that stands true, it is equivalently important to consolidate the whole of that information into a single source of truth, making it easier for you to keep a tab of your records. That way, you are now in a better position to respond to each of your customer needs, prioritize their requests and give them the best of customer experience that they actually expect and deserve from your brand. At the end of the day, the happiness and the love of your customers is something that should matter the most to you, isn’t it?

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